(Reader: timjoebob) Justice? What a Joke


Reader Post | By timjoebob

……absolute stupidity from the injustice system. Case in point: Epoch Times article; Two judges strike down voter ID law claiming it’s racist. Racist. Yeah. Right. Racist.

OMG! While it seems people just shrug their shoulders and go on with their lives after hearing such vile news, there are others who are fighting the urge to do a purge on judges who are blatant Marxist-Commi-Fascists. You know, a purge. A purge like the movie ‘The Purge’. How about the movie ‘Peppermint’?

‘The Purge’ is insane and stupid. The movie ‘Peppermint’ is about justice…the kind of justice a person gives to the criminals instead of waiting for a justice that will never come from the bench. In the movie ‘Peppermint’, one woman, so devastated by the murder of her husband and young daughter, decided to do what really needed to be done because a ‘judge’ knowingly let the killers go free. After that, she became focused on one goal…revenge. She managed to take out her enemies one by one, one of them being another mother of a young girl and another one was the judge who let the killers walk. This woman was possessed by rage against a broken system. Many people know how that character felt. I’ve felt rage before, but I never acted upon my rage. I suppressed it like any normal sane person. But, there comes a point in people’s lives when certain people just SNAP. They’ve been pushed to that point where all logic and resolve are extinguished. Revenge is all that matters. Nothing else matters…not even her own life. It’s worth watching the movie ‘Peppermint’. The ending was quite surprising to me.

Another movie called ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ is pretty intense, but it’s about revenge, also. You crossed the wrong guy and now you’re gonna die.

There are lots of movies about revenge, too many to list here. But, the good that comes out of these movies is the realization that there are certain people you just ‘don’t cross’ or you will end up dead. Good people can turn into killing machines when push comes to shove…and you just never really know who they might be.

Incompetent, corrupt judges, lawyers, politicians, businessmen, gangbangers, employers, bankers, etc etc etc etc etc, literally anyone can be a target and are not immune to revenge by someone they’ve crossed.

These political parasites and the disgusting DOJ along with most alphabet agencies are hell-bent on stomping on our necks. Can you spell Marxist-Socialist-Communist-Fascist-Authoritarian-Totalitarian-Satanic cultists?

People are going to SNAP. Nobody knows when, but it’s coming. I can feel it. Can you?

People, not sheeple, are really getting pushed into a corner and we all know what happens when you corner an animal that’s fighting for its’ life. Just saying. ….it’s getting dicey and don’t be surprised by what happens with so-called normal people.

Can you forgive? The challenge is on.

Stay frosty everyone and good luck,



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