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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Well, Saturday’s False Flag Action in DC was a bust, wasn’t it? I’m kind of proud of the American patriots that they really listened to Trump and everyone else who had written to stay away from DC. Something like that would have been impossible in Germany, for example; my countrymen still think they can make a difference with demonstrations. And fall into traps. Very many traps. I saw a lot of pictures and short videos, the best I found were the “startrooper policemen”, hopefully it was nice and warm in DC. In hindsight a lot of things showed up and that was immensely important. My respect, even if I am a little bit envious. Fittingly, a Telegram post from Santa Surfing, which I’m happy to endorse:

„At the FedFest today 9/18/2021…their “FF” turned into a FailedFest!!!

These fashion clowns failed…and are arresting each other (to make it look violent), then releasing them back to the crowd!!

Awesome work Patriots!!! You all did this without having to be there!!!

“All over the world the awakened ones become more, the biggest fear of the Deep State is manifested. So this is what fear can do. The very thing we are afraid of always comes into our lives. That’s a law of nature and it applies to the cabal as well. That is why there are still so many channels that consciously or perhaps unconsciously, but in almost any case controlled, spread fears. Even if some may mean well, as soon as something said, filmed or written triggers fears, you should keep your hands off. I still fall for it too, and I might post or write things that could trigger fear, or that could drag a reader down too. No one is infallible, no one is above others, no one is flawless. But I do try to be careful about what and how much I publish. Not every subscriber or reader can handle that, though. But that’s only secondary, except as far as the responsibility of a channel operator, an author, is concerned, which remains. It even grows with the number of readers.

Yesterday I watched an interesting episode of the second season of Person of Interest. One of the main characters, “Harold,” takes on the role of a substitute math teacher. And the lesson is about PI (3,1415926535………). I was fascinated by one part of the statements and we can use that today:

A student asks, “What is all this for and when will we ever need it?”

Harold replies, “PI is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, pi is infinite after the decimal point, the number goes on without ever repeating. Every number is in it. Date of birth, social security number, account number, phone number. And if you were to convert the decimal places into letters, every word, no matter what language, would be in it. No matter when the word existed, no matter in what combination. Sounds we spoke as a child, first words, poems we wrote to a love that someone wrote to a love. Song lyrics, the entire story of someone’s life from beginning to end. Everything is basically in that circle, small or big. What you do with it, what it’s good for, everyone decides for himself. Everyone has that in his own hands.”


Many thoughts then came to me about this. The outcome of this war, which we are currently experiencing, is certainly also in it, as well as everything that has happened so far, every lie and every truth. And while some sleep, believe the MSM, others only post hearts and praying hands and think they would change the world with it, while some lure their fellow men into traps, quite consciously, while again others hold their opinion for the only right one, others remain calm and serene. Also this is surely in a converted code of the decimal numbers of PI. Maybe the start of the RV, the end of the war or our future is also written there, who knows?

In the last few days, a list of Chinese companies was posted on Telegram, all of which must now be in the focus of the patriots, the military, so they are now affected by EO#13959. That’s also a reason for the delays. Just consider how many Chinese CCP sleepers are still sitting in America in some key positions. They all need to be found. So do the potential deep state handlers who have come into the United States through the porous border with Mexico in recent months. And you have to admire that alliance plan in hindsight. Because where better to capture these stooges, whether Chinese or otherwise, than in their own country? Globally, in the many individual countries, that would have been an almost impossible task. Now they are all together in one manageable territory. Ingenious, isn’t it? In this way, many things make sense, because nothing is as it seems.

We should remember that, once and for all, NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS!

Just like the other statements of “CUE” and the promises of Trump. They didn’t just post or say that. Trump has kept so many promises and he is far from done. Nothing can stop what is yet to come I am sure. And every day that passes brings the Patriots, the White Hats, and by extension us, whatever we are waiting for, closer to our goal. PERIOD!

“Every proverb, every book, every little word,
…that is meant for your help and comfort..,
will come to thee by straight or winding ways.”
by Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Even when you are down,
there is reason for optimism:
When you’re lying down, you can’t stumble anymore!”
by Karl-Heinz Karius

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!


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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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