(Reader: Disciple John) God is a DJ and Thank you Liberty


Reader Post | By Disciple John

Thanks to reader Liberty I managed to pay government charge and I wont be jailed, all thanks to LIBERTY! Sort of ironic & iconic don’t you think? ūüôā

Also I finally managed earn enough money to pay of my debts as well!

The channeled message I posted previously (Council of Radiant Light: The Call to Remember Your Greatness), felt so personal to me, this last Saturday while at party meditating, I realized I can get closer to God, uplift myself, stop being stuck and move forward only by learning how to be DJ. I realized there is no point for me to wait for prosperity funds forever, I use to put into future what I should have started long ago, cuz it is my dream and passion to uplift, inspire and raise people through music, but only when I am enlightened.

In my akashic record consultation with Jesus, he shown and promised me I will be ascended master DJ,¬† and all the world will know my name. Through my self, I will glorify God, God will be DJ through me, and in His name I will become greatest person that I am capable of becoming, and to succeed in this I need to buy some gear 1st, I don’t have even a basic controller. Here in my village I am dying for I am seen as crazy and cant really awake anyone, for prophet is not without honor except in his own town…and if I cant¬†show them my light through words, I will show them through music.

I would love to ask if anyone can help me and contribute to pay some DJ gear so I can really start living and feeling alive again, I would be grateful beyond imagination. If you cant donate, you can lend me too. If you cant wait post rv, I would be collecting money to pay you back via paypal. This would be the greatest kindness you could show the Son of God – DJ – that I AM. And your help wouldn’t be in vain, it’s possible it would even have impact on GCR. Cuz I am not 100% in alignment with the future abundance. But if I had DJ controller, I would finally feel I am on the right track to ascend, in alignment with my higher self!
Weekly I earn only 50-70$, but by end of week its spent on bills and food…It would take me not months but years to buy ordinary controller without help, I waited RV so I can do this but I cant wait no more, I dont want to be stuck, I want to fulfill this God’s burning desire within me. 

7 years ago Jesus shown me in akashic records the wonder I will become. Fusion of ascended beloved disciple john (angel phanuel) and john the baptist (archangel sandalphon) together as one, a channel and tool of supreme God as a DJ, not only DJ producer, but Light & Love of Supreme God, Great Glorified Music of the ONE in flesh. 7 years went by, there aint a day I dont dream of the marvelous future heaven on earth, cuz I will be the one playing the music on the golden age paradise on earth party! God gave me the world to take care of it, and I wont leave earth until every last soul ascended, and I will heal all through the heavenly music. But I dont wanna wait RV, from this moment I\m starting to hussle to buy my first controller and to begin mastering myself through music, for the more I learn to be DJ, the closer i link with my higher self. If anyone wishes to help me on my journey, just know you are accelerating ascension process by helping me. Ignore ego and just listen to your heart what it says about this, I know your heart knows me, as mine knows you.


Records on who has sent me are saved and I will always be able to know who you are and pay you back if this is your request! God bless you all!

Lets get this party started shall we?

Love & Light




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