America’s Future is in the Hands of an Incompetent Fool


Operation Disclosure | By Patrick J. McShay, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 18, 2021

“A generation ends when its illusions are exhausted”
*Arthur Miller 

“The Taliban spokesman has an active Twitter account, while the former president of the United States remains banned.”
*Ian Michael Cheong 

“When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your God like a soldier.”
*Rudyard Kipling

Not long after Joe Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline and every other pipeline in North America, putting tens of thousands of
Americans out of work, and then removing obstacles to help Russia complete their pipeline, a pipeline that Trump opposed and
and was blocking, a new Hunter Biden video has dropped. Hunter apparently had another laptop stolen by his drug dealer and Russian mobsters who were in his room when he passed out after a night of drugging. As he explains to a naked prostitute on another recently leaked video. which the media is mostly hiding from the public, This is not the first of Hunter’s laptops the Russians have stolen from him  and he is afraid that the Russians will use it to blackmail him. No one is pointing out that what is going on with these pipelines may very well, have a lot to do with Hunter’s stolen laptops filled with incriminating information.

Hunter, in the video, is naked on a bed with a prostitute, who is also naked, and he tells her that while he was high, and possibly
overdosing, Russian Mobsters had stolen his laptop which showed him in sexually deviant and compromising videos, and he was
afraid he would be blackmailed by the Russians. We already know the Chinese have compromised the Bidens, they currently have  
3 aircraft carriers and warplanes off the coast of Taiwan, that again, Would never have happened under Trump. The Chinese have 
already mocked the US over the Afghan debacle and said they will take back Taiwan easily.

Now, from Hunter Biden’s own mouth the Russians have 1 or 2 of his laptops filled with incriminating information and a “Lot of crazy fucking sex”. Dopey Joe recently said that Hunter was “the smartest man I know”


With such a quick decision to get out of Afghanistan, where did they move the Afghan Poppy fields? It’s no secret that the US network of Intelligence agencies work with the military in the worldwide drug trade and that most of the Opium is grown in Afghanistan. Was Kamala Harris firming up a deal to move the Poppy fields to Central America on her visit there a few months ago?

There is a new sitcom on CBS, “The United States of Al” about a soldier who returns from Afghanistan, and his Afghani interpreter also comes to America and moves near the soldier. as much influence that the CIA has, was this series greenlighted because they had a plan to bring thousands of these Afghans including their families to America. Writer Sarah Carter was advocating on Fox to bring 50,000 interpreters and others into America, and if they allow their families, through “Chain Migration”, another possible half a million or more. 

This incompetent Biden Clown show is no doubt part of the plan to destabilize the region and embarrass America. The globalist plan is a war on White people! They are flooding the US border with illegals, busing them, sick and diseased to cities across America, defunding police departments, destroying American sovereignty, brainwashing our children with “Critical Race Theory” and the LGBT agenda and moving toward ending American prosperity. 

The Pentagon’s spokesman, John Kirby, on the Afghanistan fiasco said that “We are going to get as many people out as we can.” Kirby went on to say that US citizens WILL NOT be given priority over Afghanistan SIV applicants, and White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki refused to answer when asked if President Biden would commit to keeping troops on the ground until all Americans are evacuated. This is disgusting and would have never happened under Trump. Now we have Congressmen and Senators calling for tens of thousands of  Afghanis to be given special visas to the US immediately while no plan is yet in place to evacuate the American citizens still trapped there. The president of Finland says this is a failure of the west and he fears this will cause more refugees pouring into European countries, and the EU’s Foreign Affairs Chief, Josep Borrell said “The Taliban has won the war and the EU will have to engage it.”

Australian Sky News anchor, the normally affable 80-year-old Alan Jones, went off on Biden saying, “This Afghanistan surrender will have enormous ramifications, we now face a more unsafe world with the militant Islamist Taliban more emboldened than ever, and there are concerns amongst many in the US security establishment that the world will once again see a rise of terrorist attacks. He went on saying Biden “can’t even string a bloody sentence together and is utterly unfit to be president.”  Ouch!


Do you think this wasn’t planned? Last month 215,000 illegal aliens crossed our border. The Biden administration is sending them to cities all over the country on busses and planes. The governors and mayors of the towns they are sent aren’t even notified beforehand. Don’t  forget the million and a half LEGAL aliens are being brought in every year with degrees and advanced degrees. With American schools banning advanced math courses because some minorities aren’t able to keep  up with the curriculum, colleges no longer requiring SATs, and the governor of Oregon just signed a bill that allows students who can’t read or write graduate from Oregon high schools, it looks like the good jobs will go to foreigners. Don’t you think that’s what they planned?

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has taken “Drastic Action” and put the entire country in another lockdown after finding 1 single positive test for coronavirus. No word on whether he was asymptomatic, or if they used the unreliable PCR test that the CDC said is inaccurate and should no longer be used. The inventor of the PCR test and awarded the Nobel Prize for the invention Dr. Kary Mullis said  it should never be used to diagnose illness. Dr. Mullis couldn’t stand Dr. Fauci and is likely rolling over in his grave over Fauci using his  PCR test to foment fear of a phony pandemic so the mRNA, DNA changing Jab, that contains Graphene Oxide, nanotechnology, bio-circuits, aborted fetal cells, and deadly spike proteins would be forced on the public. Many fear the spike proteins are causing the strokes, seizures, and heart problems (Myocarditis) in those who’ve been vaccinated. More people appear to be dying from the vaccines than the virus, proving these measures are part of a bigger agenda and not due to public health concerns!

Video- How Graphene Oxide Alters Hormones, Menstrual Cycle, and Reproductive Function

*The CDC oddly announced they will continue to use the PCR in the US until the end of the year.

Australian authorities have gone mad and are mandating masks, lockdowns, and are forcing people into detention centers. They are
forcing people to register their friends so if they are caught out with someone not registered you will be subject to a large fine. Next week they are planning to herd 24.000 children into a soccer stadium where they will be forced to take an experimental vaccine that is killing  people, despite the fact that the odds of them dying of COVID are a million to one. The globalists are using this fake pandemic to install a police state in every western country. if the American public continues to acquiesce to these insane edicts from the Bill Gates controlled medical cartel including the CDC, the WHO, and the NIH we will be in the same boat as New Zealand, Australia, and Canada isn’t far behind. The globalists also have food shortages and power outages planned according to FEMA whistleblower Celeste Solum. 

Must see video – Coming here soon.

The Department of Homeland Security just released a new report called, “A Summary of Terror Threats To The US Homeland” where Anti-Vaxxers are listed as potential violent terrorist threats. DHS has previously listed Christians, Conservatives, White Supremacists and anyone who questions if Dopey Joe got over 80 million votes. There is your agenda folks. No mention is made of violent, anti-American groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa, but patriots are a danger to the country. They are going to put half of the country on the No-Fly list and will set up check points around the country to check your vaccine papers. Detention centers for COVID deniers are being set up in every state and they are already taking applications for positions in these prison camps. 

Could this be happening because the economy is ready to collapse? Will the manufactured food shortage make Americans more 
compliant? Mike Adams said Dr. Richard Fleming told him that Fauci and his team have already come up with an AIDS infused
spike protein with an immuno-deficiency component. Will this be the depopulation endgame the Luciferian global eugenicists have
longed for?

Mike Adams’ analysis of the DHS Report:

Joe Biden’s Generals warned him to leave 2500 troops in Afghanistan and cautioned that a hasty withdrawal wouldn’t provide any
assurances against a Taliban takeover and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, among others, had reservations about the capability of the Afghan Army to keep the peace. This move by our illegitimate and cognitively deficient president is just one in a long line of blunders that have weakened this country and for the first time some Democrats are beginning to question this president’s inept and incompetent  decision making. We are also seeing that Biden Administration officials are as incompetent as Dementia Joe. America under Joe Biden is turning into a full-blown police state, where our freedoms are disappearing in front of our eyes and we are powerless to stop it. We must start speaking out against this tyranny at school board meetings and town hall meetings, and confront these unelected officials who are implementing these globalist, racist, and un-American edicts. If we don’t start pushing back now it may very soon be too late.


“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.”
*Alexander Solzhenitsyn

*If you have a friend or relative who has been negatively affected by one of the COVID vaccines I’d like to hear your story. Please email me at

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