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Submitted by August 15, 2021

The Zetas are definitely catastrophists, they really want you to believe (under the guise of benignly warning you) that the planet is going to hit some traumatic times. Every other sentence is Nibiru related. They might even be convincing if they weren’t so relentless (desperate much?) and if they hadn’t made a major mistake with a similar prediction years ago – and alarmism and fearmongery is very definitely one strike and you’re out territory.

Once you have demonstrated you do not have full knowledge of your topic i.e. you don’t hold all the cosmic cards, you may as well put your predictive apparatus away and adopt a slightly more humbler stance toward the public you are supposedly serving.

Pattie Brassard has said that so many actually believe in a Nibiru timeline that they are going to get one, a split off (like the christos second coming fraternity) so their labours haven’t entirely been without fruit.

My own view is they are either insincere and have an impure agenda: feeding negative stuff into their reports to shape the minds of us, the real reality programmers so that we will create a reality more suitable to their ends. (See how they try and seed the idea that Trump’s return may be as late as 2022 coinciding with an earthquake in this report.)

Or, lacking the evolutionary reach (at this stage) to be on or part of the real higher dimensional councils that have proper control and custodianship of the planet (in terms of keeping it safe) they are sincerely reporting from the limited vantage point of whatever subplane of 4d counts as infinity for them, where of course dire events could happen (because the energy is still tainted with fear at that level) and where to them they are one of the few ‘authorities’ around to report on such (because they cannot access higher, more powerful and clear dimensions where more insightful and advanced ‘authorities’ exist).

And yet I might be doing them a disservice by trying to force them into an either/or category model. They appear to be on the side of the ‘Junta’ that supports the President’s public re-instatement and the prediction re early 2022 might hold some realism if they themselves have seen how similar dates have slipped by the wayside and so enabled them to guage the psychological forces and concerns that allowed them to do so and projected them onto the future.


I never and will never read or analyse the material they present that matches up any kind of earth phenomena with the presence of Nibiru (beware the Jabberwock my son) because given any kind of overview that stuff is far too easy to fabricate and even if they are not pushing an impure agenda of trying to manifest catastrophic outcomes and they actually see it from their level, there are other superior timelines present that don’t hurt or threaten the planet in any way and as an aware reality programmer I don’t play with fear in any sense in my envisaging of the present and future and do not grant a shred of credence to those who do.

So with all that qualification in hand (because these are tricky times, and what is being tested is how positive you can be about the present and the future, so it is useful to be aware when sources come along to seduce you into dimming that very joyful, blazing light … ) Here is an item from them re the Joint Chief’s website.

“Was there an attempt to take over the Joint Chief’s website on the day before the notorious August 13 reinstatement of President Trump?  This website was down for over an hour on the morning of August 12. This can easily be arranged by the Pentagon because they control the Domain Name Server for .mil websites.  Those in the Military supporting a return of President Trump had indeed changed the site to state that General Berger was the head of the Joint Chiefs, and no mandatory vaccination of Military personnel would occur. 

When this post was discovered by the Biden Administration staff, a scuffle occurred. Of course the office of the Secretary of Defense has access to the websites of the Military and quickly scrubbed the Joint Chief’s site and returned it to espouse General Milley. Who are the players in this drama and what is the likely outcome? Biden is a White Hat Double under the control of the Junta. The Biden appointed Secretary of Defense  – General Austin – is not a Double nor does he follow the Junta directives. He does what the White Hat Double Biden tells him to do. 

The Junta as a block is pro-Trump and wants to reinstate President Trump. They hoped the civil route of audits and decertification by the states and intervention by SCOTUS would cause this to happen. General Milley – the current official Chairman of the Joint Chiefs – is pro-Biden, and does not want the use of the Military Kraken evidence to be used during this political fight. In April it was reported and confirmed by ourselves that a coup occurred within the Military such that General Berger, a Marine, took charge of the Joint Chiefs.

As we have explained, the Junta needed an excuse, a trigger, to allow them to announce that President Trump is considered their Commander in Chief, and argue the issue before the American public. A route was plotted whereby President Trump would proclaim that he expected to be reinstated in August, and Mike Lindell would publicize this date as Friday August 13. Much drama and exposure was expected and did occur. Next the White Hat Biden (under the control of the Junta) would direct the Secretary of Defense to authorize mandatory vaccinations for the Military.

Now on August 13 was(?) have open conflict within the Military. More than just control of the website is required, however, for the American public to grasp the issue. More than just live debate hosted for days on end by Mike Lindell is needed. More than just the bulk of the Military standing up to the supposed Commander in Chief – Biden – and defying his orders is needed. We have predicted that when the New Madrid turmoil occurs toward the end of 2021 or early 2022 and requires Martial Law, that the Military will casually announce that President Trump never left office, and that no one will care.”



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