(Reader: Danlboon) Part 11: Exchanges and NESARA


Reader Post | By Danlboon

NESARA – Information Guide

NESARA = National Economic Security And Reformation Act
GESARA = Global Economic Security And Reformation Act

This is where I try to focus on what you will have to deal with in your lives when NESARA is all implemented yet the timing is still being dragged on as no one knows the exact details of the timing for us, as September 17 may not mean a thing for the general public as to what was reported in the past of what is to come today. The news with me from the IRS is they sent their notices, dated Sept. 13, 2021, for ‘Past Taxes and Penalties Due to be Paid’ which I received on Thursday Sept. 16, more than a week later than last year, and they have increased the amounts from last year due to added on interest, thus they have NOT stopped to clear for the DEBTS FORGIVEN. The IRS is Still in Business.

From: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of September 15, 2021; “On Friday 17 Sept. Tier 4B and Tier 5 could begin appointments.” and “Whiplash347: You shall wait no longer. The unthinkable will happen. Boom week ahead. Golden dawn. Holy Spirit returns. A sign from above. Time has come rise up fight back. Do you believe in coincidences? DJ Trump true coded messages. Calculated dollar crash number. SeRaphim reposted: Jfk tg account posts 4x booms. November Golden Mountain. Castlerock Checkmate. November 2 GESARA. ITS GO TIME BABY.” Therefore it appears that only those that have Foreign Currency to make the Exchanges will be able to benefit in September, yet for the rest of us we will have to wait for NESARA/GESARA in dealing with our ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA and UBI as it may not occur till November 2. So there is a discrepancy of the timing as if you didn’t have the money for these Exchanges you will just lose out for now, and that needs to be on an even scale for everyone as some other countries are already benefiting on GESARA.

How will the banking system be working if the currency exchanges have been issued and those people in the T4B and T5 can get into dealing with the USN/USTN and possibly access to their ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA, but the rest of us that were not involved still have to deal with the FRN and the higher rates of purchases, which of course that would be major chaos as there will be two or more levels of living? Maybe I am scaring people off or I am going after those in control to throw the wrench at them to make the proper corrections as they didn’t know what Tom was doing on his path. I don’t know the answers, but I can surely throw out a bunch of questions per my intuition. As being a correctional officer I had to deal with some commotions going on, which one time I did de-escalate a situation and took control where one fella was black and I am white and he was about 6’4″ and 400 lbs which he was surely much larger than me, and there were about 6 other inmates about him and I was by myself, yet I did walk away without any incident and I was not scared. So come on and come after me if you want to go that far.

Being a former manufacturing inspector, which I applied at a top rated company, at the interview they asked me about how I would measure a part on the drawing, yet right away without ever seeing the drawing before my eyes caught a glimpse that there was an error on the drawing and I brought that to their attention, thus with that it helped me to be hired, and that is where I am bringing up a possible error if several of you are coming up with the correct answers yet they do not match the road where they are to meet as I am just trying to ask some questions and get some answers.

With the manufacturing I dealt with a variety of companies in which we had to work with raw metals to the final part where the tolerance was down to the size of a human hair and I had to verify those were correct, so We The People need to get back to making things in America and not trusting people in other countries to say it is correct and then spend time here to verify them all over again.

With all your ‘Bearer Bond’/TDA funds that you will be receiving can you make a contract along with others to have those small businesses that provide the basic living products that the mega corporations provide for which those retailers then can purchase those same products at a reasonable rate for which could be stretched out for a year to make sure they will have the customers, and then those mega corporations will lose business as they are losing customers? This is like a prepaid credit card on an extreme level where the retailers will be purchasing the products at wholesale prices and then when you go and purchase the products then you pay half price as you already paid for it for the retailer. What an Idea!

With all the wildlife and just your own pets there needs to be some rules and regulations for all of this as many of them we have already may be OK, yet for NESARA in place things need to be changed, primarily in the National and State parks as much of them were taken for the globalists for their own interests and keep the lands away from the people. So there needs to be Public talks on all this, primarily with the Native Americans, as to who gets what, and what animals still need to be declared as ‘endangered species’ as some may no longer need to be in that category. But with the proper food on the lands and water for them to survive and now the proper land care we will be providing then we can surely provide much more food for the people and the animals themselves in their own habitat. Also those plastic materials and other items that end up in the water that the animals don’t know what they are eating and die from it, that needs to be corrected ASAP. This also comes about with the weather technology in which the proper weather conditions can be made all over the country if not the world to make it the best for the rapid increase in our climate control, which is not doing it as global warming. This may have been used in the benefit of We The People to flood the tunnels, yet people did have to die in this war to reveal the deep state.

Should President Trump have really been out in the open and reveal everything to the Public as to what was and is going on and what dates things are going to happen? Why was he the only president that was required to do so? Was this to stop NESARA and the Republic to come about and keep the deep state from going down the tubes? For these rallies that are coming soon and are to support Trump, then beware and not take up any arms as just bring your cameras if you do go, but most likely it will be ANTIFA, BLM, CIA and FBI that will be dressed up as Trump supporters and taking the actions to make people believe it is the Trump supporters that will be causing the riots, and of course the MSM will be everywhere making their false reports just like on 9/11 where the BBC reported that Building 7 collapsed when it was still standing in the background.

When the Republic comes about I am pretty sure that all the Law Enforcement will already be informed of the changes for Common Law to be in place and that the police ‘Qualified Immunity’ will be out the door, and thus any of those at any rank all the way up to the Governor will be held liable for Treason for their actions to not support the Republic. And with this there will be controls for the De Jure Grand Juries to collect all the data for every case they need to see, and all records that are not turned over in the proper time or have been destroyed will be where those parties will be held liable for those crimes of cover up and Treason, thus we could be seeing a possible 50% decrease in Law Enforcement along with their administration workers for the crimes they themselves committed, so no stone will be unturned. I wouldn’t be surprised at all that every one of their TDAs are put on hold till they comply, or else they would skip the country with those funds. Whistleblowers will be coming out in droves as they do not want to be held behind bars or even executed for what they did or know about. If you do not want to squeal on your co-employees then you are now subject to the same crimes they are involved with.

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:
Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents



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