(Reader: Stefan) Strands Converge, the Set is Ready!


Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to make time for me again!

Oh, what times, aren’t they? And we get to witness it all coming (or not). Channels around the world are abuzz, with many continuing their divisive games and trying even harder to divide and split. Opinions and assessments are diverging more and more than they did a few weeks ago. Wrong and right forecasts make the rounds, it is divided, pointed out, published what the stuff holds. Official media, i.e. the MSM, no longer keep up, and I also believe that not many believe them anymore. Their narratives are breaking down by the dozen and often we see obvious nervousness and panic. They all know what they are facing, but don’t want to or can’t face it. Presumably, too, especially in the executive suite, in newsrooms or on camera, they really are biorobots, clones or soulless people who think they are human.

I’m pleased that some stars, also unexpected to me, are mingling with the Telegram community. Besides Mel Gibson and Sylvester Stallone, there are Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, Tom Sellek and recently Tim Allen. Jon Voight, after all, has previously declared his support for Trump; of Mel Gibson, I knew he could not belong to the Deep State. Too soon he stayed out of everything and told the truth. It’s also nice to know that Kirstie Alley is part of it, she showed us in her role as Virgilia Hazard that she can fight. For me, it’s nice to note especially because these actors did not have to go into a witness protection program, that is, fake their deaths. So an alliance protection of these patriots could look different.

If you look at everything from further away or from a great height, you can see how all strands, which before were still far apart, now slowly but surely converge on certain events. The tension and suspense increases noticeably as the final set of the show continues to be prepared. In places, slight doubts still come up, isn’t it? That’s because after so many disappointments, false starts, wrong predictions, we simply have justified disbelief. Like the underdog facing a favorite, we just can’t believe that it could really happen this time. What will it be like when it really gets going and we can soon enjoy the fruits of success? Will we also find it hard to believe at first, like the underdog who won? Only after some time? In any case, I am full of anticipation for this inability to grasp. Are you too? And I don’t primarily mean receiving funds to rebuild our destroyed world. No, I am looking forward to the day after liberation, to the day when I can go outside and say, even shout, “I am free! We are free!”

The individual strands converge and still we wait for the first domino to fall. I don’t care by now if it’s the Arizona audit, the Three Gorges Dam, both together, or something else. The main thing is that it’s finally falling. It’s going to get bumpy again, and maybe there will be false flags, such as a fake world war or a fake alien invasion via Blue Beam. In any case, it has to be something that justifies the worldwide use of military, so a martial law for the planet. Unofficially, the military of the Alliance and the Earth Alliance is already positioned and in place, it just has to be made official. For this it needs an official reason and it will come. So we don’t need to panic when something like this or similar is presented to us in the media. In Europe, we are all being prepared for military presence at sea, on land and in the air through “troop exercises”. The channels dealing with military movements are full of sightings from the community.

Apparently, many counter-actions by the remaining cabal, especially in Germany, have also been thwarted and defused. It’s very intense, what was planned on the part of the dark forces. Also this for me an indication that the strands now run together and that finally, finally is struck back. The talk is again of a shutdown because of supposedly high incidence levels of the flu, this time with border closures, curfews and shopping restrictions (not because of supply shortages!). They just want the civilian population off the streets. No one wants to get into a gun battle or be taken hostage, and we certainly don’t want to see who is being fought. That’s why we should stick to it when it comes. So not everywhere, but in strategically important areas, things will get heated. And the days of talking or negotiating with the other side are long gone. There will be shooting and fighting, the alliance has played the good-natured negotiator long enough and given chances. Long enough.

And long enough we have held out, fought more or less hard. Or have fallen for gatekeepers, controlled opposition, and negatively cast truther, followed them, believed them, and fallen into the traps. It’s time for enlightenment (no, not the one about the flowers and the bees), for truth, for an end to all these absurd simulations that had only our demise in mind. For many people there will be a rude awakening, but I am still convinced that many who have been vaccinated, who have lived among us, are actually biorobots, clones or soulless people who only think they are human. This is another reason why there will be a rude awakening when people find out that their boss, their colleague, their good acquaintance, the letter carrier, the mayor, the strange guy in the citizens’ office, maybe even their own partner, was or is not a real human being. I know that is as hard to believe as the starting shot for the liberation. But how else will you explain that with the best and most conclusive evidence you could not wake up your environment? This can be explained not only by indoctrination or brainwashing, but also by programming. Think of the policemen who brutally beat or pushed away even old women or women at all during the demos in Germany. Definitely not human beings!

So let’s go into the next days with a low expectation, but a knowing anticipation. Let’s take time for ourselves, for our family (if it is intact), for our pets. For once, let’s not be surprised if nothing much seems to be happening on a given day. But rather in the certainty that it can’t go on like this for much longer and that we will soon be rewarded for our patience and stamina. For at some point even the last cabal will be defeated or imprisoned, at some point the last DUMB will be destroyed or flooded, at some point even the most desperate resistance will end. There are no more supplies for the cabal, not for decades. And civil wars will not be allowed by the Alliance, so the whole thing must end soon. The first domino will fall, then everything will come blow by blow, unstoppable, in the right order. Trust and believe! Please! Don’t give any more fodder to the negative energies!

“Surprise, amazement are the beginning of comprehension. They are the spiritual man’s own sport and luxury.”
José Ortega y Gasse

“There is no wonder for him who cannot wonder.”
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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