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Reader Post | By Bruce

Every day as our battle against the Khazarian Mafia/Deep State/Illuminati wages on, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Sierra for her daily postings that come from Love and Light.  They make a huge difference to those of us waiting and praying for The Plan to work it’s way to a successful outcome. 

Everyone has a special journey in this ascension process. So, let me express my thanks for my fellow brothers and sisters who may or may not know what is happening.  I’ll try and define those groups, below. 

1)  Those Totally Asleep (TA).  I have no statistics on the size of this group, but it is way too large.  I am going by my gut and by those I see who subscribe to various Internet locations such as Rumble, Telegram, Bitchute, etc.  I do not include YouTube or Twitter which I believe long ago sold out to humanity and are puppets of the Deep State plans.  I quit my Facebook account long ago and so there may be those who are aware and awake in the Facebook world, but again, I would guess 80-90% of those on FB are asleep, simply because the Zuckerberg FB police, or should I say Gestapo, have dutifully removed those who cry out on FB the truth about our war with the Deep State. They have long since been removed and are permanently “in FB jail.”

From what I’m seeing in people finally standing up to governments now slamming vaccination as a “must do,” it would seem Europe is way ahead of the United States in waking up.  Sure, they have those still totally asleep.  I fear the U.S. TA is way too big a number.  My own family and friends are still in that category, long since having written me off as a conspiracy theorist or a nut-job. 

I’m happy to wear that label because if you know the truth, you know.

I know. 

The only thing that may bring the TA into the Light is the long-anticipated “Event” and the EBS which is a forced truth stream yet to be unleashed.  I pray for those who are constructing that EBS as to its presentation – who starts it, what they say in what order, how they validate the truth with evidence that must be seen to be absolute and totally truthful with no political slant.  I think the most important weapons in this upcoming EBS would be the stark truth of the child sex trafficking and killing, the many who were thought dead who will come back with their story of why they are now coming back to this world and speaking out, and the off-world assistance and the alien technologies which will catapult our world into a new era of creation and freedom.  The fact that all nations are tied by the GESARA law is also a massive accomplishment – we are all in this as a species and it is no longer country vs. country, it is God vs. Satan. 


Despite what may be presented and how it may be presented, many of the TA  may never wake up.  Some of my ex-closest friends may be in that category – their Trump hatred is so obvious and unjustified based on the facts of what Mr. Trump has done in his life, and what he accomplished for our country in his first term.  For the Trump haters, logic just goes out the window, supported by the lies and deceptions of the MSM which is their only way the TA know of what is going in the world. 

Of particular concern for me as a person who wants everyone to be enlightened are those who are older then, say 70, who are not up to speed with technology and in what the Internet as a tool can provide as to information.  This age group of the world has been fed lies all their lives and while asleep, they have almost no chance of being awake unless they hear it from a younger person who is more plugged into how to find the truth.  Many are ignorant simply because of their age and innocence of what they believe is the truth from the MSM.  For them, this could be very hard to become “woken up.” 

I do not have anger towards the TA.  I have empathy, not sympathy because sympathy offers no solution, but empathy allows me to put myself in their shoes, especially since I was once a member of this group. 

For the TA, if you were told all your life from all sources that the sky was blue and all you were shown was a blue sky, you believe that the blue sky is the reality of your world.  Ignorance being forced upon the TA has been going on for a very long time, and as I was once one of the TA, I understand it.  I’m so grateful to not be in this category any longer. 

I fear for mankind that some of those TA will not accept the truth when it is delivered  EVER.  How that affects the ascension process with the rest of us is yet to be played out. 

2)  Those Who Suspect But Don’t Know for Sure (Partially Asleep).  I’ll call these the PA’s.  PA because  they have a family or friend who has been talking and researching and trying to get them to be totally awake about the reality of what is going on in front of them, yet they still don’t get it.  Either they don’t want to get it based on fear of being seen as one of those conspiracy loons, or because their minds cannot wrap themselves around what the truth is. 

I’m hopeful that this group is very large, and again, there is no way to know exact numbers, but I also suspect it must be large for the successful ascension of mankind into the Light. The PA, when seeing something that is really amazing or jaw-dropping in that it is presented to them as an alternative to what they have been seeing in the MSM are not afraid to ask the question “what if what I’m hearing and seeing is really true? Could it be what I’m seeing and hearing is the way it truly is?”  They do not let fear cloud their instinct to dig further and find out what is really the truth. 


3)  Those Who Know What The Truth Is.  I’ll label those of us in this group as Mankind Warriors (MW).  The MW understands the many thousands of years of the control we’ve been subject to by the DS and understand this  They know this is WWIII and is being waged between the:

Luciferian Deep State/Illuminati/Khazarian Mafia/Freemasons/Pedophilia and sex trafficking and child killing Satanist organizations Worldwide/the Plandemic of Covid-019/Main Stream Media/The Vatican/The 13 Families/World Leaders who are Deep State puppets, bought and paid for, especially almost all world Royals/ the CCP/CIA and almost all of the 3 digit agencies/WHO/CDC/Big Pharma/Bill and Melinda Gates/the Clintons/the Bushes/ and on and one with evil bought and paid for going back centuries


DJT and his team of thousand busting tail on mankind’s behalf/The Alliance/Off-world Galactic Assistance/Looking Glass connection with Nikola Tesla/ Worldwide Military activities now in place and coming up/GESARA and NESARA/Quantum “Everything” soon to be in place/thousands of MW’s who are shouting and screaming the truth/All of Mankind

The final member of the team for Light and Love, that will backstop and make sure DJT is returned to the presidency is: 


Nothing more need be said about the outcome of this war. 

God is the determining factor and victory is assured for Mankind. 

As this ongoing struggle is taxing and vexing for many of us, and as I have a close friend in the ICU of a hospital struggling for his very life, I am held up and assured that all will work itself out as it is supposed to.  God makes no errors.  Faith is the cornerstone we all most anchor our days with and once again, I end this article with thanks to Sierra, who is showing us the way to have faith, to take up the cry of freedom and stand tall, especially now. 

Love and Light to all my fellow TA’s, PA’s and MW’s. 





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