(Reader: Frank Bischoff) The Predicament of the White Hat Military


Reader Post | By Frank Bischoff

Please imagine the following situation:

There is a pedophile living in your neighborhood. You happen to know where he lives, which playgrounds he frequents and which strategies he uses to kidnap his victims. You have servers, laptops and all sorts of intelligence to take him out IMMEDIATELY. You also know that he does not only abuse children but that he tortures and kills them. You have a 6-year old child. How would you proceed in order to remove the threat for your child?

Alternative 1:

You allow the pedophile kidnap your child and right before he closes the door of his car and drives away you shout something to your child like: “Hold the line! Where we go one we go all. I am the only way. Oh yes, and the best is yet to come”. Then you follow the car, you let the pedophile beat and torture your child and while watching him do it you ask your child: “Do you miss me yet?”. Then, only at the very last moment before he rapes or kills your child you intervene and you stop him from continuing his satanic desire. You take your child in your arms and say: “You know, it had to be this way. Sometimes you have to show people. I had to let the pedophile destroy your health and physical integrity in order to show to the other children what can happen to them if they are not careful.”

Alternative 2:

You kill the pedophile. Period.

And then you explain to your child in age-based, comprehensible terms the dangers and the preventive measures. Overall, you understand that YOU have the means, the knowledge, the weapons and the DUTY to protect your child.

I think you know what I am getting at …

I know I am straining your attention but … here is another thought experiment:

Imagine you shared a house with another family. Whereas you always fulfil your due diligence your neighbors always leave the front door open thus not only putting their belongings and their safety at risk but also yours. Imagine your house got robbed and it turned out that your neighbors deliberately and defiantly left the door wide open. Imagine they did it a second, third, fourth and twentieth time. Imagine the burglars openly announced in advance that they were going to break into your house and that they wanted to depopulate your family. Imagine your normie neighbors despite all the warnings, facts, evidence and past experiences decided to ignore everything and instead leave the house open so that you got robbed, beaten up and one of your child got kidnapped.

If one day we will all be free and we look back in time and it turns out that the White Hat Military had absolutely no other way to fight the Deep State and that all the deaths, the destruction and the hardship were necessary and UNAVOIDABLE then the White Hat Military will be our heroes, the liberators of the world.

However, if one day we look back and realize that all the deaths, all the destruction and the hardship was inflicted upon us Patriots just in order to wake up a bunch of feckless, brain-dead normie idiots who have proven over and over again to be too stupid to recognize totalitarianism even when it knocked on their door with blood dripping from its hands … if one day we find out that the White Hat Military deliberately chose alternative 1 although they had everything it took to apply alternative 2, yes, then … what would we think of our “liberators”.


Would we really embrace such neighbors? Would we really want to reconcile and live together with the mask-wearers and vaxxanatics by saying “No, problem, guys. We loved losing 2, 3, 4+ years of our lives. We know it was your stupidity and your defiance to look at the facts that has destroyed our livelihoods but, hey, we are one nation under god, aren’t we? And don’t worry about the loved ones we have lost. We’ll see them in our next live. Cheers.”

What will your reaction be toward these people? As for me, I know the answer.

We all know that Normies have the intellectual capacity of a 6-year old child. This is why we have to treat them as such – children. We lead the way and they follow. Unfortunately, we are now in a situation where the White Hat Military seems to want to tell us that we, the adults, will be collectively punished until such time as the children start thinking and acting like adults. Otherwise known as WWG1WGA. Spoiler alert: This will never happen. So, we have reached a point where PEACEFUL civil and judicial options to solve the situation have been exhausted. The next step for us Patriots will be that we have to kill those who prevent us from entering a supermarket and those who come to take our children away.

Do you see where this leads to? Yes, IT INVARIABLY LEADS TO CIVIL WAR WHICH LEADS TO SOROS’ DREAM COME TRUE. Well done, I love The Plan to Save the World! What REALLY counts is that the Military does not risk its reputation. They could have stopped what they cynically call “the movie” any time. Instead they are hiding behind us. They are waiting for us to overthrow our governments and only then they will come out and say “Now we have to intervene and restore law and order.

I don’t doubt that the White Hat Military have good intentions and that they have contributed greatly in this war but it is time that those who are in charge of this silly, ridiculous Kabuki theatre START TREATING US LIKE DIGITAL SOLDIERS AND NOT LIKE DIGITAL BYSTANDERS.

Frank Bischoff (Germany)



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