(Reader: GK) Kalmes Conspiracy 8: Dracula Meets the Nazis


We were told our founders were escaping religious persecution. In that same breath we are told the horrors of the Salem witch trials and the ultimate prudes– the puritans who tied rocks to women suspected of witchcraft and how it was a trial to see if their witch spells could make them float through the horror of drowning.

Is it not possible our founders were witches and warlocks and their religious persecution was at the hands of the self proclaimed puritans?

And isn’t it possible the puritans figured out why their kids were disappearing? Their trials weren’t too scientific but hey, their motivation was. Similar to today eh?

In other words we aren’t a Christian nation, we are one of black secret ritual. Freedom of religion is the right to stab babies then devour them underneath the City Hall?

This subject is huge with a lot of evidence but it all ties in with Kalmes Conspiracy 8.

Halloween dresses up evil as fun for the entire family and school.

Ask yourself why the elite billionaires are so damn creepy?

Now let’s think about Abraham Lincoln. His wife Mary Todd Lincoln practiced the dark arts. 

Lincoln’s Civil War was very similar to all the other wars. It needed funding and Rothschild gladly offered it at 30% interest. Lincoln thought that steep and decided to create the greenback that was backed by the full faith of the American enterprise. War bonds were created and this is the secret the creepy billionaires use to bring money into the system.

War to fight the South and all the lie propaganda called upon to make that a good versus evil endeavour, slavery yadayada.
One problem all governments have is too many young men. Young men get wise to things that aren’t fair. So the imbalance of wealth promotes crime which creates the need for cops and prisons. Some men chase bad guys and those bad guys who were just sort of hungry losers, get tossed behind cement and bars.

By the way all the famous bank robbers of the depression era shared similar Hollywood type publicity to trigger banking laws to serve… who else? Banks. Consider Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde etc. were managed by the Federal Bureau of Imagination.

Then a war every 20 or 30 years gets rid of quite a few men too,,, Then sports, to simulate war and distract the active male.
War on crime, war on drugs, war on poverty, war on terrorism.

Each event scripted by Frankfurt (German Jews) and Tavistock (Talmudic Jews) read in crazed billionaires like Rothschild, Rockefeller and the better hidden names like Collins and Springstein…write up the conflict of the stageplay and why evil needs young men to act out the revenge dramas.

War bonds are created, Fake actors are created. Do you think it was a coincidence John Williks Booth was an actor and it happened during a stageplay?

So shall I skip 150 years and get to us?

We are at Defcon 2… Great plot point.

When our latest war on the unvaccinated triggers more plot points and Ben Afflek or matt Damon are triggered to go on Bill Mahr and act outraged, the financial system whose charters were expired 9 years ago, will write up a new bond, then switch the system run by smart gerbils to a new one that is housed beneath texas and run by smart rattlesnakes.

What might be a surprise ending for the history chapter about ten years from now is that Texas is already a sovereign Republic and America becomes Texas and we the states of Texas but this is just a guess.

Could Texas the Country do any worse with human justice than Frankfurt and London and DC have done?

Probably but under new management it always works for a while.

And now, this episode of Kalmes Conspiracy 8 is full of hints about the actors and film reels that brought us World War 2.

I will be attacking these false premises further in the future but perhaps I can be bought off with everything I ever wanted so I can spend my time otherwise. Just thinking out loud.


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