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Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 6, 2021

Juan O Savin has posited our current national (and world) moment as a Near Death Experience. If that is correct, then it could be extrapolated that the Emergency Broadcast wherein we go (as One) from Dark to Light, would be akin to an NDE Life Review that occurs while we are still collectively alive or in body.

I know for many of us it feels as if the EBS is like Waiting for Godot or waiting for Christ to ride in on a chariot in the clouds, however, we must remember that we are viewing this impending great shift from an individual perspective, or from a linear, rather than a multidimensional point of view.

It could be that there is no EBS employed, or not the one that we are expecting, with all media shut down and 8-10 hours of footage shown on a loop to all. Simply shutting down the Media itself for 10 days would be a world-changing experience for all. Perhaps, that is the only window we need to have a collective unified experience of ourselves as One, which is the gateway to our entry into 5D, or the New Era of Humanity.

Watching the political world seemingly tick along as ever on its corrupt tracks, and the Media, Hollywood and Sporting Worlds still industriously serving up their Bread & Circus, one would think that we were no closer to this meta-historical moment than we were before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President. 

And yet, we also know that there has been a great battle taking place behind the scenes that also persistently peeks its head out from behind the Wizard’s Curtain and whispers to us, or sometimes outright nudges us with a pointy elbow, insisting there is something big, something inevitable that is about to occur, and the signs are everywhere and all around us.

We are about to yank back the curtain on the Wizard of OZ and realize that his control over our perceptions and his power over us has been not only a sham, and not only a petty technological trick, married to the voodoo of occult magick, but it has also been something that we have been developmentally complicit with. In some way, we have both asked for and created it ourselves, and ceded our internal power over to it, as some kind of necessary learning experience that was always going to happen in the schoolroom of Gaia. But no one stays in first grade forever, not even Billy Madison. The time has come to graduate this class. In 2012 the test to move to our next, beautiful grade was put on our desks. 

Indeed, the journey through the creation of human civilizations, and the finding of our way within them as individual free entities, has been an epic one. It has been a Movie of unbelievable beauty and grace, of Sturm and Drang, of heroism, of comedy and tragedy, and of poetic shared experiences, all the while carrying notes of boredom, ennui, helplessness and pain as well. Only God could craft such a Living Book and panoramic wrap-around Movie, and yet it takes Us, as the Characters within, to live it and Make It So. 

What Makes a Great Movie?
Great Actors. 

At the end of the Movie Titanic, the best part, in my opinion, is when the Jack character, having “died” in the ocean, then comes back down the staircase into the Titanic dining room, dressed in his tuxedo, where he is greeted with great warmth and loving grace by ALL of the characters in the movie, even his “enemies” in the drama. Together, they made this living story possible, and as souls they would indeed come back and do it again, in another context, in another story, as other people, and yet also as One, because in truth that is what and who they are.

We all desire this transition moment from Dark to Light to take place for the collective, just like the Patriots of the first American Revolution desired the Freedom proclaimed in their founding documents, inspired by the Creator, to be proven correct and inevitable, even if they had to die for it. Their commitment to that was absolute and true. And thus, it became a reality, against all “logical” odds.

By our Faith we will move mountains.

Revolutionary war Patriot Nathan Hale: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”         

Today, we are not asked to charge into a field of waiting bayonets or to witness musket-fire destroy the sanctity of our human body. While some kinetic warfare does yet exist, We the People for the most part have only to express our Truths without fear and stand firm in the Light in this spiritual information war. 

We already have the Armor of God to withstand whatever is left in the demonic realms. The days of black magick are fading fast into the shadow halls of a misty old haunted house that will soon collapse upon itself and become one with the soil beneath it.

Into the dawn light we will walk together with clear eyes and as strong protectors of the children of a new generation. We will do this by not demonizing the dark influences within, but by recognizing and healing them within our own selves, because however good we may be, we have still journeyed through the Dark in our many of our incarnations, and in one way or another we are not separate from all that has occurred. However, we need not be trapped by it, or lessened in any way by it.    

There may well be an aspect of sadness that transpires when a soul realizes the illusory nature of its incarnation, but there is also a great freedom and healing within that comes with that awareness as well. As One, there is no darkness, there is no doom within Us. There is, in our spiritual essence, only hope, joy, possibility and infinite creative potential. And above all else, Love.

We do this because we Love it. We Love making the Movie and we love Living the Movie. 

Hence, the need for Popcorn. 

Yes, we are also in this moment the ship going through the storm, but we are the ocean just the same. Does the ocean fear the storm, or simply express its incredible latent energy in need of release?

And after the storm, a graceful beauty, a shimmering golden sunlight, and the gentle current of a clean and fresh air always follows. That is the Amazing Grace.

Is humanity about to receive a Life Review of some kind so that we can be reborn within our civilization while we are yet still alive within it?

Perhaps it is already playing out before our very eyes.

Alice is down the rabbit hole and has been for some time now.

No doubt, what she will find there, as in any good NDE, will be of inestimable value to her going forward. 

Vaya con Dios.  



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