Dear Muslims of the Netherlands and the World


Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 10, 2021

Dear Muslims of the Netherlands and the world.

Realize that past and present governments have pitted us against each other.

Many of you are serious, when it comes to your religion.

Let’s be clear the Roman Catholic Church is a Satanic sect, pure evil, that’s why I had myself deregistered, not in my name.

They want our children for the Adrenochrome, if we fall away these Satanists have free rein, without children the world has no future.

Ca 70% of the population has taken the lethal shot which is a bio-weapon.


When one turns on the 5G people drop dead in the streets, the 4th fake flu wave.

Feel free to burn down all the masts of the telecom companies, you have the right to protect yourself from an underhanded attack by the elite.

Quarantine the rats in The Hague for the rest of their lives, as long as this lasts.

People who are getting sick now are those who took the lethal injection.

Now it turns out that the vaccine also has some of the swine flu virus in it, so if you really think you are not going to get into heaven now that you have been contaminated, in The Hague are the culprits.

If we put aside all the disputes, we have a common enemy and that is Satanic politics.

I don’t know how you feel now but the genocide that Rutte and de Jonge have committed on the population, this info comes from the Telegram group Frag uns doch.


Alexander Quade says that the deadly vaccine was made with pig’s blood.

Why is this mass murder?

The financial system is broken, they can’t pay pensions to the people anymore.

That is why they are killing the people with the Vaccine.

Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge with the full cabinet are Globalist mass murderers.

It also amazes me why Muslims all over the world have the bio-weapon injected.

Rutte, de Jonge and the rest of the rats in politics have sentenced themselves to death with this.

Realize that the Banks are now going to fall, the ECB and FED can no longer produce money out of thin air the alliance of 140 armies across the earth will move to arrest the Satanists.

Everything we have been told has been a big lie, the real terrorists are in politics, they are the henchmen of big capital who have stolen everything that is loose and tight.

The pension pots and certainly those of the Netherlands worth 1400 billion were stolen by Jetta Kleinsma on behalf of the globalist crime cartel.


Now with the Stockholm syndrome seems a bad move, to forgive the genocide perpetrators, they belong before a tribunal and executed for their satanic crimes.

When all is said and done. Let us then consider what the future should look like.

All wars were a profit model for the rich of the earth.

Stop dividing and let us unite, we must bring this to an end together.

When 70% of humanity will die, real estate will be worth nothing, homes will be impossible to sell as there will be no buyers.

Stop the killing machine of the Bilderberg Mafia in The Hague.

Pay no more mortgage, no more taxes and no more fines.

This is a life and death struggle, if we remain divided we will all perish.

Help rebuild the world, no more wars, no more poverty, happiness and peace for us all.

Please take your money out of the bank, otherwise it will go with the bankruptcy of the banks.



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