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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

This should be our doing, our motto for the next two to three weeks. I emphasize SHOULD, because of course everyone will do what he will or wants to do. Each one according to his own liking. Of course, that doesn’t apply to those who still have to be, want to be, or are allowed to be on the hamster wheel. We are entering a very strange time and it is palpable to some how the strands are coming together, how they are being brought together by invisible forces. In the process, points and places are touched upon that seem to still be resisting, where stooges of the defeated Deep State are still defending something that will soon no longer exist. We don’t know why this is, why they still don’t surrender and resign themselves to their inevitable fate. Is it arrogance, or stupidity, or the lack of a chain of command? We don’t know, we just realize that not everything has been cleared up yet. Underground things also seem to be progressing, the last few days Australia has become an earthquake hotspot. Unnoticed by the MSM, of course. Since they have long been under control of the Alliance, this probably serves to awaken the stubbornly clueless.

I’m not putting any more energy into it. It’s funny how my interests have completely turned in the last few months. Scary to me at first, but the more I identify with what I’m currently doing, the clearer it becomes to me why this is happening. There is less and less that resonates with my thoughts, my focus. I usually recognize immediately what messages, postings and communications are trying to accomplish, whether it is done consciously or unconsciously. I feel this as if this old world wants to pull me back with all its might, to board me and my emotional world and pull it to itself. But I have more and more strength to cut off these ropes. Please don’t ask me how this works or how I do it, it’s just been happening for some time. I suspect that my visualizations, my preoccupation with my future is related to it or is causing it.

Not everything that is being presented to us through the media at the moment is really for us, the awakened ones. It doesn’t matter whether we have just awakened or have been awakening for months or years. Intuition is differently predisposed in each of us. I have the feeling that it can be trained. In addition, we still have to get our mind, our ego under control, or to bring everything into harmony. Mind, feelings, ego, intuition and heart. People, I know that everything sounds great, but it is not easy. But there is no way around it, because we see what is going on in our world, in the reality that we all create for ourselves. Each of us has to work on and with himself, for this we need rest and also have to step back sometimes. And if each of us succeeds in doing that, it is our contribution to the greater whole. It cannot be the task to blaspheme about others or to denigrate them. No matter what others do! Folks, we can or should not care what other channels write or say. The things that are happening all over the world right now, in front of or behind the curtain, are accelerating massively. And no channel operator can know everything, we have seen, read or written that so many times. Everyone can only guess, no matter how many dots they connect. The worst thing, I think, is when others are maligned, when others are judged. We don’t have to go along with that, do we? Don’t we all have enough to do in these hard times? With ourselves? With our changes?

Not everyone who calls themselves a lightworker or is called a lightworker is one. Not everyone who seems to mean well, means well. You have to check all this yourself, because no one can do it for you. Of course I have my own opinion about gurus, channel operators, about website operators and about youtubers. In the past it also happened to me that I made negative comments about some of them. But I don’t want to do that anymore, because my personal assessment is not your assessment. And maybe I do the one or the other also wrong, because I’ m just not able to recognize the true. That’s why I don’t talk or write about others. Or to evaluate something that is brought to me. I never know if it’s true or not, I can’t know. No matter if it’s a positive news, a negative or scaremongering. I don’t know who is behind a message. Is it the Alliance or is it still Deep State stooges who get to play a little bit more? That’s where we need to make a CUT now, stop dealing with news, videos or articles that might just want to keep us in the old world. Just as good news, which only raise our hopes, puff up the expectations, only to disappoint us again in the end. Let’s leave it alone!

Shift down a gear, cut back, come to rest. Everything we had to do for our exchange, we have done (hopefully). At best, we have already thought about the exchange date and prepared for it. That should be enough. Project ideas have been worked out, whether in thought or in writing. So we can sit back and relax about the RV, can’t we? And everything else that is currently pelting us with media, alternative or MSM, will soon be history. The old world is dying before our eyes, we will not take much of it with us under guarantee, apart from everything positive. Therefore, we can just push aside everything related to the old world, right? The cabal-ruled countries are at the end or close to it, so we don’t need to play these games anymore. Play for time where it could get tight, otherwise “fly under the radar”. The alliance is doing the same thing, cleaning up everything invisible to the outside world. Can’t we do the same? Anyone who puts himself in danger will be killed. So I don’t lift my head out of the trench and shout, “Hello FRG, it’s me, a patriot, unvaccinated and full of resistance!” No, no, I stay hidden.

Even if this may sound a bit harsh now, but I have become indifferent to many things. Whether vaccinations are bad or deadly, whether vaccinated people will die or have irreparable damage. Which alternative healing methods there are now already, how I protect myself now best from poisoning, which channeler has again a super-important message. Whether politicians are clones or actors, whether the alliance really started with purges last month, whether Trump is coming back, whether JFK Jr. is coming back. When the RV will come, the QFS, the quantum internet, the quantum voting system, etc., I don’t care anymore. First of all for self-protection, because what I don’t let get to me, I can’t put energy into. I need this energy for more important things. Things that I can do in peace and still make my contribution.

Everything comes out into the open soon enough for everyone to see. The plan has many points, there is a lot to consider. And it will be worked through step by step, even if there are obstacles or unforeseen things. Since I don’t know the plan, I don’t have to see everything, know everything, see everything. That’s what I have my trust for. “Q” has written nothing in vain, Trump has promised or spoken nothing in vain. I also don’t have to understand everything about it and make assumptions. Before I waste my energy with that or with other considerations, I prefer to deal with what the future brings me. For example, the new financial system, the QFS. I bet the number of people who are already familiar with it is vanishingly small. And they are not bankers or financial experts, no, they are those who set it up and a few who are already working with it, so they can try it out. They are beta testers. They are like the pioneers who drove their horse-drawn wagons into the West, opened up uncharted territories, endured storms, hail, rain, impassable mountains, impassable rivers, hunger, cold and poverty, and paved the way for others.

For the new QFS is coming, and it will be better than we can imagine. And we will be freer and more independent in financial matters than ever before. Freer than with cash, can you believe it? Nothing can stop it, nothing and nobody! And nobody can control it, nobody can hack it, nobody can use it for negative! So let’s stay calm and level-headed, let’s step back, let’s shift down a gear. In the calmness we deal with the things we will have in the new world and no longer with what wants to keep us in the old world. That world will never exist again, there is no going back there. Whoever understands this is a huge step ahead.

“The slowest, who does not lose sight of his goal,still walks more swiftly than he who wanders about without a goal.”
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

“Always act in such a way as to expand the number of your possibilities.”“What we perceive as reality is our invention.”
both quotes Heinz von Förster

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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