(Reader: timjoebob) CV-19? What’s that?


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Not one person on planet Psycho has been able to prove CV-19 even exists because it has never been isolated. No one can prove it exists. Period. End of discussion.

This little article is just a reminder.

CV-19 is a lie. …not the Corona virus in which there are several varieties. But CV-19 is a fallacy. It is a blatant lie to implement the real bio-weapon…the shot…the jab…the needle…the jabber-do to protect the population from the evil CV-19. …..uhhhhh, the one that doesn’t exist.

Excuse me while I puke.

Corona virus has been around for decades…in the public domain. It’s a common cold virus. It’s listed in the Encyclopedia of Medical Terms, Diseases, and. ….blah. Column on the left side of the page I saw the list of viruses. To the right of that column are the effects of a Corona virus…and is listed as ‘common cold’.

This should have been day one. But, nooooo!

WTF? I’m a nobody and I can at least put 2+2 together and come up with the answer.


This is insanity….no, more like stupidity and a severe case of anal cranial inversion on the part of the population. It’s like the world is under MK-ULTRA mind control…..sheeple need to be controlled and then eliminated and eaten.

We’re not allowed to think for ourselves. Just shut up and believe what MSM and lord Fauci and lord Gates and lord CDC and lord WHO and lord FDA and lord Pharma tells you to believe. Whatever you do, do NOT think for yourself. That is sacrilege. That’s heritical thought.

“How dare you” think for yourself!!! That is a sin! And, especially, critical thinking is absolutely not allowed by anyone or else you’ll be labeled a conspiracy theorist. The lords of planet Psycho are watching and listening.

Now, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can clearly see what’s afoot here.

They’ve changed the terms of the definition of a vaccine to include mRNA gene modifier.

Once again, common sense dictates this is fraud of the highest level and pure evil.

Order followers don’t think. They follow orders.

It doesn’t matter if these clot shots don’t meet any requirements to be considered a vaccine. So what? Shut up and just get the jab because the lords of planet Psycho tell you to…and then get booster jabs for the rest of your life…and keep that ritualistic shame muzzle on your face all the time everywhere you go. Now, do what you’re told, slave!!!


But everything is ok. Everything is going to be just fine. ………after the war……we think.

So, here we are almost two years later. What’s wrong with this picture? Uhem! Nothing to see here! Move along!

Stay positive.

Stay frosty everyone,



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