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Reader Post | By GK

Great conversation to listen to and share.

I am not in favor of the “lab science” that takes nature’s gifts and recombines them into patented anything because God’s nature or nature if you don’t like the idea of God, gave us these elements and ancient cultures used them wisely and adeptly.

Recently I took way too much iodine that created quite the situation that has lasted 3 weeks. Essentially I think I killed every parasite in my body. This is good for the most part. And from day one I felt good and knew what I did was positive but man, those parasites bursted out of my lymph glands and essentially my armpits. I had a huge cyst on my back that is now half the size.

My capillaries felt like they were a combination of carpet shocks and those things we got on 4th of July as kids we threw at each other and they would snap– much like carpet shocks. These needle stabs are unpleasant to say the least.

My food cravings are gone, especially for sweets and beer. And although it was sort of traumatic, it needed to be done. Most people do it very gradually but this chemo-like poisoning approach definitely let me know the parasites needed to be dealt with.

Kim Goguen’s recent broadcast talks of parasites that are weaponized. I recently told a friend, the answer to every problem is parasites. I also say the same thing about the Talmudic syndicate that not so coincidentally runs all these bioweapon efforts.

They also run Hollywood that convinced everyone through Doctor shows and crazed virus movies that needles and toxic solutions were the answer.

So right now my personal goal is to make fermented vegetables to restore my probiotic flora. Everyone should do it and it is very easy.

Mason jars are 8 dollars for a dozen at Walmart. Pickling salt is 2 dollars. Get your favorite organic vegetables and chop them up.

Put a tablespoon of pickling salt at the bottom of the jar. Pack the jar with your veggies and any blend you want.

No you don’t need oils or vinegar or to boil anything.

Fill the jar with distilled water. Make sure the veggies are submerged, maybe cut something the size of the jar mouth to hold it all down like a round cucumber or onion or big piece of cabbage leaf.

Close the lid tight, put the jars somewhere around 68 degrees in the shade of semi-darkness. Leave there for about 8 weeks. You can add water if it evaporates a little. Any mold at the top just pluck it out, no problem.

The natural process eats the sugars and creates the good stuff the gut needs. One jar is worth $60 of probiotics selling online.

Before you close the far put another pinch of salt. Try to gain a feel for all of it. Don’t over complicate it. Try not to use too much salt and create fermented veggies that are too salty. Forget about spices, spice the veggies when they are on your plate.

Get this done for the winter because food shortages are coming.

When doing pickles I recommend not slicing them because they get soggy. Whole ones maintain the crunch.

Good luck– you can be done in a couple hours.

For those using MMS or chlorine dioxide, don’t overdo this either. Even though the gurus say it differentiates between good and bad flora, don’t be so sure. If you take it for a week, take 3 weeks off.

Remember if you are taking probiotics why would you come in with anything that might kill the good flora. Listen to your body and just get in a zen-like state of feeling what is right. I even do this with vitamins and supplements, I don’t wolf down these manufactured pellets every day just as my soul reminds me when it might be a good time.

Oh and I should add that my sense of everything feels completely different. Things that angered me or made me anxious aren’t there. The videos I have been working on, some of them don’t feel necessary anymore. I am seeing things more clearly.

I think there is big truth in the last Kim video. 


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