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Reader Post | By timjoebob

The Commi-Fascist dogs corrupted the recall against Communist loving Gash Nuisance and stole the recall election. MSM was all about how wonderful this slithering governor is. As a California native, I know there’s no way in hell that creature won the recall…just like the presidential election. California remains Commi-fornia. They’re all liars. That’s what Communist do.

Oh, yeah, all part of the plan.

Oh, yeah, and chemtrails being plastered across the skies. Whoever THEY are, they haven’t stopped spraying us like we’re an infestation. I think we know the difference. THEY are the infestation, whoever THEY are. The inhuman pilots of these aerosol spraying aircraft have zero conscience…like robots…zero compassion, zero heart. Those aircraft might even be remotely controlled. That would not be a surprise.

So, let me get this straight. The Alliance is really kicking ass…but…the chemtrails are still ongoing. The spraying continues. The good guys…the white hats…are kicking butt. Trust the plan.

Chemtrails are ongoing. They never stop.

Why should I believe a damn thing I hear about the good guys…or the Alliance…or the white hats? Tell me!!!! Why should I? Tell me, again. Remind me.

When I still see that spraying hasn’t stopped, I know that all the stories about how we’re winning is just something we’re told. I’m not sure I can believe anything from anyone anymore. All I know is what I’m witnessing.

Chemtrails are alive and doing well. One more time. CHEMTRAILS ARE STILL ALIVE AND DOING WELL.

C’mon, man. Really. Seriously. Pull your heads out of your …..!

The chemtrails are a barometer of how the battle is going…and the spraying hasn’t stopped or let up in any way…business as usual.

So, tell me, please. Tell me. Explain to me why I’m still seeing/witnessing the aerosol spraying aircraft overhead plastering the skies. Tell me why. Anybody? Why is it that we’re supposed to be winning, and we’re almost there, and I still see crap overhead?

Is there anyone on this Psycho planet that can tell me why the chemtrails have not stopped? If I had to bet on something, I’d bet that this war is not going as well as all the patriots think. I’m just putting 2+2 together and extrapolating the evidence and mulling it around while using a little bit of logic and critical thinking and I keep coming up with the same answer.

This war is far more devastating than we have capacity to imagine.

That’s why the chemtrails are increasing, not subsiding. Is Commi-fornia not part of the USA? Is there a reason why the so-called good guys haven’t put an earnest effort to stop it? Are we just being played? Are we being duped?…yet again?



If we’re winning, tell me why this is being allowed. Don’t give me conjecture.

Just give me the truth…oh, wait, I’m not sure I can believe or trust any information anymore.

Never mind. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Trust the plan…anyway. Just shut up and trust the plan. We got this.

Uhhh…really? Seriously? We’re on our deathbed and you have the absolute gall to tell us to trust the plan when I’m seeing the skies above being plastered with poison? If we’re at war, there should be multiple fronts and one of those fronts should be addressing chemtrails!!!

I don’t want to hear excuses. That’s for school children.

Put up or shut up.

Answers. We want answers to this bs.

Anybody care to rebuke me? Prove to me that the war against chemtrails is being waged…not on the legal front because that’s being stifled by corrupt courts and judges.

Prove to me that there’s a kinetic war against chemtrails and I l’ll shut up while you put up.

I’ll be looking for answers in the meantime.

If the evidence provided by people supposedly in the know can convince me there’s a kinetic war against chemtrails, I’ll stop harping on this.

Until then, I’m going with my interpretation that there’s no kinetic war against chemtrails that is discernable. The ‘skeptical me’ is back. This has nothing to do with faith, either.

“Just the facts, mam…just the facts.”

Faith should be based on past factual events that lead to the reason for that faith and not just a blind faith based on a religious belief.

That’s how I roll.

We all need evidence of a kinetic war against chemtrails, not conjecture or fictitious ramblings.


We’re being sprayed


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