(Reader: A Loving Friend Patriot) Response to “Charlie Ward Presents the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 2021”


Reader Post | By A Loving Friend Patriot

Sorry Kat but Hogwash that Charlie Ward is a Patriot.  He has not proven anything but he is a smooth talker.

Explain “WHY” one has to PAY MONEY TO CHARLIE WARDs WEBSITE TO LEARN THIS?  Is this the Heart & Soul of a True Honest Patriot?  Understand how “Money” controls “Who” is part of his DS Mafia Gang, as it is NOT ALL PATRIOTS now is it?  Only the “Selected” few, who pay him MONEY, and organize like our secret DS mafia we fight today.  Charlie Ward has been dividing Patriots into groups, who will pay him money, and forget the rest of the public for MANY MANY YEARS.  No money in his DS pocket, no “fake” Intel!  If you don’t pay, you are his enemy, who has no right to get so called White Hat or Alliance information.  Are you sure thats how they want their “Information” given?  Only the selected who pay Charlie Ward they want to know?  Clearly, this is a lie once again Charlie created, and you believe.  Since when is information PAID FOR, and not given freely?

Here’s my almost 25 year experience as a Tin Foil Hat person, when we were only in the 1,000s on Charlie Ward. 

– Where do you have actual proof he is a Verified Patriot?  (Remember, Alex Jones pretends to be one, but a DS Plant)- Why does his children state “He’s a Liar” on Video many times, and not to believe him.  – Children stated he lied time and time again, to his wife and children All The Time?  – Children stated he had “No Money” and couldn’t even pay their rent, or even own a car?

– Where is any proof of evidence he “moved Gold”?  (Self created ego boost?) (Verification?)

– Why does your faithful Charlie CHARGE MONEY, to get “Special” info, ONLY IF YOU PAY?  If he’s a Patriot, answer WHY HE CHARGES MONEY?- Why did Charlie Claim he RV’d 2+ months ago, yet it had not happened?- Why did Charlie not give out “White Hats Announcements” to the public, Only behind After you PAY HIM?- Why does Charlie always broadcast in his home, during times he claims to been on Trips?  – If you monitor, he says he went here and there “last week”, but if you look, he streamed in his own home, if you look back?- Why did Charlie go against The Alliance by requesting everyone to send him a database of their ZIM Serial Numbers?  He claimed he would RV early (2+ months ago), and get a “Better $ Rate”?  Alliance said “Never give your serial #’s to anyone, nor would anyone get any better “Group” rates?- Why does Charlie use 1 of this websites to stream, and then “promote” this other website for everyone to sign up and pay for exclusive content?  But you refuse to see his “Deception” of also owning that “other” website, so he hides he owns both, to make it look that money is not going into his pocket.  But didn’t he claim 4th Of July he is under a NDA, what hadn’t happened yet? 

– Didn’t Charlie claim to already RV’d 2+ months ago, and no one else ever did?- If Charlie already RV’d and got some $, why does he still charge or “Public” Notifications for information – only “After” you pay and sign up to give him your money?- Why with all these so called visits, does Charlie never show photo’s?- Charlie is a “smooth talker” but so was Jeffery Dahlmer, Satan, and most evil people.

– Charlie may get 1 or 2 things right, but only after you forget the 100s of things that did not come as he stated.  You only “Cherry pick” one thing and hang on to it for your very life he’s truthful.  Even forcasting 1 number out of 1 Trillion, always is picked soon or later.

Anyone who promotes Snake Oil products for 5 minutes at a time, is nothing but that – a circus barter, trying to get you into the tent doors.  Or others like him, who sell banknotes, silver, etc over 3 times ebay surely is a Patriot?  Or are they lining their pockets and bater louder and more, to get more money?

Explain why fellow Patroits have to pay money for Patriot information?  Understand “how” control works?  How is Charlie and other bogus Circus Barters any different of “Free” information?  See how these “CROOKS” “Control” information, and actually DIVIDING the Patriots?  Only you lower 1st level Patriots don’t understand you have many many and many more DS Circus Barters that stand in your way to your 2nd level.  Once you expose them and they contradict 1 doubt from what they said before, you need to step back, and with a clear head, re-exam that person.  You young newbies who were not involve say for 20 years in this, and never  encountered 20 years of DS fake truthers, will you understand, they are all around you.  Just because you made it past the 1st Patriot wall to start seeing the truth, IT DOES NOT END!  You must get past the Next level of DS “Deceivers” on the 1st level, for you to get to the next 2nd level.  Wake yourself up, but you newbies (20yrs or less), have no clue it takes many years and decades to see what some of us see. 

So Kay, after 1 level of “awakeness” you think you are fully awaken?  Seriously?  But thats how bad your brain was washed, and “think” once you know, after 6 months of listening, you are AWAKEN to the fullest?  You are in a marathon, and congrats for making it over the 1st Patriot wall.  But it does not mean all here are safe and honest, like one Charlie Ward.  DS knows our Truth Movement radio for decades, and like one Alex Jones #2, he was placed their back in the late 1990s.  Yeah, DS plans for decades and places MANY on the air, so when 1 gets exposed, they are gone, and still have more pushing their lying agenda. 

Charlie was around I believe a few years, but not decades, yet he’s your “Patriot hero” you trust 100%?  Come one newbie Kat.  Trust no one, yet Charlie has not physically proven anything he talked about.  The only person you 100% trust is in God.   


In my opinion, Charlie is nothing but a triple DS-Agent, meant to spew say 98% truth, but the most secret 2% stories, he does not tell the truth.  So with 98% of truth, you jumped into a 100% trust?  What about Charlies own children stating time and time again, he’s a born liar?  So then his children are liars?

Just saying because like any Deep State agent, we are at a chess game.  Just as “Alex Jones #2” that you know today, is not the original “Alex Jones #1”.  #1 was 100% truther, but replaced by DS #2, with a different face, body and voice.  His views after his few weeks vacation were completely flipped to what he said.  This is how it works.  Clearly, few of you were around 20+ years ago when he was replaced, but us old timers.   

Kat – Placing your “trust” in one person may be your, and millions of other sheeple minds downfall over the DS cliff #2. You made it this far, but their are more then 1 Information Deception Walls to get over.  Trust but verify with physical evidence.  Charlie has given Zero.

I say this with “Love” and no “Disrepect” as you can not trust anyone, or believe whatever they say.

Just because you made it over the 1st Patriot level, you don’t party like you “Made It” and all is safe and you are a “TRUE PATRIOT”, who “Knows Everything” and “Everyone who is a Patriot.  Thats you newbie celebrating and Far from the Truth.  You only made it up 1 level and its not “Game Over” and all around you are Patriots.  Never forget newbie Patritos, you only passed the 1st Level, and time to expose and get over the 2nd Wall, then the 3rd, 4th, as DS are inside our Walls.  Still not time to ever put down your Guard, but seek out the Spies from within.  Its like playing a baseball game and you scored 1 run in the 2nd inning, by learning about Patriots truth.  Well the game isn’t over and not the time to stop and think everyone on your team now.  They are not.  It takes years and decades and you learn to spot the fakes from the Patriots.  But how do you teach your experience to newbies, who just learned?  Funny how you think you know all what the old timers know, when you know nothing.  Your still an “Apprentance” who passed the 1st test, and you think your the Master.  Not how it works.  Be very causious on who you trust, as I would not trust Charlie Ward, to take out my garbage.  But thats my almost 25 years of tin foil hat theory days in this Truth movement, that really weathered the storm when 99.9% of you’s were born, or knew of us…

A Loving Friend Patriot


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