(Reader: Piotr) Are we Being Played on Two Fronts?


Reader Post | By Piotr

Are we being played on two fronts? GESARA/RV/GCR/Vaccine/Movie – popcorn/Trust “The Plan”

At the outset, I apologise for any language errors. My English is not perfect and I support myself with Google translator and deepL

Are we being played on two fronts?
Bad guys vs Good guys.
Cabal vs Alliance
Aren’t these the same people who are playing us both sides?

They tell us the world will beautiful (NESARA GESARA, RV, peace and prosperity), don’t be afraid of anything, watch a movie, eat popcorn and enjoy the show. While millions of people suffer, take their own lives because they can’t stand it all anymore (people lose their assets, jobs, businesses, sources of income – through covid policies) and die deprived of medical care under the pretext of covid and lockdowns. Many sick people are denied treatment, operations and procedures under the pretext of covid. In my country (Poland), people are treated over the phone – so-called teleporades!  Treatment of serious diseases over the phone? Refusing treatment for diseases other than covid? This means dying slowly at home…

LOCKDOWNS – social isolation, depression = suicide
LOCKDOWNS – business closures, loss of income, unemployment, debts, what to support a family with? = suicide
LOCKDOWNS – now only covid exists, other diseases have magically disappeared! Treatment for other diseases is denied, people die home or can’t stand it all and = suicides
VACCINES = sterilisation, euthanasia, serious diseases, lots of suffering, genocide!
FOOD DEFICIENCIES = hunger = suicides
WEATHER WAR – floods, fires, hurricanes, because this also leads to deaths and suicides.

All this is supposed to entertain us? ENJOY THE SHOW?!!! such things can only amuse satanic psychopaths.

Instead of ending it all, turning on EBS and showing people the truth about covid, plandemics, vaccines they are having fun and eating popcorn! EBS would immediately end plandemics and vaccine genocide and yet the alliance does not do it….

The Alliance saves children from DUMBS, yet allows millions of children to be vaccinated with deadly poison. Is this not hypocrisy? Every day I read about new deaths and heart attacks among children!

Or these explain what Trump doing, who supports lethal vaccines are laughable, pathetic!

Is he speaking in code? Or that he who is supposed to know knows? Are you serious?

He is watched by millions of ordinary people and they believe him, and they know nothing about the “plan”, so they trust him and go for the vaccine that will kill them…. Whose goal is Trump playing to? Bad guys vs Good guys, it’s all the same thing. They are having fun with us and playing us both ways. The cabal’s genocidal plan is supported by BOTH PARTIES and is moving forward!
Why doesn’t Trump openly and directly tell people that vaccines kill? Why won’t he tell the millions of injuries recorded in VEARS, Eudra vigilance or the UK NHS and not to mention the rest of the world, but these 3 systems alone have 4 million vaccine injuries!!! Add to all this Asia, Africa, South America, the middle east, Canada, Russia and Australia and we probably have OFFICIALLY over ten millions injuries and hundreds of thousands of deaths, and remember these systems only contain 1-10% of the actual number of deaths and injuries. Why is Trump not talking about this just keeping people in the dark and pushing this poison!!!

Any attempt to explain Trump and the “plan” is pathetic. He is just playing one goal with the cabal, just pretending to be good…



Do you really believe in $100,000 a month for every American?

Tell me who will work then if everyone is rich? Will a construction worker go to toil in hard labor if he has $100,000 a month? Will the shopkeeper go to work? Will a baker go to work doing manual labour if he has $100,000 a month? Who will work if all 300 million Americans are rich? What will you eat when even the farmers will stop working…. And don’t tell me that you will be importing food from abroad, because that too someone has to do, and why should they bother if they have 100 thousand dollars a month…. Besides, there will be GESARA and revaluation in the world, not only Americans will get richer, other nations won’t pay to work either. Who will feed us all?

With 100,000 in your pocket, everyone would like to have fun, travel and drink drinks. But who is going to serve you these drinks, who is going to produce them if everyone is rich?

Besides, if a lot of people have a lot of money it leads to rising prices – inflation or even hyperinflation. Few goods on the market because nobody pays to work and produce goods, and at the same time plenty of rich people willing to buy…
This is some kind of fairy tale, utopia, science-fiction…

RV GCR launch still the same thing for years, launch next week, notification launch tomorrow, bankers ready on site, can’t take holiday because they have to be ready, bankers are packing up and going to the redemption centre because launch is about to happen, “Our Military Intel Contact was hospitalized with Covid”, and then as usual nothing comes of it, still the same excuses that a rogue cabal banker interrupted the process and needs to be arrested, or that a problem was discovered, holes in the system and the process had to be interrupted, BUT all is well now and RV launch next week! And so on and so forth…. The world court has already set deadlines many times too. Still nothing…

How to win the (EuroMillions, MegaMillions, EuroJackpot etc.) lottery? Buy my book, ebook, subscribe to my channel/blog/newsletter and I will tell you how to win the lottery! You’ll be rich tomorrow, just buy the book/subscriptions!

In this book there is nothing interesting, just bullshit that will not give anything, the important thing is that the author already here and now will make money on gullible people.

It is the same with RV/GCR/NESARA/GESARA.

Gurus make money on gullible people. Paid subscriptions, shops, Youtube channels where they make money from views. We only have false hope! You get to watch them, subscribe and get your hopes up while they rub their hands together!
Currency shops are springing up, selling dinars, dongs etc. at inflated prices.

THEY are already making money today, are we? We only have false hope! If they really believed in revaluation they would never have sold those notes! They would have held on to them themselves and kept quiet as a mouse under a broom!

How long can we be made idiots and why do we allow ourselves to be treated like this?

They make us false hope, they tell us of a beautiful world – NESARA GESARA, revaluation, peace and prosperity, and the “plan” goes forward. Just which plan? TRUST “THE PLAN” or the genocidal plan of the NWO cabal?

you can see for yourselves that the latter plan is doing very well, the former plan is a pipe dream….

I am also on the verge of suicide myself. I am less than 30 years old. I have been treated for anxiety neurosis and social phobias for years. I live alone with my alcoholic father. Since childhood, I have had no sense of security, no stability, no ground under my feet, no independence of my own. Because of all this – I am afraid go to work. No job = no money = no chance to move away from my father. I can neither afford to rent a flat, nor to buy one. Besides, in my post-communist country, even with a job, it’s hard to get a flat, low salaries, expensive flats. I dream of at least a small one-room flat, a studio. I have bought 30 thousand Iraqi dinars and 350 thousand Vietnamese dong (I know that it is not much, because I hear that many people have millions of dinars, but I cannot afford more). I am hoping to see the revaluation. Then I will buy a small flat, free myself from my father and my fears, go to work and then I will be able to help others. But will I live to see it? I am a level 5 – general public. For level 4b I probably don’t have a chance because it’s probably only for the USA, so even if the revaluation was true, it’s unknown what the rates would be for level 5

1:1 ? 380 thousand Polish zloty (PLN)? (about 100 thousand dollars). It would be even too much for me, but I could share with someone.

It is only the revaluation that keeps me alive and the hope that this will finally allow me to live a normal life and leave my fears and difficult past behind.

I am afraid that RV/NESARA GESARA etc is just a psyop and that nothing will come of it.

Every day is a struggle and looking out for EBS, revaluation, 3GD and bitcoin collapse, Trump’s return, Biden’s arrest. Still nothing happens…

Everyone around me thinks I’m crazy when I tell them the truth about vaccines. They don’t even want to listen. They believe the TV and the propaganda, I can’t wake them up – it hurts me too because I can’t save them from a fatal jab.

I don’t know how much longer I can hold out…

God help us!


Please pray for me, as I pray for all those who are suffering.

Thank you

Piotr from Poland


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