(Reader: Rambo) Hopeless Patriots, Part 2


Reader Post | By Rambo

So I went to, I guess what you’d call a “Patriot Meeting”, last night. There were roughly 20 people there who were all pretty much FRP’s (Fake Right Paradigm) Not bad people, or culled Liberal/Fascists, but the one thing they were was, totally scared, fearful and panicked. So, I started explaining to them that there was no need to worry, that what they’re watching is a movie, a master “PLAN” by Trump, JFK Jr. and a few White Hats in Military Intelligence. I spoke for 15-20 minutes trying to explain and reassure them, but all I got was ridicule and snarky comments. One lunatic said it was all “Bullshit”, which came right out his mouth when I finished. Whoa. But when I asked, “Have you actually read the “Q” Drops and have you stayed the course throughout?” of course the answer was, “NO”. Weird. (sarcasm)

I’ve always believed that “…one should keep their mouths shut and be thought of as a fool rather than to open it and remove all doubt…”, and this guy confirmed it for me.

Several others were literally TERRIFIED, FREAKING OUT ABOUT ROAD BLOCKS, THAT THE MILITARY WERE GOING TO BE COMING THROUGH HER DOOR, A TOTAL EMOTIONAL LUNATIC. I tried to explain that their fears and worries were not substantiated by “reality”, but by what you’re perceiving with the MSM indoctrination that’s causing this angst. But they just could not comprehend that this was “ALREADY OVER”, that this “operation” was happening AND THAT THEY DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT!!! (“PRIDE COMETH BEFORE THE FALL”), and that it was just finishing playing out for the Drones to wake up! I explained that, “Yes”, there would be some “uncomfortable moments” but it was necessary, as “Q” says, “IT HAD TO BE THIS WAY”. Oh, they were having none of that. And once again the messenger was attacked, not the message.

I could go into deeper details but you all here can sympathize with me. Their despair and “energy” was so NEGATIVE, it literally took mine out of me. I felt terrible for them, that they were living with this massive weight, this excessive anguish and total desperation over what it is they’re all “perceiving” is occurring. So, after I left with my tail between my legs, which I’m sure they were glad to see, I came to a conclusion, which was one I always believed only quitters and losers said to themselves, and that was, you can’t save everyone. I’ve never, ever given up on anyone, but that really hit home with me, that it’s really possible, you can’t. I’ve always believed you could always win someone over given enough time and facts, but I don’t anymore.

I just can’t help everyone is what I’m starting to understand. Some are just too far gone and not willing to try and see a different viewpoint, a viewpoint that is even a “BILLION TO ONE FACT”….STUNNING.

So to those that are still sitting on the fence, not sure about whether this is happening the way we’re talking about here, THIS THING “IS ALREADY OVER” – “Q”. And if you don’t believe “Q”, just ask God, he’ll tell you.

Now, go get a few supplies, fill up a couple of gas cans, and don’t forget YOUR POPCORN!!! The Fake Right Paradigm Fox News watchers are alive and well, being programmed as usual. Please don’t be one of them.

I don’t think I even need to mention the FLP’s (Fake Left Paradigm) now do I?

Oh yea, and I’ll probably be missing that meeting next time.



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