(Reader: GK) Immunity and Evil Massacre?


Reader Post | By GK

Let’s understand a global reset means nothing if people do not grasp the following. 


So I’m out here solving real world problems in my laboratory. Fully funded by a government grant of 7 hundred and something a month plus food stamps.

They asked me to fix the brain dead science of vaccination whereas something in the environment you would likely never encounter like a rusty nail is put into a shot full of toxic chemicals and heavy metals so the body is forced to react, not to the rust but the toxins.

Think money making rackets not cures…

The body freaks out and sends white blood cells to contain the rape and make sure it doesn’t go on raping other biological functions in the body. Essentially it is not a vaccine creating antibodies it is the body that God gave you. The vaccine is like a rattlesnake bite. The body freaks out and sends white blood cells during a rattlesnake bite to try and save your life also. Sometimes it fails but mostly it succeeds even though you will be so sick you wish you were dead.

Yep, a 7 pound hunk of pink meat called a baby gets hundreds of diseases pumped into their bodies that the odds of them encountering in a lifetime are near zero, has to try and fend off these toxic poisons. Good thing God loves babies because clearly hospitals, Doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical companies don’t. God’s amazing work eons in existence before so called science figured out how to make needles, has quite the fight for no valid reason. Might as well throw rattle snakes in its crib.

And oh boy that baby has body debt to pay if it somehow survives to appear normal when a parent can’t possibly know what normal would have been without the poisons quarantined by the antibodies, God’s heroes NOT of mad scientists.

Like barrels of radioactive toxic waste sitting at the bottom of your local lake, leaking over time, that baby has a hundred such barrels of leaking toxins to cause a lifetime of autism, cancers and mutating maladies that the medical and pharmaceutical patents pills for like deranged heroin dealers. Your baby is their addict for life. Addicted to trying not to feel so damn sick.

But what is feeling normal? The pin cushion of toxins has damned up that reality. One can never know how wonderful your baby would have been had it not been raped by poison.

Let me be perfectly clear, anyone says, I’m not anti-vaccine, vaccines are miracles of science, is an idiot. You fell for a huge satanic mafia con and risked your child.

God is great. God saved your baby. The satanic mafia just records what happens over time after raping your baby with poisons.
The AshkeNazi has 112 hereditary diseases. White’s have none, blacks have one and Asians two. This is off the Jewish consortium health network, not Stormfront.

One might ask how or why this is possible. One with a reasonable sized brain would look at the genealogy and history and habits and migrations and other patterns. Blood drinking rituals such as Rabbis using their mouths on a baby’s penis after circumcision, and spreading herpes and other venereal diseases. Those lineages that trace to blood drinking and sodomite tribes that lived underground and were cannibalistic and interbred… Could these factors have laced an entire lineage of people with 112 hereditary diseases? Gee ya think? Especially in contrast to those who didn’t practice blood drinking and interbreeding in a closed society for over a thousand years.

But hey, way too much common sense and logical questions for one article except for this last question. When the AsheNAZI who ran the banks that funded Hitler and created Israel and is the top mafia created the racketeering of SCIENCE and Hollywood propaganda plus everything else, was their control racket of medicine in any way tied to the fact they were pissed their 112 hereditary diseases weren’t anyone else’s problem unless they could spread those diseases forward to other gene pools either through interbreeding such as rape, rob and pillage and the hysteria of consuming toxins under false pretenses…

And also amazingly coincidental that sugar is diseases best friend and these lineages also cornered the candy and cookie markets.
The truth shall set you free.

I had to stop myself but everything I say can be easily found. But Hollywood brainwashed you to think questioning stuff like this was akin to evil narrow minded intolerance. Had we known this stuff all along we could have helped the AshkeNAZI and protected our own children.

Venereal diseases are parasites much like rabies. Rabies induces a violent predatory sociopathic tendency to offense over defense… Premeditated plots and plans to be ready for aggressors that aren’t even in existence. In other words, a paranoia that is aggressive and delusional. Something like creating bioweapons designed to kill perceived enemies and not actual enemies.

They created immunity for questions along the way through categorizing normal human behavior as mental disorders.

I am not convinced we are seeing a white hat jubilee of disclosure but new dirt shoveled upon the awakening..

Evil Massacre?

Saturday night a Satanic Ritual backfired on the Satanists
Maybe talking in tongues and in reverse got misinterpreted by whomever answers chants.

According to Tank, their prayers weren’t answered in the way they had hoped.


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