(Reader: Stefan) Germany, Nation of Losers?


Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

A tough question, isn’t it? If you pick up the official history books written by “victors”, you could really come to the conclusion that Germans are losers. Supposedly two world wars started (yes, I know, it is actually only one world war with interruption) and both of them Germany lost without a chance. They had to lose because those who really instigated these conflicts didn’t care who won or lost. They made money, made a lot of money with both sides. The Germans also lost because they had to be kept down, they even wanted to be destroyed.

Within the country, the people of the Germans also became losers. After the coup of the parties, first of all the SPD, the emperor abdicated and a prosperous country began its decline, until the outbreak of World War 1. After that it only went downhill until the economic miracle after the end of the World War after 1945. Here Germany showed the world what it was made of. The country was rebuilt in record time. Outwardly, at least, because within the new borders the road to the end continued, unstoppable. Although there were signs and also massive indications. But the cabal had learned, they seized German scientists and used their findings. They created a state simulation that has survived to this day. Even though our forefathers worked their fingers to the bone, toiling to do better. They were basically exploited just as we all still are today. So our defeat was already sealed again.

If we look at the majority of my countrymen today, we could actually admire the success of massive brainwashing. We could, if it weren’t so sad. Before I began my awakening process, I always noticed that Germans, for example, usually behaved in a very arrogant manner while on vacation. In every country I went to on vacation, I found that my countrymen expected someone there to speak German. I used to be like that myself until I decided to speak at least a few words in Dutch, Spanish or English. English, for example, was spoken almost everywhere I went on vacation. I also often observed the cliché that German men like to wear shorts, plus socks in sandals. And of course the beloved beer. Not the local beer, of course, but it had to be German beer. The classic vacation destinations like the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands quickly adapted to this. Schnitzel and French fries, pork knuckle with sauerkraut and German beer quickly became the standard. French and English people who wanted to try German food only had to go to Mallorca. A song by a band from Cologne about Mallorca says, “The only thing missing here is from the balcony, the view of the cathedral!” Should I call something like that a victory?

So, looking back, we Germans were exploited on one side by the Allies, with the cabal lurking behind them. And on the other side, we were made to believe that we were the “masters of the world”. And all those who noticed or wanted to point this out in their early years were mercilessly silenced. The indoctrination actually began in the days of childhood. Today we know that even in the 60s, 70s or 80s a supposed opposition was deliberately allowed and controlled. But then it was still nicely hidden and not as obvious as it is today. And what about today? Today, everyone who hates everything German is in important positions. Either in the government or in the “opposition” (is the same thing), in ministries or higher administrations. And the majority of my compatriots don’t realize it. To be fair, I can’t blame them either. It is a privilege to have escaped this indoctrination and to have resisted all seductions of similar brainwashers. Certainly I and many others would not have been able to do that if we had not had help from the Creator or perhaps even the Alliance.

The latter is certainly true of all the ZIM and currency holders, for everyone I have met I can call an awakening patriot. Many of us also look like losers, despite or because of our ZIM and currencies. Our time will come. Surprisingly and when we least expect it. Unpredictable, or just ONE TIME!!!

Let’s look at some “evidence” why Germans could be losers. We have the lowest pensions in Europe, pensioners live on the poverty line and either have to work part-time or collect returnable bottles. In contrast, money is just thrown at “refugees”. The highest taxes and duties in Europe lead to the fact that few people get along with only one job, mostly all in the family must work, at least however both parents. The children are either in preschool, in all-day school or sitting in front of the television, computer or game console. Torn away from the family circle and brainwashed, even at a young age. In Germany, there was and is the strictest censorship in Europe, perhaps even in the world. And that even before the plandemic (by the way, now a politically correct term according to Jen Psaki). We have the fewest true patriots because we are deeply and multiply divided. Virtually on every issue you can think of: In politics (actually normal, but here there is only left or Nazi), in nutrition (meat, vegetarian or vegan), in the C flu (firmly believe in it or be a denier), patriotism (here there are so many variants, I can not even list them). And, unfortunately, much more. It is almost impossible to have a normal conversation with my compatriots. At the slightest disagreement, pigeonholes are opened and you are put into one of them. A normal discussion is no longer possible.

In Germany, we have the most sleeping people and the largest silent masses, probably even worldwide. We have the stupidest demonstration leaders who let demonstrations against the government be approved by the government, who let demonstrations against wearing masks and keeping a distance, but demand wearing masks and keeping a distance so that the demo is not stopped. Normally, these are all signs that there is something wrong with the German people, that we might really be losers. But we are not! We are actually very strong and if we really rose up, the world would tremble. No, we were slowly and insidiously, as in the world war, made losers, and that with full intention! Because the cabal had noticed at the latest after the economic miracle of the post-war generation that we would strengthen again if they let us. So a state simulation was created, corporate constructs, so clever that nobody noticed it in the first two or three decades.


Guilt complex instilled, any resistance suppressed in the bud, falsification of history, suppression of truth, disarmament through the world’s strictest weapons law, brainwashing through school, media and laws. Yes, we Germans are industrious, dutifully pay everything that is imposed on us in taxes, duties and costs. We are obedient and obedient to authority. We are solidary, even if it is an indoctrinated solidarity. We do not enter the lawn when it is forbidden.

We do not demonstrate when it is forbidden. We believe everything that is spoken on television news. We are steadfast, we always stand by our opinion even when there is evidence to the contrary, and we fight anyone who disagrees in the strongest possible terms.

You may think that I am doing injustice to my countrymen of our “new states”. In 1989 and 1990 they showed us that Germans can be different. Even though we now know that everything was deliberately allowed to happen, it was still beautiful to see the Monday demonstrations marching through the cities of central Germany, with more and more participants. It didn’t matter whether rich or poor, left, center or right, whether man, woman or child, whether meat eater or vegan, whether lover of hit songs or lover of rock music. Everyone stood up for one goal. And became winners! Really? No, this was a psychological stroke of genius, carrot and stick! Supposedly we won and successfully defended ourselves against our “opponent”, in reality this supposed “reunification” also led to a further division, between Central Germans and West Germans, which can still be felt today.

When I look at the many German channels today and have to watch how everyone there points at the other, lurking, as it were, for some sign that one can denigrate others. Denounce, insult, insult, people, I can’t eat as much as I could throw up. I don’t want to exclude myself, I also warned against certain channels, so I also succumbed to some divisiveness. Even if I meant well at the time, I try not to do that today. And in one of the last articles I called to find the common ground and try to work together. But I have no reach, except maybe on IDC, but there I address few Germans. And I should, no must even mention that there are also channels that don’t point fingers at others, that just do their thing and try to wake up as many people as possible. And they do it well, very well in fact! What many forget is that when I point a finger at someone, three fingers point at me, right? He who sits in a glass house should not throw stones.

We will not get out of this dilemma without outside help, certainly not if the state simulation is allowed to continue. And the only ones who can put an end to it are those who set it up and have allowed it so far, namely the occupying powers. And here, again, I feel a lack of understanding. The alliance should have recognized long ago that the right patriots want to rise up in Germany. The only explanation for the fact that they have not yet intervened is that the right time has not yet come. Even if we all eagerly wish for it. Maybe there really is still a Deep State fightback that could hurt us or the plan. We don’t know. We just see that things are getting worse and worse and almost nothing is moving in Germany. And one thing should be clear to all of us: As long as the real patriots don’t get help from outside, nobody in Germany will wake up faster.

In September there will probably be a federal election (I hope not!), and all the sheep will go to vote, hoping to change something. There will be election manipulation, as before, and no one will want to admit it. People will resign themselves to fate, because the hope of real co-determination will die once again. However, I still have the hope that there will be an understanding of the alliance before, because the world cannot wait for the awakening of the Germans! PERIOD! It would take years to reverse this massive indoctrination. That is why I believe that there will be a quick, abrupt end to the GERMANY state simulation. The famous and often quoted ice-cold and wet washcloth! For those who suffer psychological damage from it, there are enough patriots ready. Sometimes you wake up more intensely and especially faster when you get a bucket of water in your face. They show it to us in movies!

To conclude this long article (sorry) I would like to comment on a statement Dave made in X22 Report 2559b:

“Australia seems to be the ultimate model for the Deep State agenda. The disarmament of Australia’s citizens began back in 1996 after a rampage that left 35 dead. Gun laws were subsequently tightened in record time and hundreds of thousands of weapons were scrapped. After the March 15, 2019 terrorist attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, carried out by Australian-born Brenton Tarrant, the rest of Australia’s citizens were disarmed. Now the dictators can do whatever they want with the people.”

Dear Dave, Germany is the ultimate model of the Deep State. The Germans were already disarmed when the whole world was still running around with guns. And not only the physical weapons, but also the psychological weapons. A nation without self-awareness with a gigantic guilt complex that swallows everything that is put in front of it. All other nations stand up when it becomes too much, as the truckers and bikers in Australia are now showing or will show.


I envy other nations. Yesterday I learned that in Russia no one has to call people in channels to boycott stores when you can only go shopping there vaccinated or tested. They boycott the stores by themselves! And there it does not matter what opinion, what attitude people have. They simply stick together! From Poland and the Netherlands I know that all people there CAN and MAY move without masks and without distance! The only C_orona believers with masks are German visitors! And they are laughed at! Rightly laughed at! MADE losers who finally, finally need a washcloth to the face! We are stronger than we think! Let’s prove it!

“The Germans are splendid fighters and their general staffconsists of true masters of the art of war.”
Alexander Cadogan, British Under Secretary of State in WW2

“All dates, which are called, are withcaution to enjoy! No matter who names them!The patriots want to see how the Deep State reactsand that he fires his ammunition.”
Dave in X22 Report 2559b

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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