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I don’t know if you have read many of my past rants about everything but you and I are virtually interchangeable. I appreciate your exasperated efforts.

Especially the one Dumb and Dumber. Absolutely, the reason it is so dumb is both sides have backed themselves into a corner in a round room.

No one can use the truth to end this. All lies lead to the usual suspects.

By the way in 740AD when the Kagan King brought over 800 Jewish Rabbis to Khazaria to convert the pagan kingdom to talmudic Babylonian Judaism using enough of the Torah to pretend to be an above ground religion, the long term treachery began and has been run by the Rabbi syndicate through the synagogues.

Have you watched shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm or the multitude of other Jewish shows where they flaunt their temple gatherings. Wearing yamaka’s and gathering to kvetch. Essentially brag about their coups over oblivious gullible Goyim?

This is where they meet in plain sight. Their religious services.

I don’t have to prove this they brag about it in the Talmud and everything they do. In all their movies.

They are behind the 90% depopulation agenda, they said so in the Talmud.

They hide behind all their victims whose live’s are shit because of their treachery. They owned all the slaveships and Spielberg makes a movie blaming Christians. All those black musicians who lost their music rights to… guess who?

New York jewish copyright lawyers. Watch the Motown documentary and laugh when you see little Jewish men at the table in Detroit..

They staged the holocaust to take out the Jews they consider to be against their plans, and to use the inflated numbers as a big psyop to justify premeditated aggressions against all of us. Duh. Jewish banks funded Hitler. Christ people wake the eff up.

TimJoeBob– you’re not confused. You know the truth. Go ahead and say it.

The Jewish pharmaceutical companies and their web of profiteers wiping out Africa and doing to the elephants and lions, what they did to the Native Americans.

This is not speculation, they wrote about it extensively themselves.

This is one of several problems I have with Kim and Tank who keep pushing the holocaust lie among other worn out cover stories.
So the Jews who put all the world wealth in a big old trust fund and made Kim trustee with stories of off world monsters as the McGuffin villains are trying to put the genie back into the little syringe bottles.

The murder of people is the smoke needed to cover for their Mossad hit teams. All those who end up dead will be written off to Covid.

Say it, people. They are NOT your friends. They are NOT Doctors. They are ruthless parasite profiteers and always have been.
All those distant relatives that claim to have been in the “camps” know how to milk the psyop for money and pity. There wasn’t 6 million but there have been at least 600 million in 70 years sucking that blood. 2% my ass, another self serving lie.

All you money hungry white hatted mercenaries are no better. You will cut all us out the second you can. We too serve as cover for the latest greatest scam and reset for the select few. Trump is one of them. No one has traded children more vigorously and ruthlessly than the Rabbi Hollywood Banker sects. Figure it out and quit laying cover for them.

There I said it. Your turn TimJoeBob.

Anyone else care to stop being sniveling cowards and speak up?


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