(Reader: GK) Kalmes Conspiracy 6 Plus Hitler’s Loan



Reader Post | By GK

In Kalmes Conspiracy 6 let’s meet Jewish whistleblower Benjamin Freedman.


Adolph: Hello, I need a loan to fight a world war to wipe out all the Jews…

Jewish Banker: Do you have collateral?

Adolph: Well my mother is lord Rothschild’s mistress…

Jewish Banker; Can you get Lord Rothschild to co-sign?

Adolph: Well I am sure I can but it will have to be a circuitous route that sort of makes it look more German than German Jew…

Jewish Banker: I understand. 

Adolph: Of course we will need to have a film reel propagandist make up stuff about how it’s blue eyed blond haired Aryans…

Jewish Banker: Of course… My brother is a Talmudic Rabbi and I am pretty sure he would want the non-zionist Torah believers to take the heat if any Jews have to be sacrificed…

Adolph: Yes of course, that’s how I will pitch it to Lord Rothschild. He wants to settle Palestine with German Jews and those damn Torah believers are dead against a homeland.

Jewish Banker: Yes, they believe our God sentenced us to be wandering Jews without a homeland– forever– but why listen to God? God would let us languish in poverty if we didn’t take the ram by the horns.

Adolph. Ha I see what you did there. Ram = Luciferian reference right? Ha…

Jewish Banker: Besides Jews are God. Goyim are livestock. And as the chosen few, we are the creators of reality. So if we have to use the Kol Nidre to plan for broken oaths, so be it. Am I right?

Adolph: High Five.

Jewish Banker: I have lots of good ideas about killing many birds with one stone. Since there are only 450 thousand Jews in Germany and most will be smuggled to Palestine and the rest killed in what I assume will be concentration camps, we will have to fudge the numbers.

Adolph: The Rabbis I talked to said they need the number to be 6 million to fill their prophecy.

Jewish Banker: Yes but I’m just spit balling here, maybe we can count gypsies and Christians in the count?

Adolph: Good idea, I was thinking we needed a lot of them to work for Volkswagen and Bayer though.

Jewish Banker: I know IBM and IGFarbin needs people. I’ll give you my cousin Shindler’s phone number.

Adolph: Well I have a dirty trick up my sleeve.

Jewish Banker: Do tell.

Adolph: Well I know Rothschild will need at least a million for the post war propaganda psyop films so…

Jewish Banker: Come on, you got me at the edge of my seat here…

Adolph: Actually Churchill gave me the idea.  He said we should fight the war, then after Germany surrenders, we should march the 1.6 million German soldiers into the camps, strip them naked, then starve them to death. Once they are skin and bone and dying, we shoot film and say they are Jews. After all who could tell naked men apart right? Then we bulldoze them into mass graves.

Jewish Banker: hey all is fair in love and war right? Won’t people wonder why Jewish bankers funded killing Jews even if it is a bait and switch con?

Adolph: It really comes down to my performance of hate. Screaming hate and spittle yadayada and making people buy that the hatred is pure maniacal psychopathy.

Jewish Mafia: Wow. I hope you got it in you. I think your weird little mustache is a nice touch.

Adolph: Got the idea from a Charlie Chaplin movie. Like his movies. he walks funny.

Jewish Banker: Well if you can get Rothschild to co-sign I don’t see any reason this won’t work.

Adolph: In the decades to come we can further sell it through movies and museums and restitution and use guilt to protect us from scrutiny.

Jewish Banker: that’s pretty brilliant.

Adolph: By the time people wise up decades from now we will be well on our way to the Talmudic plan to each of us having 2800 slaves and 90% of the worthless goyim dead.

Jewish Banker:  Damn that’s cold yo.

Adolph: It will snowball with the restitution claims. There will be millions of Jews coming forward to claim they were in the camps. Telling their grandchildren BS stories to garner sympathy and payouts.




I have full faith the good honest Jews of the world will back this all up and end this premeditated depopulation agenda by coming clean, especially with the poisoning of Goyim with the talmudic mafia pharmaceutical racket.


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