(Reader: GK) Cable Rates and Media Rats


Reader Post | By GK

I don’t want to write this the same way the garbage man doesn’t want to have his alarm clock rattle him out of bed and to his trash collecting tank. But as much as he hates his job and garbage stench he feels obligated not to call in sick to work.

Garbage piles up.

When I see garbage piling up I write about it.

Did I take a stance on Kim? Nope I posted her the way news is supposed to be posted.

Remember way back when Kennedy was first lied about by the news? We only had 3 elite controlled news channels then. We believed what they told us.

The reason the Cable news never loses lawsuits is because they are protected by contract law. Contract law is the devil’s key to all bad deals. Hey you agreed.

Cable TV runs under the banner of a subscription based entertainment service. No one has to take you by the hand and gently whisper in your ear what is real and what isn’t. When Saturday Night Live does a funny commercial satire you are tipped off by a live audience who is laughing. Too bad you can’t hear the CNN team laughing. Otherwise you might not buy nonsense hook, line and sinker.

If Saturday Night Live just made satire but didn’t tell you, most of you would be looking for the cereal ‘Quarry’ in the grocery store as presented by Phil Hartman. You would say, hey buddy, where can I find quarry cereal… It’s really loud and crunchy…

But CNN and all the other cable networks have zero obligation to say, if you believe this shit, the joke is on you.

The elite (barely) honors contracts… Shall we take a look at the Kol Nidre prayer? They sometimes honor contracts unless it is inconvenient, then if they want, because they said this prayer a year in advance as to not feel guilt about reneging on oaths. Of course that is not their reasoning. The Talmud essentially says the opposite of everything it says somewhere else in the Talmud. Butts covered. Having sex with toddlers is both okay and not okay. Consult your Rabbi.

This is the privilege of being chosen. They can declare anything okay and not okay depending on the circumstance. Noahide law protects the Jew but since you are a barn animal you cannot complain to a Jew… That is absurd. Cows have no rights. Jeesh.

But contract law is the miracle of the Talmud and why very few Jews pay the same price for crime as we do. Just because you assume they are telling the truth on cable TV or the mockumentary. You have to admit, it is kind of funny that the cow who is given a TV in the barn, doesn’t understand why the studio audience is laughing at John Beluchi’s workout regimen of little chocolate donuts.

It’s nice to be given the luxury of a TV but no one owes the cow an explanation as to what is real and isn’t.

But I offer you a video and some irony and allow you the privilege of letting all the cells in your noggin to wonder if you are being played. You get angry because you have been eating chocolate donuts for years on John Beluchi’s recommendation. They are good for you. Tasty and patriotic to boot.

Trump knows contracts only honor his desires. Just ask the building contractors he never paid. He also understands the same people played him better. Grrrr. Ruffles the wig.

But I agree, Trump is smarter than most. He understands the game.

It would do no good to remind people of Bush and Obama and Maleki and Paul Bremer and executive order such and such… Because the names and promises come and go and a few get to profit where the promise wasn’t worth the ink.

The Judge never explains his court room represents a ship and he the captain and dispensing justice is admiralty law and all punishment is essentially administered in dollars. Caveat emptor says buyer beware. Contract law and the cable package has no obligation to tell you some are living nicely on currency sales and others are living on hopes, dreams and promises.

You aren’t living on these currencies presently, you are probably living month to month on some sort of social service digital entitlement or allocation.

Some of you work real jobs. Some of you contract to kill people in the way of the oil rig. I imagine that has its emotional and physical burden. God might absolve you. God’s contract is sort of simple. If it feels wrong don’t do it.

But I am not here to instill guilt or make you feel gullible. I am here as a journalist saying, hey… consider this.

Who is Kim. Great question. Who is Trump? Great question. Who would forgive themselves for releasing bioweapons under Cable TV lies, kill your family, then mumble something to the sky in an ornate building to rationalize premeditated murder.

I tried to warn my family about the jab. Just as I let the messenger be a messenger. Cops should be cops and the law should be about justice not a big old money making con game.

Buyer beware. It says so in the contract.

Nothing I say says Kim good. Trump bad. Ron Giles hundred trillion dollars for everyone– crazy.

I woudn’t turn my back on a paid mercenary with a T-shirt that says I kill for breakfast, though.

Wow that1991 CNN whooboy. My eyes practically sting from the mustard gas.


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