The Right for Self Defense against Chemtrails


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 30, 2021

Dear Readers,

I found something on telegram which I would like to copy here and ask you to think about if have the courage to forward and spread it.

“The right for Self Defense against Chemtrails

I know that there are still millions of people, who do not have any idea, that something like chemtrails exist.

they still think, these are the normal contrails and there is nothing strange about it. I do not address these people here.

I want to address those millions of people, who KNOW, that there are chemtrails, and that in these chemtrails, le us say this carefully, there are partly unknown, partly known substances, and what they do on nature and human is partly known, partly unknown, and the nature of these ingredients seems to be alarming to anybody, who is able to read only 30 minutes on the internet and do a research of his own.

So we face the fact, that in many MANY countries the people see chemtrails every day, normally in white color, but now  (very alarming) also in Wyoming in black color, which lets me assume, that there could be nano-graphene particles in those chemtrails.

What I read about magneto-nano-particles, silver, strontium, barium, aluminium and many more of those ingredients lets me also assume, that these chemtrails HARM people.

And as I do not know these pilots or their superiors, nor my (each of yours, too) government claims to have knowledge about those chemtrails (they are officially a “conspiracy theory” and as we meanwhile through the research on the net and through many many pictures from those airplanes inside and outside, we KNOW, that those are not normal passenger flights but special military aircraft.

And as those planes target clearly civilians, which is against every international law and contract, as those planes clearly harm people and nature and as those planes clearly are not recognized by any government (officially)

I think we ALL have the right to defend ourselves against those airplanes and chemtrails.

well… HOW?

you and I do not have the facilities to simply shoot them down and forbid them to take off from secret military bases worldwide.

But… you can disturb them.

All of us have access to the internet.

all of us know ebay and amazon.

simply buy yourself a “green laser” and next time you see such an airplane you know what to do.

These are small pencil-like or torch-like devices which send out a very thin green light, which will be visible even 30 miles away.

Defense against attack!

You do not shoot them, but you tell them very clearly: YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE.

and if those pilots face such green laser light every some miles I am quite sure, the military and / or police powers are by far not enough to control every walking by civilian if somebody could have a laser with him.

DO NOT and NEVER EVER target any civilian airplane with this.

do not target fighter jets with this.

do not target helicopters with it.

those are normal military aircraft under control of normal military and / or white hats.

the chemtrail planes however are ALL in secret projects of the cabal.

corey goode reported years ago, that from that point on some years ago, the humanity had the right to rule over every secret project,

may it be chemtrails of any kind (there are different!), may it be some secret DNA alternating program.

So all the secret cabal projects are under cabal control. chemtrails and others.

if we want to stop them, we should stand up now.

And a small laser device is not that bad to secretly develop a worldwide guerrilla force against chemtrails.

We have bin poisoned for decades.

Enough is enough!

Help to stop it!

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I think this is worth sharing it with you!

greetings from Europe



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