Thomas Anderson ‘You Need to Stand up’


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 8, 2021

Dear Readers

since a LOOOOONG time you and your friends are reading this site

we read about the white house being empty

we read about the cabal being defeated

we read about the cabal fighting back and Trump and the white hats fighting hard to bring the global cabal down finally

we read “TRUST THE PLAN”


and we trust the plan

and we keep quiet

we also read about the intergalactical friends to not being able to help us unless we ask them for help, unless we call out for their help, unless we raise our heads and voices to call for help

which we don’t do in most cases…


(I know you do not like to read this)

(but please proof me wrong if you can)



we know that the cabal is not stupid

we know that their plan for a long time was to do the GREAT RESET

we know that EVERYTHING in the “outer reality” right now is heading to this Great Reset and to an enslavement of humanity

including being microchipped, tracked, stripped off any property, made and held poor etc etc

including most probably the killing of the most of the white population world wide be vaxxinating them with THOSE vaxxinations, which are

(as we can read and listen here) almost sure deadly within 2-3 years time.


as you can read in my first book, the killing of the white race (I wrote it differently, my target was the descendants of Cain)(which are the germans, arians, Persians, nearly all white americans etc)

is part of eliminating an error which occurred whithin the making of the actual HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS and which lead to the ongoing troubles the world experienced since those days around 6000 years ago


getting rid of the “GODs DNA” within the whites, which was not wanted by the (very real) creator of humans, but of his very own brother, who had a different idea of free will for all created life forms,

was possible in the early days, but not done. NOW, as this DNA is spread all over the world in nearly every white man, the only way is: kill all of them or track them down and control all of them.


here we are


given the fact that we handle here with very LONG term plans

and with very intelligent, however, evil people and / or  beings WHO ARE NO FRIENDS of humans

WHO CAN PROOF me wrong when I tell you that all this Q movement, all the “trust the plan” and all the postponed RV news are nothing more but misinformation to let things happen as planned in the meantime

and when the rest is standing up they are so small in number that controlling them is NO PROBLEM at all for those in power.

of course I see the website of the white house in Washington and I see its empty


but, hey, at the end: this could be part of the plan

of course I see that numerous people of high ranks are coming forward and telling all sort of things about secretly prepared stuff…

but at the end: secrets are secrets and whistleblowers can be also be double agents or misinformationagents.

of course I see that Joe B(i)den is a ZERO and mentally sick, but, hey, this can be all part of a very intelligent plan, very complex and very well planned, to keep those who think quiet, to keep those who are against it waiting and


and waiting

and we waited

and it became worse every day

every single day

and the RV was postponed every day


and every attempt to write open letters to the white hats and to get them involving US, the PEOPLE, lead to – nothing

nothing but waiting

PROOF ME WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we here about election fraud

is it on the mainstream?

you may hate me for saying this,

you  may think and tell me, I was supposed to say and think something positive and create my own positive future and … etc etc

but what are WE doing?

we all WAIT

for what???

for someone else to do the job



we are told (!) to wait and let the military and the white hats do the job


what IF this is all part of an evil plan to keep US, YOU, quiet and WAITING all the time until —- until its too late??

we see that BILLIONS of people are vaxxianted already

its already done

too late for them

we see them actually now going after the children

not yet too late for them, but, hey, not very far from it!!

we see them talking about ongoing lockdowns, we see Australia entering a NAZI like dictatorship

its already there


its done

the people in France stand up and fight

why not the people in Germany?
why not in the US?

what the hell are we waiting for???????????????????????????

the risk that this all is  fat lie is THERE

even if I am wrong, only the risk of it being there is enough reason to do something NOW


Americans of every color, nation and religion
Hispanos of the world

S T A N D     U P     N O W



the white race is on the edge of being whipped out

the people of the world are on the edge of being enslaved completely

the number of those in power is VERY small

the only advantage they have is money

all other advantage is on OUR side

S T A N D   U P     N O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

World Conspiracy in English language (ebook / paperback)

In German language (only paperback, sold out in new condition, used still available)

Space Conspiracy  in English language (ebook / paperback)

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