Patriotic Storming of the Bastille


Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 25, 2021

“Patriotic Storming of the Bastille” 

Perhaps, before instigating any more anti-American-citizenry BS. The cabal and their stooges gotta ask themselves one question, do I feel lucky? Dirty Harry Callahan would defiantly ask his weakened adversaries this question. Then if he did not see an emotional reaction from his indecisive felons, he would challenge them with, “well do you punk?” 

Please, believe me, when I say, there are plenty of punks in deep state politics, the judicial and prison systems, wall street, the main stream media, Hollywood, the music industry, our educational system, and the college and professional sports rackets. The punks have debased every one of these – once respected – foundations of culture and society. 

For my nonconformist storyline, a little background is needed. In the movie “Dirty Harry”, Callahan asked this same question to two different lawbreakers. The first, a bank robber, who was just trying to make ends meet by robbing a bank, was shot, but not killed by Dirty Harry. While lying on the ground, the injured robber’s gun was just a foot from his hand. My man Dirty, dared him to gamble with his life (by reaching for his gun) by asking this question, “do you feel lucky”? This is sort of like kicking a bull in the ass to see what it will do. Will it fight you, flee, or surrender? Anyway, the bank robber did not go for his gun. Therefore, he submitted and was arrested, his justice would be decided by the USA court system.  

In this second example, a political activist who held a city hostage, and abused children was shot by Harry. In the same scenario as mentioned above. While he lay bleeding, his gun was just a foot from his hand. Harry asked the same question, “do you feel lucky punk?” In this case, the unremorseful felon did not want mercy, and quickly grabbed for his gun. He was not fast enough and was killed. Harry, in both cases left it up to his antagonist, as to their life-or-death fate.  

If the Intel Providers are correct about our freedom struggle. We-the-Patriots are at a Dirty Harry moment and are pointing a gun on the panic-stricken and dying cabal. It is fight, flight, or surrender time for them. I believe that we are past the point of granting mercy (I could be wrong !?), if they so pleaded. Understandably, we are witnessing every desperate, fighting attempt to delay their downfall flutter, crash, and burn. Their struggle is approaching George Bush’s infamous predictive programming stage. Whereby George projected that if the sleeping “people ever find out what we have done. They would chase us down the street and lynch us.” This is partially happening right now. The people are only mouthing their disgust, like in the F__ Joe Biden taunts.  


In fact, personal verbal attacks of socialist dem politicians at public venues will only increase in numbers and temperament. So, us deplorables, through these verbal attacks are daring these punks to keep increasing their despotic persecution of we-the-people. If in doubt of the rising militancy of the people, just ask Justin Trudeau and the cabal’s Al Sharpton – ever ready to thump his racist tom-tom drum – if this is true.  

Our vaunted American political self-servants realize the possibility of verbal incidents turning into physical confrontations. So naturally, instead of doing the will of the people, they fund their own security with OUR monies. In other words, private security for me; a BS BLM, defunding-the-cops for thee! Mockingly, these politician’s hiring armed guards is a message to the taxpayers that they are going to stick it to us ever more cruelly. Go ahead – make our day! 

Up next will be politically mouthy ball players, actors and actresses. Thank you, Maxine Waters, for creating the prototype of political etiquette, or better stated “political politesse”. She encouraged fellow progressives, “if you see anybody from that (Trump’s) Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Apparently, mad Max does not read the Bible, or she would have known: 

“The wicked make evil plans against good people. They grind their teeth at them in anger.
But the Lord laughs at the wicked. He sees that their day is coming.
The wicked draw their swords. They bend their bows.
They try to kill the poor and helpless. They want to kill those who are honest.
But their swords will stab their own hearts. Their bows will break.” (Psalm 37 12-15) 

Thankfully, it is now obvious to freedom seekers like the working-class Black families. That it was the black political Boules like Maxine Waters, (not whitey) that have robbed them of their prosperity for the last 110 years. Horribly, these Boules are following the same script as the continental African leaders who oversaw the death of millions of peasants starving to death on country fields. All the while, in their cities, the lords of these nations shuttered the warehouses that were crammed full with donated food from Western countries. 

Realizing these facts, the deceived blacks exited the fake BLM movement. Comically, the remaining racial majority in the membership was activist white people. Who possessed enough chutzpah to lecture the newly awakened black people about the social consequences of “blackness”. Desperation is everywhere for these progressives as their ANTIFA and BLM armies fall apart. Therefore, they are importing more mercenaries, the Haitians and the Afghanis. If this military infiltration is successful, where will these mercenaries fight? Of course, in the black neighborhoods of dem controlled cities. And the average, hard-working, African American citizens understand these facts better than anyone else! 

These shenanigans will also fail. For last week a colossal misstep occurred on the socialist-dem war front. Thus, accelerating their downfall! 


Nicki Minaj, a Rap music star, in a politically neutral manner, explained on social media that she was not going to the Met Gala because of the vaccination mandate. Her tweet: “They want you to get vaccinated for the Met. if I get vaccinated it won’t be for the Met. It’ll be once I feel I’ve done enough research. I’m working on that now. In the meantime my loves, be safe.” 

Well, the shitkickers cried their disapproval. So, they attacked Nicki on social media platforms. They further badgered her through the bullying talking-heads of the graceless mainstream media. In the past, this Deep State retribution would have intimidated a weaker person to apologize, even though innocent by any reasonable intimation. Embarrassingly for them, they kicked the wrong person, or in this case the wrong bull. She called BS. Moreover, the rule is, “don’t blowdart the bull, unless you can outrace the bull to the fence.” I’m afraid that the deep state trolls are not going to reach the fence this time, as Nikki gores them! 

Taylor Lee, the racist FDA Economist thinks the African-Americans are making a big deal out of something…oops…nothing. He clumsily strayed from a wise argument by saying, “I think that a lot of the time. So there’s also this issue of, I remember reading about how with COVID [vaccine] trials. They were having an issue recruiting African American people. It was because of a different medication the government tried to do (vaccination trial) that was specifically designed to kill (huh?) AFRICAN-AMERICANS.” A question for you Taylor, is the covid-experimental-vaxxine specifically designed to kill EVERYONE or just whites this time? I bet that’ll make the Black population feel safer getting jabbed! As for me, I think I’ll take Nicki’s advice – and as for yours – NOT. 

In this information war, arising now for the patriots and befalling for the deep state. The mockingbird parrots are so proud of the “look at me” socialist-socialite, AOC. Moreover, they market herself’s 5 million social media followers as confirmation of their failing agenda’s accomplishments. I bet God laughs at these ever so proud and Godless commies. Because He blessed Nicki Minaj with tens of millions of zealous followers.  

Say! Shouldn’t the dems have wooed Nicki instead of kicking her? After all, she knows how to fight back, using their own techniques against them.  For instance, as the progressives were famously proud of their posting home addresses of their perceived antagonists. In the same manner, Nicki exposes home addresses of the liars who fabricate disinformation on Minaj. They disingenuously weep, “hey, that’s not fair,” boo hoo! On the other hand, I picture Nicki in a General’s uniform, victoriously laughing and then shouting, “Maxine, you magnificent bastard. I read your book.” Then she celebrates her social media triumphs. 

Watch out Maddie, your predictions, told to the interviewer in this YouTube video will come true. But not in the way you imagined them. You are correct in asserting, “the people are going to turn on them, they going to protest them, are going to absolutely harass them. Until they decide that they’re going to tell the president, (hell ! ) ‘no, I can’t hang with you’.” Remember Psalm 37, Maxine, it is quickly becoming your new mirror of reality!

Why is this Nicki issue so significant? Simply put, Rap music helped enslave black culture. On the other hand, as the saying goes, “it can also set it free.”  

Paraphrasing Simon Parkes (Steve Lpkowski interview), revealing that the CIA along with Hollywood, and the record industry promoted the RAP music mayhem. Their plan was fast-tracking a gun and gang culture in the black neighborhoods. Due to the planned spike in crime corresponding with this new rap culture. They relocated ever more young black persons into prison shelters. Why would the dems do that? Were they not losing valuable voters? The answer is, as Simon says, that the prison system manufactures every product now (not just bags and license plates anymore) and needed an “almost like slave labor” workforce.   

By most accounts, the over-taxed taxpayer lays out cash for a public school system that graduates people who cannot read or write. The only avenue left for these young poor-people is crime. Consequently, when caught up into the justice system. The uneducated become slave labor for the same people who robbed the school system blind. Regrettably, the punks did not teach them lessons with a contributive value to the economy.  


Meanwhile, the same loving taxpayers forfeit their hard-earned monies for this vast prison system. An unholy scheme, in which the sole (soul?) purpose is to rob undeserving kids of their integrity. In other words, this is a national disgrace – accelerated during the Clinton regime by Senator Joey. IMHO, it surpasses the never-ending Afghanistan boo-boos of Bush Jr., Obama, and once again, by Joey, acting as the potus !  

How bad is this Disgrace? “This report offers some much needed clarity by piecing together this country’s disparate systems of confinement. The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,833 state prisons, 110 federal prisons, 1,772 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,134 local jails, 218 immigration detention facilities, and 80 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, civil commitment centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and prisons in the U.S. territories.” 

Did anyone else ever wonder why; with the number one problem in the prison system being racial skirmishes. Would it not be more logical to make Black only prisons, Latino prisons, and White prisons? Why do the social engineers insist on this flawed racial integration policy? Is it to increase the hatred between races, so that they never will unite as one massive force, focusing their energy on the punks, instead of each other? 

Anyway, this article from World reports. “The US prison system is the main source of punishment and rehabilitation (huh ?) for criminal offenses. The system incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. Currently, there are over 2 million people in prisons, jails, and detention centers. This number represents 25% of all inmates in the world even though the US population makes up only 5% of the global population. A common opinion is that this system is broken and in need of repair. The downturn began in the early ’70s when President Nixon called for a “war on drugs”, measures in this war were to include drastic prison sentences for drug-related crimes. Today, the prisons are overcrowded and understaffed which has opened the way for private, for-profit centers (Simon Parkes’s slave factories !). 

Incarceration Rates By Group 

The problems with the prison system only continue when one looks at the obvious racial and gender disparities. For example, while black inmates (including black Hispanics?) make up nearly 40% of the prison population, they only make up 13.40% of the total US population. Native Americans represent 2.30% of the incarcerated population and only 1.30% of the population. 58.70% of the prison population is white, which includes (white?) Hispanic Americans.”

Untold by the MSM, white people are also represented in this Bastille injustice system. Maybe, the patriots who want to free the falsely imprisoned and isolated J6 flag-wavers. And the Nicki Minaj followers, who live with the promise of jailtime for no good reason, can unite. This coalition would be a cabalistic nightmare.  

If you have read my writings before. Then you know that I believe these cabal members, for whatever reason. Have this puzzling need to promote beforehand, their criminal dealings through hollywood and the music industry. In a reverse scenario PSYOP, I sense the White Hats are righteously doing the same by encouraging (rock n’ roll band) Styx’s new 2021 album titled, “Crash of the Crown”. In it are songs written about struggles against oppression. 


The first example of Styx’s desire for a victory against tyranny is in the song titled, “Common Ground”. This is about marginalized individuals who have been competing against each other, in this GAME of life. When instead, they should have joined together and battled against their coaches, their true rivals. Hopefully, the “consciousness of togetherness”, exposes the morning light. Afterwards, as one, “no one could take them down!”  


It was just a fleeting moment, on a long lost night
We both were so determined that our way was right
Now the days of our confusion have no end in sight
Can we ever find our way back
From that long lost night?

Once, we all believed
When we were young
That our dreams could rise
Were those all lies?
But it’s just so hard to see
Through each other’s eyes

It was just a fleeting moment, did our dreams take flight?
Can we ever find our way back
From the long lost night?

It was just a fleeting moment, on a long lost night
We both were so determined that our way was right
Now the days of our confusion have no end in sight
Can we ever find our way back
From that long long long lost night?

When we get together on common ground
Then no one will ever come and take us down
When we get together
On common ground
Then no one will ever
Come and take us down” 

The next song is Styx’s “Long Live the King”. To me, it is about a riot that occurs after the King is killed, and there is a prisoner(s) to be set free. 

“Locked in the tower (of London?) of the castle wall, there’s a stranger
Waiting for his day (2.3 million strong!)
And things that he’d say
To bring down the old one….

The king (Joey) is dead
And the world is set on fire
And we all scream, Long live the King (Trump)
Long live the King
Long live the King

There’s an army of a million men at the gate
Looking for a war to wage (Storming the Bastilles?)
Like an actor with no stage (MSM censorship?)
Or someone to feed them (Gov’s out of money 10.1.21)

There is no beginning and there is no end
All just take the seat
Stuck there on repeat
And they’ll do it again and again and again andagain ** (if we let them!)
I said…

The king is dead
And the world is set on fire
And we all scream, Long live the King…” 

** Trump in Georgia on Saturday night 9.25-21, said:  

“Make America Great Again Again.” He already did the two agains. After kicking Joey to the curb, PEOTUS Trump will, “Make America Great Again and Again and Again!” 

If you think the premise of using music and the artists to relay calculated messages to the fans sounds too speculative. Consider that Nicki Minaj posted this message, “80% of the artists y’all are following right now feel like I feel about the vaccines. And are too afraid to speak on it. If they assassinate me and assassinate my character and make me look crazy or stupid, guess what? No one else will ever ask questions again. Don’t you see what’s happening?” 

Nicki is preaching (pleading?) to the choir. Remember, the door-to-door vaccine army targeting and attempting to bully the Black neighborhoods? The Boules were walking with medical personnel to vaccinate the African Americans who had no intention of jabbing themselves to death! Amusingly, the MSM justified these riders on the vaccine storm. By propagandizing that the people wanted vaccine shots, but could not figure out how to get the shots on their own. LOL !  

This vaccine activism did not do well. I wish someone could have YouTubed videos of these clowns in action. There were probably thousands of like-minded Nicki Minaj supporters taking no BS from these deadly-vax pushers. After only 2 weeks, the white house cancelled this newest of never-ending, experimental, and unconstitutional executive mandates. They never get tired of losing, do they! Hmmm, where was black leader Maxine? Did she help Joey by going door to door in her district? Maybe, she couldn’t afford enough bodyguards? 


Anyway, this failure has the FDA panicking and considering FDA Economist Taylor Lee’s advice. He (honestly !) proposed, “due to a large portion of the African American community being hesitant to take the COVID vaccine, the solution would be to “blow dart” on them.” C’mon man! I can already hear the “hood”, daringly whisper, “you gotta ask yourself one question, do I feel lucky…well do you punk?” Because Taylor, you cannot oppress the peasants with blow darts. Especially when they are equipped with more than BB guns. Nonetheless, they are awakened to this possible gunfight situation. 

Back to Dirty Harry and his ultimatum. In my mind’s eye, if the Satanistas continue with DS BS like lockdowns, critical race theory, and forced vaccinations. The once-upon-a-time couch-potatoes will finally feel threatened. Moreover, the lone wolves will form defensive groups, because there is strength in numbers.  

If further provoked by the shitkickers, the possibility of these unrelated groups melding together increases. As the DS further accelerates locking up political prisoners. The flashpoint of a French Revolutionary conclusion increases. Eventually, the patriots will reach that “make my day” finale. Followed by the storming of the American Bastille system and a bloody reign of terror. Just like the French revolution 

Or, they, the swamp creatures could just surrender or flee before the final act! Therefore, initiating NESARA and the restoration of the American Republic, and it’s Constitution. Basically, the same results as the first American Revolution. 

God bless ! 

Up the Patriots !! 

Storm  the  Bastilles !!! 


I narrow the scope of my tale to America because it is the focal point of this rebellion against Satan. Afterwards, the rest of the World’s Bastilles will fall. That is when the lying mainstream media will truthfully – for once – report on an actual violent “storming” of an American institution.  

Also, the storming of the Bastille scenario is a worst-case scenario for achieving our freedoms. 


Hopefully, a peaceful compromise is reached. If not, I much prefer a military lockdown. With the butterfly (locusts ?) drone swarms disabling the dem’s infiltrated armies, ANTIFA, and BLM. Whereby, the innocent, naïve, and manipulated youngsters are not killed. But are zapped with some kind of technological crowd control. Thus, leaving the kids wishing that they had been killed instead, while tormented by the after effects of the locusts for 5 months (Revelation 9: 2-6). 


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