When You’re the Light of the World and ‘They’ Know it


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Submitted on August 26, 2021

This was an extremely enlightening Life Force Roundtable. I am going to summarise some of the main points (though you should listen to them as presented to get the full nuanced impact).

The main idea and theme is not to succumb to or be seduced by any scenarios or predictions on the web – either long term or short – that involve fear or induce a sense of dread in any way. Here is the breakdown why …

When a person is seduced or volunteers willingly to join those on the Dark Side (i.e. becomes a Deep State operative at some level) two things happen. One, they get their material reward, and two, a ceiling of darkness comes between them and Source, them and the Godhead, so that they can no longer use source directly to manifest their reality. Hence their resorting to spells and other indirect methods.

So they become Non-Manifesters, they no longer have the light quotient of the good and innocent (that would be us) who because we have not betrayed that light or our connection, are capable of changing reality and shaping the future. So in order to bend reality in their favour they very, very much need us.

So we have two kinds of people, Manifesters and parasitical Non-Manifesters that make use of the ignorance of some of the Manifesters so that they manifest for them – because no good person would knowingly work on behalf of the Deep State.

In the Roundtable there was an extract from a Kerry Cassidy interview where a military whistleblower passed on the information that using their predictive tech (Looking Glass etc) it was observed that at a certain point every timeline converged into one where, no matter how successful the Deep State had previously been in their plans and how good the future looked for them, everything was reversed and they completely lost, and that this outcome was inevitable.


We have now gone well passed that convergence point. This means that the only thing they can now play for is time and this is how they do it …

Knowing we are the Manifesters, the reality programming engines of the planet – because that ability was taken from them when they became what they are – they seed wherever possible, fear scenarios of every description onto the web making them as creditable as possible in the hope that as many of us will take the bait as possible, so that we will, with our own light coupled with the force of our belief, become a drag factor on the positive timeline, slowing it down and buying yet more time for them, to buy yet more time etc.

Want to know why the folks selling you the Nibiru deal are so good at telling you why there have been delays in awakening and the Plan generally? Well if you bought into the Nibiru deal and have become a catastrophist and joined the Church of Something Dire is Going to Happen, it is partly because of you.

You are programming fear into the future and helping to slow things down which those folks can then report on as this or that reason being responsible – when it is you yourself making a future that is not worthy of the best in you. Because You Are the Principle and Most Important Factor in the equation.

You are the Manifester, and they are using your innocence and ignorance against you – because they are no longer capable of doing what you can actually do in your sleep – which is exactly what you are doing when you buy into their fear scenarios and unconsciously put that program on the wider reality; thus slowing the positive timeline down, buying the bad guys more time.

Similarly for all other scenarios that are not peace and stability oriented: asteroid strikes, cosmic invasions, wars of any kind, holy or otherwise. If it is on the net and it in any way is out to cause you apprehension (rather than confidence, peace and joy) about the future, then somewhere not too far behind is a Non-Manifester dangling some bait in front of you to buy more time because that is all they have, an hourglass with ever diminishing sand.

And the more people wake up and refuse to think in anything but positive (positively glorious!) terms about the future and how great it is going to be to get on with everyone all over the world at last, the less sand they have …


So when you become engrossed in any vast and interesting online narrative that tries to project the idea that you are something tiny among the forces of the cosmos and that even though some terrible things must come … Stop … right there and remember there is nothing more important than you and where you choose to put your belief and click away to somewhere more conducive to your role as an ever more conscious Manifester and have a really good, aware day.

So here is Kim and co putting it better than I have …


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