(Reader: Ron Giles) Why Rig Elections


Reader Post | By Ron Giles

When Career Politicians do not have to account to We the People through the election process, the People suffer and the dark prevails. Career Politicians who are voted in by rigging elections, never have to account to We the People, and can do and will do, whatever they want. Is California really a blue state?

When you have a government run by Career Politicians, we get elected officials that think they are so much smarter than We the People, and that We the People are too dumb to think for ourselves, they, therefore, must do all the thinking for us. When you listen to the political rhetoric long enough, they will slip and let you know what they think of us and the voting system. They always try to do away with a fair system that slants toward making it easier for them to be re-elected. Anybody that opposes their supreme rule is denigrated and made fun of. Pelosi’s Wrap Around Smear shows complete contempt for propriety and the rule of law.  We get Called deplorables when we express our own opinion. Would they really kill us if they could? It would seem so. We get in their way of suppressing us and initiating their agenda.

The arrogance of politicians who have made a career out of lying and cheating the people out of billions of dollars have now taken over, not only the government but have set up private agencies that make decisions for us without accounting to the public for their decisions; like the CDC, the FDA, the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, the Fed, etc. They set these up to protect the Pharmaceuticals, the Nutraceuticals, the American Medical Association, the Hospitals with their National Associations and so much more so that We the People cannot make changes to them through the election process. This is called a bureaucratic government, controlled by the Career Poly ticks.

They took control over our Money supply and gave most of it to themselves and left us holding their fake national debt. This is the Debt Slavery System created by the Central Banking System, the Fed. Do We the People have any control over that money supply. The Career Politicians do but they are complicit in the criminality. So, answer this question, when things have gone so terribly wrong how do they stay in power? Rigged Elections!

The legal system is supposed to protect us, but activities over the last four or five years have shown that Career Appointees have prostituted the whole system including the Justice Department, the CIA, the FBI, the Supreme Court, the Circuit Courts, and all the way down to local Justice of the Peace court system. The worldwide legal system is controlled by the International Bar Association whose members in each country are considered agents of the Crown as in the British Accredited Registry (BAR). This organization is designed and set up to keep the elite in power and protect them from being prosecuted. Again, We the People do not have a chance of protecting ourselves against these demons. An attorney takes money from one person and gives it to another. That’s what Attorn means. These are professional thieves that have a license to steal from the unknowing. They are not all bad, but which one out of all that knows the system, is willing to try to make a change?

The Philosophy of the Elite is that “We have the power over all others and they cannot be allowed any power to fight against us.” They (we) are the sheep and we (they) are the ravenous wolves. The Elite think we are theirs to control, kill and eat. They do this by dumbing us down with their programed Educational System for Public Schools, altering their DNA & RNA, through fake Pandemics, and the resultant solution they push through false government agencies, like the CDC and the FDA which are Private Corporations with attached Foundations. Does every country have these parasites? These quasi-government agencies make money on Patents like the Covid-19 and the Sars virus. You can’t Patent things that are Natural, so these Patented viruses are developed in their labs paid for by government grants, and then introduced into the public as a pandemic.  If this was a real Pandemic, wouldn’t there be more deaths in the years of the Pandemic than in other years? Yet that has not happened. If the Vaccine was real and could stop you from getting sick with Covid-19, why is every organization in the world that has to do with health, getting huge sums of money from the Deep State to promote the Vaccine when it doesn’t do a damn thing to help people? Why do they say there is a new DELTA variant when only Vaccinated people have the symptoms of the Delta Variant? The doctors are told to never let info out about the deadly symptoms caused by the Vaccines, so they call it the Delta Variant? Liars lie, that’s what they do for a living. Most Politicians lie and interns may be in training to become career politicians. Should we change the system and install GESARA, a controllable system of government by We the People?

When our DNA is attacked and altered by the Delta variant in the vaccine, the changes to our bodies are very uncomfortable and produce symptoms that we have never felt before. So, they call it the Delta Variant and call for more booster vaccinations. $$$$$. Lies about the lies about the lies …

How did we get here, you ask? The Elitist took over the Election System and have rigged elections all over the world to keep their people in power. They’ve been doing this for many decades so they could keep their selected Career Politicians in place. If you listen to the Elitists, they will tell you, we make the laws, we spend their money, we send billions as Foreign Aid to foreign countries who use the money to keep their Elitists in office and in power, and send us our portion of the funds so that we will keep financing them. They think this is a brilliant plan for them to make more money and stay in power. It is reported that Pleosi is worth over 170 million on a $200,000 per year salary as a member of the house of Representatives.

It doesn’t matter whether you agree with this expose’ or not, but let’s see what this operating belief system of the Elite has created in the past and follow up to the present time.

They took over the money supply so they have the Lion’s share of the money. They let us earn a small portion of the money, but we are not allowed to join them in becoming wealthy without giving up our rights and become part of their adrenochrome culture. Just ask the wannabe Stars of Hollywood.

They took over the legal system as Agents of the British Crown to protect their own kind. They make the laws to suit them and the average person must have a law degree to keep up with their shenanigans. 

They took over the Medical system and the Pharmaceuticals so they control our health and food supply and have made us weak and fat. We have rampant diseases and a growing population that is unhealthy and sick and they call it the Wellness Industry. IE: our bodies do not recognize corn syrup as food so it stores it as fat. Corn syrup is in everything.

They took over the Hospitals who eagerly received $15,000 to $30,000 for each Covid case they report even if the person died in a motorcycle accident. And they obviously forsook their Hippocratic Oath as doctors to work for these Fiends from hell to where Hospitals are one of the most deadly places in any community. Go to a hospital and they will find some way to kill you and report your death as Covid 19. That Covid death will give them $30,000, and the sooner you die the less they have to pay staff and doctors their fees. The management must have heard of med beds and are trying to make money while they can. Who are the doctors that have forsaken their Hippocratic Oath for their love of money? Let’s find them and expose them for what they are. Those with integrity and dignity, we should find them new work in our new way of living. We will take care of them and help them financially, even when they find work.

The Elite insert and fund Government elected officials who will do their bidding. If you are a communist, you are welcomed with open arms, what position do you want? A District Attorney, a judge, a professorship at Harvard. Communists take priority over others. What they don’t tell these people is that when they are finished with you, you will end up in Clinton’s Closet just like the rest of their used-up associates. Where’s Huma, where are the MS-13 thugs that killed Seth Rich? Check the closets of these people for the bones.

This list goes on and on. How many of you Rocket Scientists can see a pattern here? How many of you with the sand in your eyes have pulled your head out of the ground and have seen the real light of day? There is a pattern going on here, that if not stopped, will progress toward 90% of humanity being eliminated and the rest being used as breeding stock for the Elite. Check out the Mega-Cities document to see how great they will make it to be a zombie in their high-rise prison camps they are now calling Mega Cities. Let’s go eat at the public cafeteria – it’s free.

Question: is it hard to see a pattern of abuse toward humans that will end in our demise. Can you see the very Foundational Reason why the whole of society must be changed to where we have a chance to not only survive but to thrive? Can you now see why the Divine Consciousness is penetrating into our lives to make changes toward the New Earth and the Golden Age of Mankind? Do you know what the Quantum Financial System is and who or what controls it? Not the General and his #2, the plagiarist and Chief Scientist.

The Man of God has, through his documents, given us a very well-planned program to ensure the Coup against We the People is completed. His 3D fake QFS is designed to disrupt the 5Dimensional flow of the Real Quantum Financial System that has been given to us by Divine Will. The documents tell of Millions of tons of gold to back currencies but fail to show how that gold will back currencies. They talk about Millions of tons of gold while telling us Humanitarians that we only get 11-33 Million for a 100 Trillion Zim Note to do our massive job of bringing mankind out of poverty. So inconsistent in offering us a new way of life. It is left for us to suspect the Elite will get all of the rest of the Septengiliions of money. Is this the old pattern replicated again, Man of God? These principles of the QFS are a natural way of compensating and correcting an imbalance in nature that has been caused by those who have no light and possess only darkness and dark thoughts of control and abuse of humans. This unnatural state of being is being rebalanced by the light. The net result is the new Golden Age of mankind, we get to live without dark side control and abuse. We get to come from our natural state of Love in our dealings with others. We will learn to love and trust our fellow man again and learn to treat each other with kindness and respect, the way we want to be treated. We will recreate a Paradise like where we once lived on this earth as a Human Species. We will have the bounties from Mother Nature that were meant to be used by us to have a life filled with Joy.

There is a benevolent plan that has been prepared for us in the 5th Dimension realms. This benevolent plan includes a Quantum Voting System that cleans up all of the voter fraud and will eliminate bad politicians. We also get the benevolence of GESARA,  a new way to be governed. If we settle for anything in 3D, especially the 3D QFS,  we will miss out on the opportunity to ascend into the higher realms of existence. It behooves us to recognize the things in life we want and dispose of things we don’t want.

The contrast is now being brought to our view and we can see what has been going on. Let’s reject the lessor things we don’t want and put all of our efforts into obtaining the things we do want.

If we are true to your inner guidance, we will all make it together.

Blessings and love

Ron Giles


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