Para Kas-Vetter: Major Seismic Unrest Worldwide — La Palma Volcano, Australia Earthquakes, USA and the World


Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 22, 2021

9/21/2021 — Major Seismic Unrest Worldwide — La Palma Volcano to Australia M6.0 near Melbourne​ 

This video was emailed to us (thank you Mischa!). We watched the whole 1 hour 54 minutes 9 seconds. It is absolutely “mindblowing”.

It is imperative for us to pass on this video of very valuable information in this critical times we are in. Because there seems to be reports not made in mainstream media and people NEED to know, so that they are better informed about things so as to better prepare themselves.

Regarding the video, it gives in-depth insights into the earthquakes both in Australia and worldwide, as well the volcano eruptions at  La Palma Canary Islands. The video also speaks about Uluru in Australia, and to take note of the Newer Volcanics Province volcano that “covers a broad 15,000 sq km area of SE Australia with nearly 400 small shield volcanoes and explosive vents of Tertiary-to-Holocene age”! (It covers the entire south west of Victoria, Australia.)

The video also speaks about what is most likely to happen at La Palma Canary Islands, and other very serious and valuable information regarding the rest of the world! It gives remarkable details about U.S.A and the important information of earthquakes there. 

What is astounding is how there are very significant discoveries where there are earthquakes. And how the fracking, mining, gas and oil fields are so shockingly, in such profound numbers (shown in U.S.A), part of the problem as you will see in this video. Incredibly there are also discoveries of nuclear power stations, and dams that surprisingly are where some of the earthquakes are taking place. Even BUNKERS located!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could write pages about what we learnt that left us speechless. It is like watching about the D.U.M.B.S ( Deep Underground Military Bases) and the phenomenal insights into them and where they are located. 

This video is though about the earthquakes and imperative to know, significant volcano eruptions and how everything is connected right now worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please note that the video has not included the deliberate manipulation and interference from the deep state/cabal/dark forces/evil forces into the acceleration of these earthquakes. 

Must watch if you truly want to grasp a full understanding of what is happening currently with the earth quakes and where we are heading. 

We are indeed in Biblical Times. 

Para Kas-Vetter
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