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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

What actually puts us in fears? It is an interplay of several factors. On the one hand, it is ignorance, coupled with doubt, disbelief and mistrust. Often there is also a lack of self-confidence. And then there are stories and fairy tales that we are told or that we tell and invent ourselves. In my youth it was fairy tales, mostly from the Brothers Grimm. When we heard about wicked witches and sorcerers, or about the big bad wolf, a trip to the cellar or the attic could be quite adventurous. We understood the moral of the stories only later in life, primarily we were afraid when it got dark. Later, it was scary stories around the campfire that scared us afterwards. A night hike then almost became a running of the gauntlet. We suspected behind every tree, behind every bush something of what was described in stories.

It is uncertainty that makes us afraid when we are children. Fear is actually a natural emotion, it is supposed to make us sensitive to dangerous situations so that we can flee quickly when things get dangerous. It makes us cautious. If we go into the basement with an adult, no matter how scary he may seem, the fear disappears. If we are in the dark forest with other young people after hearing ghost stories, the fear is gone. We actually know that there is no reason to be afraid in a basement or in the forest, but we forget that when we are alone. We feel safer together. There is a quote from Alberto Moravia, it says that the ignorant person is brave, the knowledgeable person is afraid. Well, I don’t feel that way, especially since the last 1.5 years, I’ll come back to that later.

In the course of our lives, fears change, stories and fairy tales change too. Only the tellers change, they call themselves politicians or government, they call themselves quality media, they call themselves experts, but the fairy tales remain. Suddenly we have existential fears, fears of viruses, even fears of our fellow human beings. We have been experiencing this in the extreme since March 2020, worldwide more or less in every country, due to the plague. Before that, you could already experience it, but only if you were sighted. By the allegedly man-made climate catastrophe, but unfortunately we have been waiting for decades. What horror scenarios were played for us there, which did not occur rudimentarily? And the majority of people have been living in fear ever since, and every summer in which temperatures exceed 35 degrees, instead of being happy about it, becomes a justification for our own fear.

In the worst case, fear can become a phobia. Some know this: fear of spiders or other insects, fear of snakes or fear of heights. These are pronounced fears that have turned into phobias. And these phobias become more and more pronounced the longer all these shenanigans last. So, that’s enough about fears and anxieties, isn’t it? We know them, we have them, but what we all want to know is how do we get out of it, right? OK, let’s tackle it.

It’s in our hands whether we need to be afraid or not. If I watch or read MSM, I don’t have to wonder that I am permanently kept at a fear level. Fear of a “virus” that no one has been able to prove yet, but according to MSM experts it exists. Fear of climate change, which no one has been able to prove yet, but according to MSM experts it exists. Fear of right-wing radicals, of dissenters, of Reich citizens, fear of violence and terror, actually fear of all media massively inflated and above all unproven things. And finally, fear that the many critics and resisters, whose opinions are suppressed and censored by the media, could be right after all. Fear that we will not get back our old, so perfect world. And these described fears lead to the fact that we unlearn to think and thus the real danger can no longer see.

I have been avoiding everything that scares me for a few months now. I don’t watch or read MSM for a long time, at best for amusement. I don’t read anything about vaccinations, about vaccine damage, no matter from which side it comes. I only consume uplifting media and channels, which are unfortunately very rare, but also avoid those that are too wacky for me, because even the positive can be exaggerated. A healthy interplay of confidence in the future and a realistic view of what I want for myself must be ensured. I don’t see myself walking around with a permanent grin, hugging everyone who comes my way, handing out flowers, hearts and praying hands, however expressed. Especially in the beginning, we will have a lot to do with cleaning up and rebuilding our world. If you also manage to let go of everything that scares you, makes you afraid, you will have taken the first step towards liberation.

As for forecasts and predictions, dates, when something great will happen, we should be aware of why that is done by some channels. If there really was someone who could predict the future, would the Alliance allow him to blurt it all out? Hardly! Predictions are allowed in order to scare the Deep State. And he always falls for it, too. He focuses on the predicted scenario, the real actions happen in many other warplaces that the DS has not considered. This is art of war and strategy, but only a few understand it. It is also not easy to understand all this. But should we understand it? Do we have to understand it? Let’s take a closer look at some of the statements made by “CUE”:

Enjoy the show!
That this does not mean that we should sit on the couch with popcorn should have become clear to everyone by now. Everyone can do what he can and wants to do. But the important thing is, IT IS A SHOW that has been presented to us for months. If I have freed myself from my fears, I can enjoy it. I don’t have to worry about who gets vaccinated, who will die from it or not. I don’t have to fight dying government systems and put myself in harm’s way at the last minute. And I don’t have to get upset about anything or anyone who is around me doing anything that may not fit my view. I don’t have to argue either. I can take care of myself and my own personal development. I stay out of everything that I can neither control nor influence.

Trust the plan!
Yes, I do. And I have realized that it is not a sprint, but a marathon. Took me a long time, but I’m just tired of being impatient. It doesn’t do anything for me except feed negative feelings to lingering cabals. Let them starve! Then they will be easier to defeat! PERIOD! I also realized that I am only waiting for a short time. Can you imagine what it must be like for a JFK jr.? Fake death, underground since 1999, in constant fear of being discovered, betrayed or exposed? That’s patience and perseverance, we can all take a big leaf out of that book! Consider the others, actors, musicians, who have been taken out of the line of fire by the Alliance through faked deaths. Put yourselves in their shoes, in their situation, and then tell me again how bad you feel.

Nothing can stop what is coming!
Do you believe in all seriousness that this was simply said or written? It is unstoppable! Everything the alliance has planned and set in motion. It’s just not happening at the pace we all want. But the end is already set, I’m 1000% sure of that. You could be too if you stay out of the fear porn, scare tactics of the MSM and even some alternative media. Yes, it is not easy, but it is the first step. The first step is always the hardest. And please do not hope. Trust and believe!!!

The military is the only way!
Yes, who has not yet internalized this, will not do it so quickly. The internalizing is here also not really so important, the main thing is, you have heard or read about it. Then you will not be surprised as much as sleeping sheep or those who have just started their awakening process. It is a worldwide operation of the Alliance military, supported by many aliens and new technologies. I have great respect for the planning and the implementation. With all the opposition that had to be taken into account. And also the impatience, because everyone who fights wants a quick end, a quick victory. Here is a comparison between our fears and the fears of a soldier: Imagine you have to go into a tunnel, you don’t know who is down there, what is down there, if there are booby traps, what you will find there. Even with the best training and preparation, my butt would be on fire. What about you guys?

If you don’t know how you are going to or can stay out of the scaremongering, get busy with the QFS, the Quantum Financial System. That’s our future in terms of finance. And anyone who doesn’t deal with it now is going to fall behind. And whether we can all catch up then is questionable. At least it won’t be easy. If you don’t want to or can’t, just stay confident, keep your trust, your faith. Occupy yourselves with your desired future, visualize how you would like to live. Everything is allowed that brings a smile to your face or gives you a good feeling. Goosebumps are also allowed. LOL. Hold the line! The rest will be taken care of!

“Doing politics: scare people so much,that any solution will do.
Wolfram Weidner

“Most people are more afraid of a truthmore afraid of a truth than of a lie.”
Ernst Ferstl

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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