The Killing Needs to Stop with us

Depiction of mountain of skulls left by Genghis Khan

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

August 19, 2021

The Killing Needs to Stop with Us

My email is running heavily in favor of executing the cabal. I’m dismayed.

Are you aware of how many executions that could be?

The mountain of skulls might outdo Genghis Khan.

This, in my eyes, is a monumentally important question and so I’d like to spend some time on it, if you’d permit me. And I’ll leave the article up overnight.

(1) Replicating the methods of the cabal?


First of all, why are we replicating Genghis Khan’s methods?  The cabal’s methods? Trading the Clinton Body Count for our own body count?

The Khan’s killings were sanctioned by the state. Even the cabal’s were. Our killings are sanctioned by what we recognize as the state. Everyone is right in their own eyes.

Does that somehow protect any of us from the voice of our own conscience? No, it doesn’t.

What kind of a tribute will our “mountain of skulls” be? To our bloodthirstiness? Vengefulness? Sanctimoniousness? Meanness of spirit?

I recognize that people want accountability but executions are not the way to go.

(2) Jesus did not say kill your enemies

Jesus did not say kill your enemies. He said to love them.  And why did he say that? Because he knew that life goes on and everyone eventually returns to God.


I submit that, knowing that, he took the longer view. If I kill this person, they’ll be ejected onto the dark planes with one more grievance. Have I helped to create a new Hitler?  Added to the likelihood of a new war somewhere, some day?

If things weren’t this way, why wouldn’t Jesus have said, kill your enemies. Hate those who abuse you.  But he never did.

In my view, a second reason he asked us to love them was because love calls a response forth from whatever light there may be in them and it begins to grow. What will defeat their ghastly behavior is the growth of that lovelight within them. That is our “weapon.”

(3) Every war has justified itself on the basis of the latest grievance or link, ignoring the chain

Every war has justified itself on the basis of the latest grievance, ignoring the chain of events before the last link. Someone has to stop the chain of grievances. Someone has to be willing to take the slings and arrows of outrageous fate for doing so … but have the killing stop.

(4) Killing under these circumstances, by going against the higher values, closes the door of our heart

Does killing (except in medical circumstances or self-defense, etc.) close the door of our heart and shut us out from the experience of love, bliss, and ecstasy? I think it would. It certainly would me.

That’s just my opinion. But I think it would tie up our minds in confusion and doubt with attacks of conscience for years and prevent a quiet mind and therefore the experience of the higher states.

If I’m wrong … we’ll find out. We’ll either create a Golden Age or a lost generation.

(5) I refuse to become a killer


I refuse to become a killer, unless in self-defense or a few other circumstances. (1)  I’m not helping to build a new cabal. I’m helping to build a New Earth. And killing others is not a feature of it, except in very constrained  circumstances.

(6) Killing needs to stop

People, what generation is willing to take the stand that the killing stops with them?

There must be a generation who say I’m tired of this.  I put my grievances aside and decide for peace.

They refuse to go one more round on the carousel of death.

I say that generation is us.

I’m not just speaking of killing the cabal. I’m speaking of the Middle East. I’m speaking of the United States. I’m speaking of China. I’m speaking of the world.

Will you join me in the resolve to stop the bloodshed? For heavens sake, for our sake, for the sake of our children, let’s stop the killing.

We stand on the threshold of a new Golden Age and killing will not be a feature of it.



(1) Police, military – I know you have a job to do to protect the public. Not saying otherwise.


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