(Reader: Miron) To all Ego Built through Lies, Stop Censoring Humanity


Reader Post | By Miron

Today and all of each yesterday’s are filled with false vibrations, here specific to Truthers,  who censor true accounts of Reality. 
Are you trying to sell you story, this is what I see ???
Your weak minds as you are all SUBSIDIZED NY THE CABAL, has made you more Egotistical.
All governments have been BOUGHT by Insider Trading..
Corruption and lies are everywhere.
Where has all truth gone ?
Can you not see , so obviously???
The Corporate Kleptocracy , daily profits on false narratives,  built by the Cabal who lives STRONG in USA  the deepstate.
Why can’t you even shed truth within this system YOU USA CREATED   through Cabal lies called US dollars, pure FIAT THEFT, selling CONFIDENCE   WHAT A SCAM.
MARKETS ARE ALL MANIPULATED, by printing a piece of paper with no worth call US dollars,  that is what FORCED destruction of the Gold Standard was. 
All your Weapons to self enrich the military industry complex and militaries and secret agencies have done same .

War !!! Is real…you sell BS Demacracy…

My Humanitarian PROJECT, will now account for the Truth and why we are all here .
USA, UK and Sovereigns ….I seek an honest survey, I will finance a true account of this century according to Humanity. 
My project will account….who did all this Harm…
IAM looking forward to asking 8 billion world citizens to give their account on this century so it’s record forever…
Vaccines and this pantomime is not for Humanity Nor God…
Pure Ego Human insider trading by very well paid beings using governments to Enslave Humanity. 
I don’t care my Rate nor Day.
I need truth, it’s worth Trillions to me to GIVE A TRUE HISTORY OF MANKIND.

NOT THIS EGO CENSORSHIP PLAN TO INSIDER TRADE FOR USA UK and Zionist, which is blatantly obviously,  iam happy to put all my rewards to HISTORY FINALLY ONE DAY VIBRATE TRUTH, NOT THIS 100% Cabal game .

I see the suffering…iam not in 5D when my fellow man is so neglected by a STINGY POPULACE THAT HUSTLES its way forward as IAM witnessed today.

Intention is primary…thats why we suffer today
Are elites are so happy with this world ?Do they not see this suffering?
Is there so much gold and assets that live on offshore on purpose theft as we hear ???
Why is most Humanity starving???

Why am I carrying this load , but being Censored ???
Are you all are of this game ???

why zero truth ???
Make little sense.
Where is any quantum consciousness that I may speak to, so so many lies

There is no point to views that aren’t ever going to be ever a realty, Why has not 1  truth ever been revealed?

Building on sand, I see, quite evident in Iraq Dinar distribution rights…
Iam witnessed 

I state fact of truth while most sites sell ” there story” then sell vitamins at BS prices, facts now are selling the Cabal as being our saviors ???
Go get your Vax…
Peer pressure everywhere…
Thank you for your efforts in creating this space !
We are truly Creators here…iam not part of all these lies, which HARM TRUSTSING PEOPLE
CARRY ON selling your propaganda and censoring Humanity….USA 
Biden next next next all us president have operated a Cabal, All this century has been under WAR DURESS.
even Roman and common law says, under duress no contract has value.

You USA please openly state what we see ?
You still lieing daily, to profit from Usurp markets
IAM witnessed to US dollars as primary theft to every other nation…
There for the pantomime 
Truth stated , maybe CENSORSHIP 
I’ve vibrated truth that my project will verify in the future.
PROJECT 1: Quantifying the cost of the American century that self enrich itself at Humanities expense, physical psychology and spiritual…
The outcome will be recorded for history. 
Truth is important to learn lessons 100%
Here lies are continually vibrated…please let’s audit all the statements made and see Reality…
Just like a court of law….
Wake up if you care for your Soul, open your eyes to see what you created by you being leaders…
Iam  disgusted actually by what I see in this space …I have done more with my hard earned money for others…I don’t see much giving by many who really should’ve done more….
Every word I’ve vibrated, IAM happy to give witnessed…

Stingy beingw to self agrandize….now what is USA going to be the saviors…
Looks like another movies…WAR of the world…the Zionist the saviors…will Smith…

Games& lies
Carry on your CENSORSHIP 


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