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Reader Post | By Danlboon

NESARA – Information Guide

Trump had his rally in Perry, Georgia on Saturday which I watched most of it, yet the primary things that people got info on was the Arizona election audit numbers and at the end that things will be changing for the better, yet no real specifics that Trump is President. However, there was no mention of the; “Storm is Here,” 9/11 Report, NESARA, EBS, Currency Exchanges, Pandemic, removing of the Deep State, or anything of what we are talking about on this website as it was more of wait and see what will happen. By the way the Secret Service makes sure Trump is thoroughly protected as one of his personal main agents I have seen in numerous videos was near the stairs at the front, for when Trump came down at the end that man was about 5 inches taller at about 6’8″ and there cannot be discrimination brought up so a 5’2″ lady at 120 lbs can claim she can protect Trump from anyone.

From: Mark Baughman: The Greatest War Story Ever Told, the Light has Won!; “The informed people that have done their research know parts of this story; some know almost all of it. But to the general public, the “Greatest War in History” has been kept secret until this EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) that will be released in weeks if not a month away.” It appears Mark Baughman either wrote this at the beginning of September or else the EBS, Currency Exchanges, NESARA and the end of the Pandemic will not come about till the end of October, and we have been misled again to stretch it out another month, or will it be by financial quarter and after the holidays to begin January 3 which is a Monday. Which this will be the end of the tax year and we continue to pay Income Taxes till then?

If the Currency Exchanges just happen this last week of September then they will be the only ones that can benefit with their new finances, as I explained in another post then it makes it NOT equal for the rest of us and chaos will come about when many are to be under GAG orders till the actual EBS will come about in another month or 3 months. The NDA for what those doing the Currency Exchanges are to sign is 90 days, which just happens to be another financial quarter. I got it here as to why the NDA is 90 days. So another 3 month wait. If some of those on the inside of these Currency Exchanges, NESARA and Republic for which they know when things are to happen then they go make their Currency Exchanges, then that is utter disgracefulness for the rest of us, and maybe that is why many of the paymasters have been arrested. Or do some think that the best time is during the NFL Playoffs to go EBS, Trump may show up at the Super Bowl 2022 Sunday, February 6 to show the world of ‘We Are Now a Republic’? As that event has about TWO Billion people watching it world wide, but will the Blackout happen then? Too bad for the NFL. Someone mistriggered the Blackout at the start of halftime before Trump could even make his announcement? Thus 19 weeks from now and that respectfully should not correlate with Trump as 19th Republic President. And this will also delay the HALTING of the present Pandemic allowing more to die.

If Trump wants We The People to take actions on all this then he and his Team better give us more information as to which road we are to follow. And if NESARA was to be announced on October 1, 2021 then we need to have the Republic elections within 120 days which that Tuesday would be January 25, 2022 at 116 days, for which this gives over 3 months to resolve all these issues, primarily with the election system. This also gives plenty of time for which the president and most elected officials would be put into office just over five weeks later on March 4, which that was the original inauguration day.

I did not have access to those 9/11 hearings if they were even available to watch by the public, and if the EBS was to be initiated I do not have a cell phone or television for which these are to be the primary ones they will be going to, so the only way I would know is if someone sent it by email or posted it on a website, or if the whole internet goes down I think something is going, but why do that to have a Blackout for which NO Republic info comes out at all? “We have these warnings of what our corrupt government has been doing over the past 20 years as from 9/11, the recent elections of 2020 and more, going back to 1963 with JFK, 1871 where the USA became a corporation and much more.” Yet many will be ignorant of this as even the MSM will have been cut off with the Blackout.

There has to be another format for the internet for people to post their stories, reports, videos and much more without it being blocked or deleted, yet it should be on high standards for what is truth and not just a bombardment of lies.

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:

Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents



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