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Order followers are the most dangerous entities conceivable. Without them the Universe and everyone and everything in this freak-show-illusionary-nightmarish-hell would be slightly, if not enormously, a lot better off and more capable of moving forward in a more positive and uplifting direction for the benefit of all freedom loving life forms.

But, NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh, nooooo!!!!! That would upset the ego to no end and we can’t have that. I mean, after all, isn’t the ego responsible for all the greatest achievers in history? In a word, yes.

Hitler was a great achiever. Stalin was a great achiever. Mao Zedong was a great achiever. Pol Pot was a great achiever. Gingus Kahn was a great achiever. Lenin was a great achiever.

They achieved greatness…great big humongous detrimental accomplishments…and became infamous in the history of the world, albeit on the negative side of history. And, of course, there are countless others that could be included.

And, there are positive and uplifting results from the actions of high achievers that were and are of sound minds…people who respect others and are mindful and helpful of the needs of benevolent life forms.

The ego-driven dangerous order followers are the ones that support the negative overlords and it is blatantly obvious who they are.

They are: law enforcement, but, not all.
: military, but, not all.
: politicians, nearly 100%
: doctors and professors, both medical and scientific, but, not all.
: MSM, all of it.

It’s rather obvious that this list is enormous if followed through till the end, if there is an end.

Order followers are sheeple. Bahhh! Baahhh! Baaahhhhhh! ! ! ! “Whatever you say, master. Just give me money, master, and I’ll do your bidding because I can’t think for myself and I don’t care about anyone or anything else other than my personal gain. Thank you, master.”


These are the mentally weakest life forms, the lower life forms as I perceive them to be. As being far more dangerous than any virus, these illusionary images strike fear and loathing in the masses of other sheeple as the order followers gear up for mass jabbing causing massive and devastating consequences. Oh, it is as real as real can be in this illusion. “It don’t get no realer” as the saying goes.

So, as for myself, my task is to not be upset.

Don’t be sucked in to the sewage. Stay focused on the true reality…Heaven.

God and Heaven is the only true reality. This matrix of hell is not real…but it feels pretty solid and real. Even scientific research backs up the theory that everything is an illusion. Einstein was quoted on it and he was, at the very least, an intelligent person who thought deeply about the nature of things.

This is what I choose to believe. If everything is, indeed, just an illusion then my mental, physical, and emotional states of being cannot be affected by the horrors of the world if I choose to view all that seems to exist as simply an illusion. If I can perceive it then it’s not real.

I just have to laugh at myself because what I’m aspiring to do is impossible to do when viewing everything from the perspective of the ego. I must continually use the Holy Spirit’s thought system and not the ego’s. If I’m to awaken from the dream nightmare I must use the Holy Spirit’s thought system and be at peace no matter what seems to be.

Be a great achiever and achieve what so very few attempt to do…awaken from the nightmare.

Jesus did it. Buddha did it as well as many others. I, for one, choose to be in the company of really great achievers and not just an order follower following orders from tyrants and traitors who hate freedom and liberty.

Stay frosty. Life is not for the faint of heart.

Be a lion or tiger, but never a sheeple and you will be achieve greatness.


Love and light to all,



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