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Reader Post | By GK

I feel pretty damn good but I am angry. So what else is new?

If you aren’t angry check your pulse you may be turning into a foul odor the neighbors are going to call in soon.

Let me direct my anger where it belongs.

The Collective. ALL COLLECTIVES.

Individualism versus the collective?

The only answer is individualism.

The collective is made up of individuals.

Sure an individual can be owned but isn’t it simpler to see he is owned?

Isn’t it simpler that an individual has a much simpler choice to be righteous and of good conscience.

Now put that same individual into the collective.

Let’s say the Senate for this argument.

Let’s ask the bigger question first.

Who owns the collective of the Senate? How many individuals do that entity’s bidding and together, do their best to hide each other’s corruption?

Wayyyyy easier to be corrupt in a corrupt collective serving the corrupt isn’t it?

Are there a few good senators or are they just for show?

Let’s say a good one gets in there sometimes. Let’s say he really is a solid person of conscience. Well, that is one.

The collectivist system and those who own it know this… that’s why they created a system that was all show. Meant to make — We the Dummies — think we all participated in freedom and choice.

Look at this.

A picture and one individual and one statement worth a million words.

You know, I have a unique brand of integrity. I don’t trust myself so I DON’T put myself in places that have power over others. 
My new series will be called Kalmes versus Collectivism.

It will be sort of like everything else I have ever done, only it is going to find this theme in everything from my personal life to the world– and say– see… This is yet another example of the individual versus the collective.

Another example of someone who has a damn good reason to go his own way. Or how he should have. 

I was recently… and yet again… Told… “I am not a team player.”

Yeah no shit… I joined the collective… Saw all the weak, seriously suspicious, unexplainable behaviors and questionable reactions, responses, manipulations and my common sense coupled with intuition said… Nope, I tried but I am NOT aiding and abetting people I find questionable. Not again. I promised myself that the last time I was called “not a team player.”

All our problems are essentially teams of shitty people pretending their goals aren’t money and power.

And by shitty people I mean individuals who still have time to recognize their motives are never the greater good. It is always the collective wills of some scoundrel group that wants a team to do their bidding. Usually for the promise of money.

My contributions to the fight for humanity are mine. I declared war on these deviant bastards decades ago. When I bought currency I thought I got on a lucky bound train. I have been on this train a very long time and the stops are always in the middle of nowhere. I wised up. Sure I knew all along getting onboard a plan that was by the same folks that brought us 911 was a serious lack of character, but I was in my 50s, homeless and a failure in almost everyone’s eyes. Money sounded very tempting. My soul tried to fool itself into believing good would come from the compromise.

Being a good quiet patient passenger is no longer the right thing to do, or ever was, it is simply time to say, yeah I was in it for the money and blah blah blah the good I could achieve. But now I see the collective at the very least is infested with parasites and predators and my desire to get some pie cannot overcome the glaring light of darkness.

My choice, I am an individual. As my song points out, I wonder whose spirit rocks the rocking chair.

How much pain and suffering has your team helped to cause and when breathing ends… Will your essence barely rock an empty rocking chair?

And if you leave money for people, what will they do to make the world better?

Only an individual with a short term in office and or life, can make that decision. I am not impressed with what I see. Even in myself.

My simplest answer as an individual is to serve all the collective by putting individualism on the pedestal. 

Only the individual within the collective can choose to do the right thing.


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