Breaking: Charlie Ward Presents the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 2021 by Kat


Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 6, 2021

On his Saturday’s Insider’s Club video, 9-4-21, Charlie Ward told us he’d received a very important document from the White Hats and they wanted him to present it.

I’ve been asked by several on anonup, because I’ve already posted this information there, why was Charlie Ward chosen to present this priceless document to the world?

I’ve written on a number of occasions that since I’ve been following Charlie Ward, going back to March of 2020 (I might have been his 36th subscriber on his first youtube channel) he has been utterly BRILLIANT when it comes to revealing the TRUTH on this path to Freedom Humanity, Freedom Earth and Freedom Solar System.

Today Charlie has more than 15 million subscribers and is highly regarded by those of us who know him to be stellar in his research and painstaking in his honesty. 

So much so that he’ll call himself out at the drop of a hat if he related anything incorrectly or anything that he later found out to be disinfo from the White Hats who were trolling the deep state demon army and using him to do it.

It bears repeating because it’s been true for 18 months, THIS is what Charlie told us in March of 2020:


1. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything is going to be alright.2. The CDC and WHO websites have downgraded Covid-19 to nothing more than the flu.

3. Charlie was told 6 years ago, then 2 years ago that “they”, the White Hats, were going to shut down the Global Economy. Then he was told again in November 2019 that they had Trump in power and were ready and were going to do it and in March 2020 they did.

4. The covid, vaccines, 5G, riots, and perhaps an Alien invasion, are all a smokescreen for bringing in the Global Currency Reset and Revaluation.

5. Masks are harmful to your immune system.

So far, Charlie was batting 1000.

For those who do not know, Charlie’s business for more than a decade has been moving Gold, precious metals and cash around the world for VIPs and governments.

He’s been working for the White Hats for a number of years in this capacity, as well as on the Quantum Financial System.


He doesn’t need me to list his bona fides, but he’s got em. In spades.

Along this path, since March 2020, it was Charlie Ward, through his fascinating interviews, who related the following:

In March of 2020, even before the lockdown, the White Hats went into Italy and arrested the 13 demon bloodline families and executed them.

They “cut off the head of the snake” as President Trump put it.

Then they arrested the Pope, 350 Cardinals, the Mafia/Jesuits and executed them.

Then they started clearing out the Vatican and are still in the process of clearing out the 1500 mile Vatican D.U.M.B. that goes from Rome to Jerusalem. (Verified by Gene Decode.)

Then the White Hats went to England and shut down Buckingham Palace, arrested and executed the Faux Queen and her Faux royal family.

Then they arrested and executed all the faux Royal families of Europe.Then they went into Washington D.C. and arrested 98% of our Government.

To date, Charlie’s information has been bang on.

Charlie was the first to tell us about the Quantum Voting System in August 2020, and the first to reveal and present the Quantum Financial System.


QFS Movie Updated, 10-7-20

So when someone, in unawareness, asks WHY Charlie Ward? I hope the answer is obvious.

Because he’s been bloody brilliant this entire time and he’s the perfect person to bring this thrilling actual-history-right-now-today-document to the world.

I’ve been trolled relentlessly over Charlie Ward, Gene Decode, Juan O Savin and Sacha Stone to name a few, but I’m very clear that the devil and his depraved pedo-minions can’t stand the light and these men have been blazing on this path.

I’ll gladly take a few slings and arrows on their behalf. I still take them even today, even for all the truth they’ve delivered. There’s no pleasing the devil.

However, and this is also true, each one has sometimes delivered their share of disinfo and admitted it. Juan O Savin in particular is very sneaky. This entire war is code. The whole thing. They are all speaking in code all the time and sending messages back and forth.President Trump is a master at it. In every speech, post, photo op and even his alter ego, il Donaldo Trumpo (yes, we see you 45!!) President Trump is speaking to Patriots as well as sleepers, the enemy, his Military, Q-Team, the Galactics, God, EVERYONE. He looks like he’s just delivering a speech about so and so but then he’ll write an Air Q with his hand and Patriots go wild. Or he mentions the number “17” 17 times in a speech.

Not only President Trump, but his White Hat Team, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Dan Scavino, Secretary Pompeo, Lin Wood, Charlie, Juan, Gene, Q The Storm Rider, CodeMonkeyZ and so many others, ALL speak in CODE.

Digital Soldiers are dutifully delivering these coded messages back and forth because of course the demons read us relentlessly.

Which brings me to the point of this post:

On Saturday Charlie told us he had a document he was going to release on Sunday but released it today, Monday, 9-6-21 instead. He chose to do it in two videos.


The moment he announced it, we all went feverishly to work to post it. First, no one could access either Charlie’s website or Simon Parkes’ where they’d published the pdf link.Then I tried posting it numerous times on anonup and my page went crazy. It repeated my posts over and over and over. I couldn’t post. Then the link went dead.

(I’ve tried 10-times now to mail this blog to Patrick and my Email is acting up!!)

The deep state demons have done all they can to attack this document and those of us posting it. But as usual, Digital Soldiers will NOT be deterred. After years in the trenches, we’re warriors.

So what is this document?

My fellow Patriots, this is The Declaration of Independence 2021.

The document is titled:

Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity

It is a 6-page pdf and it is written in the format of the Declaration.

Whereas the 1776 Declaration outlined our grievances and tyrannies from King George III, this 2021 Declaration outlines our grievances and tyrannies from the deep state cabal.

It’s a masterpiece.It is signed “Man of God.”

Just so you know:


“Man Of God” in Jewish Gematria equals 188 : 1 + 8 + 8 = 17

I enclose for those who can access them, the two videos Charlie put out today.



Here is a link to the pdf:

But if anyone has difficulty accessing any of that, I enclose the 6-pages of the DECLARATION here:

When we look back on today, I feel certain we will recognize it as THE DAY EVERYTHING CHANGED.

Thrilling stuff just up ahead.

With blessings of peace, health, abundance and happiness unceasing to all.


This is Kat, over and out.


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