(Reader: RobL) Newbies and Breaking DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE 2021


Reader Post | By RobL

Hello – Started to see several “Newbies” lately, giving “Breaking” news.  One was 3+ years old and another 1+ years ago, and “pushed” as “New”.

Let me explain “How” DS planted agents deceive

1st – I am confused over Charlie Wards “BREAKING” “Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity” 2021 document. 

1 – Why did Charlie Ward use “United States” in the title?

2 – I thought in 2021 the new USA will be called “The Republic of America”?

Could it be Charlie was too “lazy” to even change the name of the document from 3+ years ago?  Old timers know how the DS “slight of hand” works, and we never forget.  But Newbies, believe everything as real. 

These “Declaration Of Independence 2021” principles some feel they were so excited to hear and brag about, have been in play since at least March 2018, in the Atlantic Council.  They are really nothing new and known for years to those following for years and decades.  But Funny, Charlie didn’t even bother changing the old 2018 “United States” to the new 2021 “Republic of America”.  See how he and others deceive you?

Newbie’s and Brainless ones are all “Fresh Meat” and have a “Clean Slate” Patriot mind.  Many “think” since they were “so smart” and found Patriots sites, they are all knowing and found all truth.  Let me explain how it actually works in the real world.

Newbies are the Main Target for the DS talking heads snake oil salesmen, who are in our Patriot Community.  We have DS double/triple agents all around, and you each need to use Extreme Caution who you believe on webcast Patriots, and what they say/believe.  They are not all Patriots and you are at your most open to again be fooled by the DS.

Let me explain how you may fall under a DS sheeple agenda – Like Charlie Ward.

So someone is saying “White Hats” gave Charlie “Exclusive” information, and they 100% agreed to let Charlie only give it to those who PAY HIM, so he lines his pocket?  Does it really make any sense that “White Hats” would agree to allow Charlie to only give this “Breaking” news ONLY to his paying members?  Or does it make more Actual sense real “White Hat Alliance” expects to give it freely TO ALL IN THE PUBLIC?  If you believe this clearly Fake Story, you could be a victim of a DS clown and don’t comprehend it.  White Hat information, but ONLY TO CHARLIE’s Exclusive members who pay him?  Who actually falls for this information and clearly NOT see its a 100% total scam?  See how some still are brainwashed not to comprehend reality by not even thinking it thru?

Please people, do not promote your false prophet Charlie Ward or any other circus snake oil salesmen down our throats.  Everyone already know were to find Charlie or any other circus tent snake oil salesmen, if they want to hear it.  This about the RV and Dinars. 

Some Newbies who we never heard before, have start to posting old news from 1+ years ago, and pretend its New?  Are they purposely following in Charlie footsteps to push deception on these boards?  Are the DS now trying to insert a female DS agent like Charlie here, to once again push false and old news to deceive readers?


Now in my opinion and experience, Charlie and other DS agents, have a addiction to ego, and rely on “borrowing” old stories from others in the past, and present them to “refresh” them for all our Newbie Patriots, who just eat them up like a starving person, who just got on a ship, after being lost at sea, in a raft for 45 days.  Your mind and thought have not fully adjusted, which takes time and experience.  Newbie’s in our Patriot movement believe everything stated by anyone here is true and groundbreaking to those New clean slated minds.  It is not.

Newbies, let me explain how this works.  Charlie (and others) needs to continually present “new” info so he hooks you in.  What Charlie did in this “Story” was pull out a old story that wasn’t talked about in a few years, and you Newbies hear it, and eagerly eat it up, to believe it’s New.  Then Wham – Charlie is your God.  Yet he did nothing but pull out a old story, and feeds you Newbies so eager to learn.  Its that newbie’s are looking for their immediate savor, and they get directed to the likes of Charlie, or other snake oil salesmen.  Now our old timers once again have to step in and help save them from the DS operatives.

Newbies, be very careful on who you believe in and what they say.  You all made it to this 1st Patriot Awakening Level, but you have many more Levels to climb.  Yes Newbies, their are DS Clowns who made it past the 1st Level like you.  Your journey only started and never ends.  DS double agents still all around you and you must use caution in ALL you listen to; Especially while you are in your 1st Newbie Awakening period!  It is not all 100% safe and you run around naked like you are free of your diaper for the 1st time.  This is where you can easily slip BACK into the DS lies; IF YOU Whole Heartedly believe in the 1st person you hear.  Newbies are “Fresh Meat” to the DS Patriot Clowns and are a “Clean Slate”, right for their earliest pickings.  The weakest minds will run to the 1st person they hear, like a newborn to its mother.

Talking head Circus tent Clowns like CW, that have masses of newbie followers are the ones you need to especially monitor. He may NOT what you all ‘think’ by any means, and you may actually be following a Jim Jones Kool-Aid DS agent off the 2nd cliff.  I can write pages on good ol’ Newbie DS Charlie that will cast 99.9% doubt he is not what you 1st level Awakeners think; but how does a Old Time explain all their experiences, and actually have Newbies understand all the falsehoods he spewed, before you were Awakened?

So you Newbies, you are now encountering the next 2nd level potential False Prophet, like Obama, or Bush, before you were Awakened.  Didn’t Obama also have a huge following?  So just because good Newbie Charlie has 15 Million followers, that makes him automatically a “Heart and Soul Honest Patriot” you would place your life in?  You are once again being a mind controlled Sheeple.  DS Clowns around you and never ends.  Once you expose your 10th DS Clown talking head on YouTube or BitChute, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

 How people like Charlie and those other UK DC talking head clowns trick and get you hooked is by speaking truth?  They spew “Truth”, and you leave your guard down.  You “Think” they speak 100% truth, but its only 95-98% truthful, but your unguarded sheeple brain thinks its 100% truth.  BUT – they insert the most DS 2-5% of coverup stories with lies.  Storylines = truth, truth, truth, truth, lie, truth, truth, truth, truth, lie, lie, truth…  So you sheeple are being brainwashed and not see the Lies they spew.  This has been perfected over decades, and if you ever let your Newbie guard down, you are pushed back to believing the lies, and back to mass sheeple effect. 

For example, Sean Hannity and Alex Jones did this back in early 2000s to protect the Bush family, and they still do it today.  What is Tucker Carlson’s little known connections to Hunter Biden, Comet Ping Pong, CNN…?  Does Newbies know anything of their history?  So time is needed so you can get chapters of their life to reflect on, but Newbies only get the 1st sentence/paragraph on them and they think they know everything.

DS Snake Oil Circus Barters have been exposed and pushed sometimes for decades or years before the “event”, so it is nothing “New”.  All the “Newbie’s” here, things may be new to you (like Charlie), but not to us old timers, where we were here, DECADES before Charlie did is his 1st ever webcast, or involved.  Charlie has not been in this as long as you think, not decades.  I have been involved our Tin Foil Hat since like 1979, and seen and heard just about everything, and watched all the DS Clown people drop like flies. 

Newbies, I’d say 90% of all the Mass Patriot Webcasters Rushed in the last 1-2 years, to try and get control over tour mind and money, and interject their DS plot. They each want to “Control Your blank slated Mind”, and what better time then when the Newbie Masses are rushing into the Patriot Truther movement?  Yet you come in and know nothing on our history, and think you found a honest webcaster. 

Some brag taht just because someone like Charlie has 15 Million followers, are they Real, and Truthful?  See the sheeple effect so many are eagerly pretending its real?  So you will follow them off the DS cliff, like those who took the jab, or like Obama’s popularity?  Only a couple truther Patriots you can 100% depend on.  Peace to Rush Limbaugh and Art Bell and before many of you newbies knew existed.

I pray for all you’s who place your 100% faith in Charlie, as pushing the “New Declaration of Independence”, yet no even update the Countries new name.  I can write pages on him.  For example, didn’t Charlie say he already RV’d last 4th of July?  So why is he so poor, and he has to force Patriots to pay for “Inside” information, on his 2nd owned website (deception of him getting paid)?  Shouldn’t Truth be shared freely?  Since when did the White Hats or Alliance give good ol’ DS boy Charlie, “Exclusive” information, but only share it to those WHO PAY HIM; and if Patriots needing to know don’t pay Charlie, they have no right to know what we are telling everyone?  Basic 101 DS tactic’s.  Its in front of your face, yet many sheeple don’t want to see it, and already brainwashed by the DS not to see truth when presented to you. See how this DS game is played? 

Bless you all.  Newbies, never let your God given Guard down to believe anyone.  Always seek out “why” and always look for the clues in who you listen to. 

So you Charlie fans and some new female poster here lately, see how you actually 100% believe it’s REAL that the “White Hats” or “Alliance” actually allowed him to only give their information to PAYING MEMBERS?  So it makes ZERO SENSE the good guys want everyone to know of it?  See how DS twists your mind to not even use Common Sense in ones self?  Or are they actually being Paid by DS Charlie, to try and spread his agenda to other websites?  One has to ask, as it makes Zero Sense, yet they don’t see it themselves?  Think is how it works.  Crack open the door and let the DS flood into this.


Newbies & New female “Anon” who starting to copy Judy Byington – All said with True Patriot Love and No Disrespect intended.  I just do not want you or any Newbie to go down the Wrong DS Rabbit Hole, and away from Actually Patriot Truth.  As we all learn, not all self proclaimed Patriots are Real.  Do Not rush in Patriot Community, like a clueless bull in a China shop, without actually 100% doing proper research and investigation.  Charlie is your awakening to this reality.

So how many of you still believe the White Hat Alliance gave this exclusive information to Charlie and Spread this word?  But agreeing to only give it to members who pay him every month, behind a paywall?  And the White Hat Alliance approved Charlie not giving this to everyone freely?  See how common sense exposes this DS trickery?  Yet we have to be very careful, as some Real Patriots(?) here try to push this on us all as being true.  We all were suppose to be so dumb not to use our God given common sense.  Shows you, either this female actually is brainwashed and not know it, OR they joined forces, for profit, to push the DS agenda lies on to different boards. 



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