(Reader: BL) It Won’t Happen Until the Fall, Read the Prophecies…


Reader Post | By BL

The short version – Select prophecies:


This is My nation and I will change things according to the time and season”:

Spring 2021 (MAR 20 – JUNE 19):

-Reveal and expose evil things that are hidden.

-Joy! (Hope)

-Setting up for the next election (New Congressional and Presidential elections within 120 days of NESARA’s announcement – in the fall…).


Summer 2021 (JUNE 20 – SEPT 21):

-Hurricanes and tornados (The Storm…, HAARP). Eruptions…

-Tumultuous rendering (Among the people, the land, the world). The earth trembles/shakes (D.U.M.B.s blown up, HAARP floods).

-God seems quiet, but is waiting…

-Uncovering of great evil.

-Strange July, strange July…

“And they shall say, ‘But now there is a second president, how can we have two presidents?’ An unusual thing, isn’t it?” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Why would it be that one with a double mind(Biden) would stand up and face the people?” ‘No’, they shall say, ‘We have two presidents, what do we do now?’” Fear not For God said, “As I promised before, this is My Nation, and I will change the things according to the time and season and I told you now in spring, I will expose and reveal things that have been hidden, so that My Nation can move into this next election and to the next phase with victory and honor and glory”


-Two terror organizations (dark powers) rage, then pierced.

Fall 2021 (SEPT 22 – DEC 20):

Pandemonium! Pandemonium in the White House, in the high regions, and below the earth, in Italy and in Rome. All of this uncovered, but unspoken of. Do you realize that things are happening that you know not of because they are hidden from you?” “But look to the fall…”


-Many will fall in the fall (Black hats, Vaccinated?, Election Auditors?).

-Summer tremors so that the fall can do its work in America

“Look to the fall because the earth will be parched in some areas and rain will come, signifying an opening of a door that has not yet been opened; signifying the opening of a door that has been locked for such a time as this.”

-In the fall, many will fall and many will rise from the dust.

In the fall, things are shaken and rebuilding happens, release of resources.



“…believe Me, that I can clear the debt, and I can cause you to be free. To dance again, and to give. And to rejoice in the Lord who made you.” “You will eat delicacies again”.

-Trump is revealed as President – “My chosen David”. “I will put at your helm, for two terms, a president that will pray.” That, “He will not be a praying President when he starts. I will put him in office and then I will baptize him with the Holy Spirit and My power.”

-Hypnotic November…

Winter 2021-2022 (DEC 21 – MAR 19):

-Christmas! I will make them happy!

A new era of energy. A new energy is coming!

-“America shall suddenly see a massive influx of new ideas, a new creativity, a new energy is coming, and it’s coming soon.”, says the Lord. “A new energy is coming and it’s coming soon! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!?”

“I want to give all these things that My people desire before that great and coming day of the Lord! Before I take My people to Myself, I wish to SWEEP across every nation and present Myself one final time!

“I am restoring the fortunes of Zion. I am restoring the fortunes that were the inheritance of My people. I am restoring the fortunes of those that are the elect of God and have been stolen from. You shall eat your delicacies again. And your children will no longer be your food. You shall not use them and take them out of the womb any more.”

Yes, we know there will be tribulation and so it shall be, and My people shall join Me, but before that time there is a global awakening.”


The Long Version – All (most of) the prophecies:

February 10, 2007:

“There will be a praying President, not a religious one (Trump knows God, but doesn’t go to church), for I will fool the people”, says the Lord. “I will fool the people, yes I will.” God says, “The one that is chosen shall go in and they shall say, ‘He has hot blood.’” For the Spirit of God says, “Yes, he may have hot blood, but he will bring the walls of protection(border walls promised by many presidents, but only accomplished by Trump) on this country in a greater way and the economy of this country shall change rapidly.”, says the Lord of Hosts. Listen to the Word of the Lord, God says, “I will put at your helm, for two terms, a president that will pray.” That, “He will not be a praying President when he starts. I will put him in office and then I will baptize him with the Holy Spirit and My power.”, says the Lord of Hosts. (Trump mingled with the elite, but never became one of them. He knows how they operate.)

April 4, 2007:

For God said, “I will not forget 9/11. I will not forget what took place that day, and I will not forget the gatekeeper that watched over New York, who will once again stand and watch over this nation.” says the Spirit of God.

“It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering my name.” But God said, “When he enters into the office, he will be shouting out by the power of the Spirit, for I will fill him with my Spirit when he goes into office and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land.”

“This thing that shall take place shall be the most unusual thing, a transfiguration, a going into the marketplace, if you wish, into the news media where Time magazine will have no choice but to say what I want them to say. Newsweek, what I want to say. The View, what I want to say. Trump shall become a trumpet”, Says the Lord. “Trump shall become a trumpet. I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet and Bill Gates to open up the gate of a financial realm for the church”, says the Lord.

April 4, 2008:

“And they shall say, ‘But now there is a second president, how can we have two presidents?’ An unusual thing, isn’t it?” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Why would it be that one with a double mind (Biden) would stand up and face the people?” ‘No’, they shall say, ‘We have two presidents, what do we do now?’” Fear not For God said, “As I promised before, this is My Nation, and I will change the things according to the time and season and I told you now in spring, I will expose and reveal things that have been hidden, so that My Nation can move into this next election and to the next phase with victory and honor and glory”says the Lord of Hosts!

I feel the Spirit of the Lord telling me to tell you, “There is a reason to have joy at this time. For many say, ‘This is the worst time ever in America.’” (The stolen 2020 election and the imminent rise of Socialism and Communism. Evil seems to be winning.)The Spirit of God said,“Who would declare a recession, and who would declare where I am going?” God said, “This is the best time because joy is coming to you in the spring” (Spring 2021?, 2022?)says the Lord.“Joy is coming to youin the spring, therefore, I want you to prophesy it: ‘JOY!’” God said, “You have enticed Me. You have enticed Me. You have enchanted Me, enticed.” God said, “You have fascinated Me; your sounds of faith and your sounds of praise and your embracing of the prophet and My promise has lured Me in a good way; attracted Me to come a little closer to you, to listen to the sounds of faith, to the sounds of victory, to the sounds of joy. You have sent a message to the caverns and the caves and the dungeons of hell: ‘We shall relive and we will do greater than our forefathers and greater works in His name’ (NESARA/GESARA. “The best is yet to come.”). The forces of darkness have trembled tonight at the sound of a people who are unafraid to fight a good fight of faith.”


December 13, 2008:

Creatures, and those within the sea. now, that dominion is going to be restored to mankind so that they will take authority over the creatures of the sea and over the land and subdue it in order to bring forth the prosperity. For God said, “The earth is waiting for the manifestation of sons of God that will prophesy to it so that it will yield its produce to bring to this nation the prosperity that it’s going to bring.”, says the Spirit of God. “Rejoice for this is a time for you to rejoice!”

“And they shall say, ‘Do not touch this plant, it is poisonous, it contains a deadly poison.’” And God said, “They shall say to you, ‘You cannot eat that, you cannot consume it.’ But that which once brought death by consumption will actually bring life and energy.”, says the Spirit of God. “For a plant, it shall come from a soil, that a thing that would kill the human being, in a tree”, God said, “shall bring a cure to many cancers.” says the Spirit of God.

February 14, 2010:

(Singing prophecy) There is a rain coming to you as never before. Let it rain! Let it rain! As we lift our voice to you, let it rain! The nation is crying out because they’ve been in famine for the rain. Can you hear the sound of thunders? Can you hear the sound of abundance today? Can you hear it? Cause the rain that I’m telling to you is the rain of the Living God. Enjoy the rain. I can hear the sound of ____________. And I can hear the sound of a mighty mighty rain. Let it rain! Let it rain! As I lift my hands, let it rain! Let it rain God, let it rain. As I lift my voice to You, let it rain.

The Spirit of God says, “This nation has faced war, heartache, sorrow, anguish, bitterness, grief. The previous decade brought about demonic seasons (Evil Clinton and Bush era) , but you have entered into a new decade of the divine opposites – the EXACT OPPOSITE to what you experienced in your previous decade shall take place IN AN ABUNDANCE!”, says the Lord. “There’s a rain coming that you’ve been praying for. Rain on your industry (Trump brought industry back to the USA which increased the others), rain on your ministry, rain on your artistry, rain on every tree! I am sending a rain and many are not prepared for it.”, says the Lord. “Many have not built the arks, the ark that will protect them, but many today have built the ark. A rain is coming”, says the Lord, “not of destruction, but for the removal of the hinderances that have been in your way!”, says the Lord of Hosts! Raise up your hands to the Holy One of Israel. “Let the prophet prophesy and breathe upon you the words of life that come. For you have gone through the season of war, pain, death.” Now God says, “The divine opposite is about to be released upon you beginning in the month of March of this year it shall begin slowly – little drizzles.” Then God says, “By the summer it shall be an outburst that shall continue on for the next seven years.People will say, ‘What difference will there be? How will we know?’” God says, “You will know! But I said ‘I will rain upon you’. Not R-A-I-N, but R-E-I-G-N. I am about to reign the divine opposites are going to take place, even politically. (Enter Trump) The spirit of assassination is against this president – I will prevent it.”, says the Lord. “And I will raise up and honor my servants who have prayed. I am sending a rain, and I will reign upon your business, your industry, your ministry, your artistry, and every tree that is ready for my reign.”, says the Lord!(Sings: Let it reign…) The Spirit of God says, If you are one of those that are prepared for this abundance that is coming, do not harden your heart to prophecy, do not say, ‘I’ve heard before of God’s acceleration.’, Yes, there was moments of it in your previous decade. But now”, God says, “there won’t be moments. It will be a season of continual breakthrough – one after the other.”, says the Lord! If you are ready for it, raise your hands to the Lord. Give Him a shout! 

(Singing praise ad lib) He wants to hear faith coming from His people. Remember what He’s done for you. Remember amazing grace. Remember the day He touched your life. Remember the day you needed him – He reached out His hand and raised you up. Remember amazing grace, amazing peace. Do you want it again? Raise your hands cause you know He can do it again. God can do it again. I said, God can do it again and again, again, again, again, again. God can do it again. You do it again. Today might be the day that God will do it again. God will do it again. He will do it again. Today may be the day that He’ll do it again. Remember one more time, the day that He took your body and healed your life because of the scars of the one and only Christ. He wants to show Himself to you…

We don’t feel out of place standing in front of You. We don’t feel uncomfortable. We feel at home. We will not forget what You have done for us. In a hardship, in times of recession we will not forget during our hard times how you kept us. And now as we enter into a season where there will be fruit and things will begin to prosper; rains will come in their season… will we forget You? We have needed You so much. Now we hear that you are about to change the season. The Spirit of the Lord says, “When you go into that land, your enemies have been subdued, when the callous opponents have been stilled, will you remember Me? When heartache is no longer in the forefront of your prayers, and great need and poverty is no longer the priority of your petitions, will you remember Me? I’m not just singing a song to you. I’m not a great singer. I’m prophesying to you. Kim, what are you telling us? I’m telling you I’ve come to announce to you that a season has come to an end. A season of war and a season of anguish. Yes, you’ll still suffer these things; yes, you’ll still have hardship. That never will go away, but it will NOT be the forefront and the priority of your prayer life. There will not be a declaration of your needs, but a declaration of His deeds. The Spirit of God says, “When heartache, destruction lays in ruin and it is no longer the building in which you would have to destroy. And when the time comes, the prosperity is reigning in your business, ministry, industry, and artistry, and everything is flourishing, and there is fruit on your tree, there is water in your well… will you remember Me? Will you remember Me? When your spring is welling up, and when your garden flourishes, the smell of flowers – the fragrance comes to you, will you remember Me again? Will you raise holy hands and tell Me, ‘I will never forget to love You, and I’ll never ever forget sacrifice, and I’ll never forget the sound of love. I will remember You’?”

Your place of pain can turn into a place of reign. Your pain is turning into reign. Don’t judge the season by the temperature. The temperature is now beginning to obey the season. The season has changed.”

February 2, 2013:


I’m caught up to a place where David was by himself. Maybe that’s where you are. A lonely place. a bitter place. Hated by thousands – tens of thousands. Loved by few, but most most importantly, by God. Knowing that He was the only source of strength, he sought after that one thing that every man is honored to ask for – the sacred filling of the soul – The Holy One. David lifted up his hands. Lifted up his heart and cried, ‘My soul seeks you – searches for you in a dry and thirsty land’. I’m caught up there where he stood, and suddenly the wind began to blow, and he said, ‘My heart is steadfast – my heart is fixed. I will sing praise. Yes, I will praise You.’ He lifted up his hands and his heart and began to worship the Lord. Suddenly, that dry and thirsty land was no longer dry and thirsty, but that consequence of that sacred filling of the soul with the celestial light came to him as it comes to you right now. And suddenly darkness no longer seems an issue because that one celestial ray brings light way beyond what we’ve ever seen. And the fire… suddenly the fire that comes with that Spirit… He set His consecrated nature on a blaze.

What’s happening now is I’m taken beyond the veil. I’m hearing so many different sounds that I’ve never heard before. The elderly and the children – an amalgamation of the two voices . It’s the strangest sound. An old voice and a young voice, and it’s together. It’s like there is no age in the sound.

I’m in the Spirit, and very seldom this happens to me, but I’m – at least I have my composure, and this is important. For the few seconds, or whatever it was, I don’t even know how long it was… I sensed – I heard – I couldn’t see, sounds that I never heard before. It was not wicked. It was beautiful. The hearts of the fathers back to the sons. The spirit of Elijah that is coming upon the earth – like we have never seen before! Why do you think he wants to kill our children? A sound like we have never heard before – I have never heard. I hope I live to see it. But there is something beyond this veil, a way that we can never imagine. I pray Lord that each warrior would receive just a glimpse of this future. That you will reign upon land, upon land, upon land, upon land. Upon schools, colleges, prisons. Let the church emerge that we know about that is in existence.

Now Lord, I’m back in the year 2013 – this is 2027 (above), where will I be? The children that you’ve given to us to look after? (Kim and his wife adopted 5 special needs children. Kim died in March 2016 – a month after Trump got into office. God took him) And the many thousands and tens of thousands that we will reach? (Breaks down crying. I think God showed Kim his end.)

Lord, I pray for strength in every persons life right now. I pray Lord, our children, our grand children, our descendants will be blessed, that they would posses the gate of their enemies – I pray for that. I pray for America. The land of the free, the brave – not the cowards. I pray they would rise up again.

November 19, 2013:

I had a dream early hours this morning. In the dream somebody had just died. And I was battling to breathe as well. Not physically, but in the dream. In fact, I was gasping for breath and I was surrounded by death with this person that had just died of cancer. And I heard them saying, “He died of cancer”. And then I heard these words, “This is the end of an era. Something is about to die.” And it seemed like to me it was the last person that will ever die of cancer. (Med beds? Hidden cures?)

February 22, 2014:

This man has stood in Jerusalem – this man that I saw in the vision (Trump), a man that came out of a vision, please hear me. I was standing in my garden; suddenly the Spirit came; removed from my eyes scales. I was praying for America and praying for Israel – nothing unusual. And suddenly behind me, starting behind my back going in the form of an arrow, were hundreds of thousands of people. And I turned around, and I was stunned at what I saw. This was not a mere dream, but this was a vision. And, so I raised my hands like this (raises hands) and every one of them raised their hands. I looked back and they were doing the same thing. I shouted, and they all shouted! They were one. They were one! One party. One party of people. It continued until I realized that the unity of these, amongst them stood one who God had set aside to be the leader of this nation. I said, ‘Why am I hearing this so soon? Surely you would show me a little bit of it closer to the time.’ And the Spirit of God said to me, “This man has a humble stature, but he is a genius.” And then I heard, “Gold”. (Trump decorates everything in gold. Trump is bringing back the gold backed currency, QFS.) I wasn’t sure if this was attached to his name, but He said to me, “He will restore the fortunes in this nation (QFS, NESARA/GESARA) because of his brilliance.” I couldn’t quite see his face because that was not allowed because there was a mist that covered all of the people and he was amongst them. And the Spirit of God made me look at him and He said, “This man will throttle the enemies of Israel. THIS MAN will throttle the enemies of the west. And there are highly embarrassing moments that are about to occur for many many politicians in this nation.” (For there to be a global awakening, people have to see the tents are on fire like David and his men experienced. And like David God will give it all back – X10, but people have to go before God themselves like David did when he asked for the ephod.)

“There will be a shaking amongst the Democrats in the upcoming elections, but unsettling for the Republicans.” Why is God doing this? For God said, “I am DISSATISFIED, with what emerges from both parties”. And then there is a nation He showed me – took me (China); ITCHING for a new kind or war (Cyber warfare, Covid) with America. “They will shout, IMPEACH, IMPEACH they say, but Nay”. “This nation shall come very subtly, but he shall not come in the time of president Obama. They shall come when this new one arises – My David that I have set aside for this nation. A man of prayer! A man of CHOICE WORDS! (Q and the plan) Not a man of verbosity – who speaks too much. They will even say, ‘This man is not speaking enough.’” (Trump is silent-the art of war) But God says, “I have set him aside. They will shout, ‘IMPEACH, IMPEACH!’, but this shall not happen.” (2 impeachments) And then God says, “Highly embarrassing moments when another Snowden arises. (McAfee?) And people will become very afraid. They will say, ‘We have no protection.’”, and God says, “Am I impressed with your weapons of war!? Am I impressed with the strength of your mens legs?! HA! I have said, I will bring this nation to its knees.” And God said, “You have been humbled, and yet, some more, and then you shall hear the sounds of great victory. For where are the people gathered? Where are My people gathered? Where is the sound of unity from My people? 


The Spirit of God says, “My people have cried, my people have cried out for an answer and this is what I have to say”, says the Lord. “A veil has been placed upon this nation and I DID IT! I DID IT! So that for a season my people would wonder and faith would increase. For in darkness faith grows. In despair faith grows. I DID IT! But now my fury has ended. HEAR ME! For I have found a man after my own heart. I have found a man after my own heart and he is amongst you. He is one of the brothers, but singled out for Presidency of the United States of America. Yet hear that transcription of God upon the heart of his prophet: How the gold has become dim, the stones of the sanctuary are scattered at the head of every street. The precious sons of Zion, valuable as fine gold, are now regarded as clay pots. And those who ate delicacies are desolate in the streets, and those who were brought up in royal scarlet now embrace ash heaps. IS THIS WHAT I WANTED?! My people were brighter than snow, whiter than milk. They were like sapphire in their appearance, and now they are stricken for lack of fruits in the field. The hands of once compassionate women have cooked their own children and their children have become food for themYOUR CHILDREN have become food for who were once compassionate women, but my fury is fulfilled.”, says the Lord.

“And I have now kindled a fire in Zion. I have kindled a fire in Zion, in America, in nations throughout the earth, and my fist is about to smack down on Russia. For out of the rebellion of the Ukraine, which was seen by my prophet, shall come out of those ashes – beauty! Shall come out of that sadness – JOY! Shall come out of those garments – praise!”, says the Lord. “I have searched for a man and a woman who would stand in the Oval Office and pray and call for the restoration of the fortunes of Zion. (Donald and Melania Trump. DJT has Jewish roots!) I have looked for a man who would pray for the restoration of the fortunes of Zion. Therefore, if you hear My heart”, says the Lord, “today, I will take you on a journey. I will first take you to Israel whom they would give Jerusalem to his enemies. Why would they give half of Jerusalem away?! This will NOT HAPPEN!”, says the Lord. “For I will take you on a journey today into Jerusalem where it shall be prophesied through song by My prophet what I intend doing in Jerusalem and in The United States of America at the same time”, says the Lord.

“I am restoring the fortunes of Zion. I am restoring the fortunes that were the inheritance of My people. I am restoring the fortunes of those that are the elect of God and have been stolen from. You shall eat your delicacies again. And your children will no longer be your food. You shall not use them and take them out of the womb any more.”says the Lord. “Watch how I change everything for there shall be those who earn/are in justice. and there are those who are in a strong position in the highest court in the land – the Supreme Court: Two shall step down for the embarrassment of what shall take place. For I wish to place in the highest court in the land righteousness. And they shall attempt to put others in to reach their endeavors”,but God says, “Hear Me tonight! Hear Me today! I have this whole thing planned out according to my will. For it is now time for Me to restore the fortunes of Zion. The fortunes to those who had it once, you are going to get it back. This is my promise.”says the Lord of Hosts.

The Spirit of God says,“One more thing I want to talk to you about… That little dwarf in North Korea, I’m getting a little tired of him. I think I’m going to go pay him a visit”, says the Lord. “You watch and see what I do. And that will be a big sign that the man I am sending with a stone for the giant is emerging”, says the Lord! (Trump visited NK/Kim Jong-un and started to turn the tide with a simple plan/stone) 

In this next week this man shall begin to emerge (Trump first spoke of running for president a week after this) and in the following two weeks – which is a three week period, he shall slowly come to the fore. For they are saying, ‘How do we kill the giant?(The Q team and the generals and the military who had been planning to take down the deep state for years – since JFK was assassinated) ‘How do we kill the giant of death? How do we kill the giant of socialism? How do we kill the giant of human secularism?’ I have placed that man amongst you. A humble man. And as Samuel stood before the brothers, and as they had rejected David to come because of his age.” Take all these little remarks I am giving you. They are gems. The name and the word ‘Gold’ – remember that. “A man that is amongst them, but is ___ (Yah?).” And God says,“These that shall reject him shall be shocked at how he takes the giant down.” Now hear me please… “The giant of death, the giant, the giants that have come, the brothers of Goliath (Evil family lines?) stand in glee watching America.” ‘We will cripple you. You will lose your credit.’ But God said,“Watch, I said 20,000 (DOW hit 20,000 for the first time after Trump took office). Look not to Wall Street, however, observe. And they shall say, ‘What is your plan for this, this giant?’ “And he will take a simple stone (remember the name)and he will hold it up, and they will laugh at him. But the plan is so brilliant”, says the Lord, “it could only have been given by Me”.

“California you are dying because of a drought… watch My sign. Watch the sign of rain. For I told you there would be severe wind from above, and all the states that are affected by this severe weather have been set up for a shaking of My Spirit, and an outpouring of My Spirit. But California I’m looking at you. Gold – stone – California – a small statue.” And God says“Once you recognized the man that I have raised up, pray! For the enemy will do everything in His power TO PUT A WITCH in the White House!”(HRC) Did anybody hear what He just said? “For Jezebel has chased away the prophets and even Elijah! Now, I have said, ‘GO BACK!’ For this shall be dismantled, so that there will be no more corruption in the White House!”, says the Spirit of God!

May 17, 2014:

“Look to the fall because the earth will be parched in some areas and rain will come, signifying an opening of a door that has not yet been opened; signifying the opening of a door that has been locked for such a time as this.”

“Pandemonium! Pandemonium in the White House, in the high regions, and below the earth, in Italy and in Rome. All of this uncovered, but unspoken of. Do you realize that things are happening that you know not of because they are hidden from you”says the Lord.(Human/child trafficking and satanism in DUMBS below the White House and below the Vatican. WH closed down/dark while dozens or hundreds of buses and vans remove the people held captive under the earth in DUMBS. Hidden for the secret plan and because they are hard truths to realize.) “But look to the fall.”

June 14, 2014:


“‘Eruptions’summer says. ‘Why choose me? Why do the tornados the, hurricanes choose me? I am summer. I bring smiles. I bring sunshine, I bring warmth. Yet there is a tumultuous rendering that is coming. I stand to protect spring, but fall, you are rebelling. Or is it that possibly the Spirit of God will cause many to fall in fall? Then there is the earth that wishes to tremble(Blowing up of DUMBs all over the world causing small earthquakes. No more human trafficking or worshiping satan in hidden places. No place to hide when they plan to destroy the world).Shake for the nations of the earth stand waiting’”. ‘He is quiet, He shall not return. This God is too quiet’. “But my mercy endures forever. However, there is an uncovering of great evil and I will start from the top. I have shaken the Democrats and will shake the Republicans(RINOs)even more. But remember when these tremors and when these tumultuous moments happen, summer says, ‘I will take it so that the fall can do its work in America.’” “The auto industry of this nation shall rise and they shall disappoint the expectations of the East. And they shall say, ‘Why does America still prosper?’” “Princes of darkness and demonic powers are raging for these two extremely wicked terror organizations (Antifa and BLM?) to be pierced with the Sword of the Lord. Summer, take it. For thus says the Lord, I will prosper My people. And during the fall there shall be many that shall fall and many that shall rise from the dust. The earth is standing prepared. ‘I shall take it for the summer shall bring forth much in temperatures. Strange July, strange July.’ Hypnotic November and oh Christmas, where winter shall say, ‘And me? I will make them happy.’” For God says,“I have chosen each season to manifest something. My will shall be done!” “And it shall come to pass that I shall bring sign after sign, and in the fall that which comes down is that which was able to be shaken.And I will rebuild and release the resources and in the fallwill show you whom I have chosen to pray for and guide this nation. You shall rejoice for it is My man. It is My chosen David”says the Lord.

September 6, 2014:

(Singing prophecy ad lib) “I made you a light for the world to see – America My love! I made you a voice for the world to hear – America, you are My love. You are My love. You are My light, you are My song in the night. You are My smile. You are My voice in troubled times. I call to you. You are My light America. You are My voice of My Son. I brought you forth for Myself America My love.” (Talking prophecy) “I do not care what anybody says. God called this nation to be a light. Yes it has flaws. So does Israel. Yes, it has imperfections, but did I call my people to perfection? I said, ‘You would be a light shinning in a dark place’. I said, ‘You would be a hand that feeds the hungry’. And I gave you oil to heal nations. And I gave you my breath to sing – even your national anthem has My breath on it. Now there are foes. (During Obama presidency…) Isis is not an Islamic state. It is a god that was worshiped centuries and millennia ago starting with Nimrod. That same spirit has rested upon the east/middle east, AND IS KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR! BUT YOU HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED ME AS THE LORD GOD OF YOUR NATION! ISIS WILL CEASE TO INFLUENCE AND EXIST ON THE STREETS OF MY SOIL! AMERICA AND ISRAEL AND WESTERN NATIONS, YOU SHALL PUT YOUR FIST DOWN ON TURKEY! YOU SHALL PUT YOUR FIST DOWN ON RUSSIA, SIRIA, AND IRAN! ISIS, HEADS HAVE BEEN TAKEN FROM CHILDREN! I DO NOT LIKE THAT!”, says the Lord! “THEREFORE I HAVE COME TO THE EARTH TO EXAMINE AND TO EXPECT… TO SEE HOW I WILL JUDGE YOU IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR ENEMIES! NO 9/11 ATTEMPT SHALL BE TO THEIR SATISFACTION!”, says the Lord! “NO! BUT WATCH CHICAGO AND WATCH MICHIGAN FOR THERE ARE TERRORS THAT DRAW CLOSER AND CLOSER TO BANISH THE SOUNDS of praise. ISRAEL HAS PRAISED ME AND SHALL CONTINUE. MY PEOPLE/ECCLESIA SHALL PRAISE ME AND THEY SHALL CONTINUE. THEREFORE, I AM THE GUARDIAN OF THIS NATION, AND I WILL PUT A STOP TO IT, AND EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE IN THE FALL UNTIL YOU REALIZE THAT I HAVE SPOKEN AND IT IS SO!”, says the Lord of Hosts!

December 13, 2014:

“Saudi Arabia is hiding something and they will be caught with their pants down”, says the Lord. “They will be caught.”, says the Lord. (Saudi Arabia’s king and princes were removed by Trump and a new king placed due to the child trafficking and sacrifice) “Netanyahu! Listen to me Netanyahu! You are afraid of what is happening in Iran. Forget that for a minute! Look to other countries for Ashob(?) has already made a decision. This prophet was caught up and saw the table that they have stood at. This prophet has heard how this dog that is from a junkyard has been released and how he will bite viciously, but his attack shall not only be with Iran, but it shall come against Saudi Arabia” But the Lord says, “Do not worry because while these cats and dogs are fighting America shall begin to bloom. America shall begin to prosper. America shall bring oil. America shall bring oilAmerica shall suddenly see a massive influx ofnew ideas, a new creativity, a new energy is coming, and it’s coming soon.”, says the Lord. “A new energy is coming and it’s coming soon! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!?”, says the Spirit of God. (NESARA/GESARA: The release of hidden patents. Med beds, free Tesla energy, anti-gravity, etc.)

“So what is the stench? What is the stench that I’m hearing? Hear the prophet today. What is the stench that I’m SMELLING? WHAT IS IT!? What I am smelling is betrayal. The spirit of Judas and the spirit of Joseph standing together. Judas which means to take away one, but Joseph which means to add, and the Lord will add. WHAT AM I SAYING!? Isis is a problem, but it’s not the only problem. They have made a plan to enter the schools of America. No, no, no, this is a long term plan. They shall enter in and they shall send young men and women, and they shall intermarry, and they shall raise up families that shall stand in contempt in the second presidency from now. (Biden) And they shall be called another name then, and they shall attempt to do something in the White House. They’ll watch all your movies – how the White House has been taken down (White House Down-2013, Olympus Has Fallen-2013, London has Fallen-2016, Angel has Fallen-2019). And they have dreamed their dreams, and I have sat and I have watched, and I have laughed because it is true that they can possibly cripple America for a season, and they did. But THEY WILL NEVER TOUCH ISRAEL! For you see Israel has My supernatural protection. Israel has My supernatural protection.”

“What did the prophet just say to you? May I pose a question? Can the borders of Iran, Pakistan; can the borders of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, can they stop Yeshua? No.” “Now hear me out.”, says the Lord. “Mecca, how they have been fooled and cursed; that cursed stone (black stone set into the eastern corner of the Kaaba – an Islamic relic which, according to Muslim tradition, dates back to the time of Adam and Eve.) that shall be unravelled and broken in pieces.” And I speak boldly today from this platform, but respectfully. “Saudi Arabia, you kept the oil. You tried to deal with Russia.” God says, “You did the wrong thing. For when you touch my church, can my ecclesia be destroyed? Never. Yes, we know there will be tribulation and so it shall be, and My people shall join Me, but before that time there is a global awakening. No, no, not just one town and city, not just one country, BUT MANY! Look how I invaded Egypt.”

You see, most people don’t know this, but it was in Arabia that John the Baptist was beheaded. And it is in Arabia and Saudi Arabia shall and has persecuted more Christians than you realize, but God has said, “I will now make them accountable. How will I do this? I will prosper the very country they hate – calling them the Great Satan.” (America) 

New energy is arising and God says that, “Even though oil shall always be fought after, they shall be burning and burning and burning like you have never seen. And there shall be fights and antagonism, but I cannot unfortunately do it now as I am stuck with one (Obama) who has decided not to fight Islam. Not to fight radical Islam.” But God said, “I will cause a new one to rise up (Trump) in this nation.” And God said, “There shall be a prophetic anointing that shall carry you until that year. And that prophetic anointing”, says the Lord, “will bring prosperity to the soil of this country and to the families of this nation. Yes, they have sinned. America is not guiltless.”, but God said, “When I weight the balances, when I weigh the scales, when I set out the scales, there is great iniquity in Saudi Arabia and all over that region, and therefore, watch with your eyes as the earth shakes. (Trump went to SA and made the king and princes step down, then installed a new leadership. SA was a major hub for child trafficking. DUMBs blown up shaking the ground.) And watch how this prosperity comes. For now I set the prophetic seal upon My house and upon My church to prosper and prosper and prosper even more.” says the Lord of Hosts.

God said, “There will be an intermingling – marrying. Terrorism, Isis coming into the country luring the girls and the young men.” But God said, “I told you about the Damascus road experience. I told you I’m not going to sit back. If I did it then, I will do it now again. As they are attempting to persecute My church whom I am building”, that’s what He says, “so I shall once again appear. Blinders shall come. Scales on eyes. And the voice shall come who says, ‘I am Jesus whom you are persecuting.’” That day is upon us. But I just heard something, and I know that you watching all over the world just heard it with me. You just heard – from this den, Gods prophet laying out a plan – entering into a new era of energy. America listen. “Fracking and whatever you call it is going to take place. There is going to be a great supply of oil.” And God spoke this. “Yes, many would say, ‘But it’s time for America to end now.’ You would agree with Islam and the terrorist organizations? Would you? When you just heard the heart of God?” Everyone watching me right now, did you hear? God said, “There are two things that are present; the spirit of Judas, which is betrayal to its own nation, and to its own people, and to its own Messiah; and then there is a spirit of Joseph that is being released.” Now, you can be a part of this. Joseph means that the Lord will add. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for God to add! I said, ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for God to add!’

Before I do anything else – this drew it out of me. I’ve been-all week I’ve been carrying this… And now… and I was carried above a table with Putin and four others. I DID! I saw them writing things which I am not permitted to speak now, otherwise I won’t be alive next week. I am not permitted to speak this now, but there will come a point when I can share it with the right authorities and I will do it. And I will do it as I go to Israel. That is my duty.

April 1, 2015:

How seriously you take the offering, because starting right from the beginning there was a fight between two brothers, because one brought one that was acceptable and the other had no heart in his offering, and he killed his brother. Thousands of years later that same spirit is in existence because of greed. I see a king falling… I see a king falling… Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Solomon. Lord, you are not pleased. The wall, there is a wallbeing built that will not be completed for a take-over.(The Mexican border wall was to control illegal immigration, including middle easterners/Isis/Iran, but wasn’t finished before Trump stepped down) Already a plan… “Iran you’re of wicked plans. Your wickedness can not be covered. I’ve seen you.” says the Lord. “I’ve already spoken about you.”

July 25, 2015:

“I’ve watched as the soil and the elements of this nation and the world have rebelled, and said, ‘We wish to erupt; we wish to shake’. And I have stopped them for there has been one that I have stopped latter part of last year”, says the Lord, “that would have destroyed buildings all up the Pacific Northwest, all up the Pacific Northwest. But I stopped it. I said, ‘No, you will not’. For there shall arise leaders that shall speak the truth in this nation and I will give them one more chance”, says the Lord. “And because of that, I have extended My period of grace and I will remove from this office those who have corrupted the truth and lied and spoken to their enemies at the gate as if they were their friends. This has insulted Me”, says the Lord. “therefore, I will give you peace, I will give you righteousness and there shall arise men and women that shall pray in the White House. And they shall bring the latter rain into this nation and onto the earth”says the Lord.

August 29, 2015:

“Where was I when this nation began? People lived in their fields, prayed to their God, gave their hands – their feet, and then their blood for this nation that I call ‘precious’, ‘my darling’, ‘America’. I was there as they stood as families together watching loved ones die – I was there. Hear the notes of the violin because they played and brought sounds from nations in Europe, Britain, and then created their own sound. America you have imitated nobody, for I created you unique. Where were they when men stood together and signed the Declaration of Independence? WHERE WERE THEY when they said, ‘UNDER GOD!’ ‘ONE GOD!’ I was there.”, says the Lord. “And today there is still a remnant that will not bow to the naturalists, to the secular humanists, to the atheists, NO! IT IS NOT TIME FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS NATION! THERE WILL COME A TIME WHEN THE WRATH OF GOD SHALL BE POURED OUT UPON THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH, BUT TODAY I WILL BRING RECOVERY AND RESTORATION, AND ONCE AGAIN AMERICA WILL SING MY SONGS AND PRAY MY PRAYERS, AND DECLARE ‘UNDER GOD WE STAND!’”, SAYS THE LORD!

“Do not be afraid of North Korea. Do not be afraid of Iran. Do not be afraid of the nations. For in 2016 everything will change.”says the Lord.“There will be a sound of liberty from the White House. There will be a sound of prayers from the White House. Pennsylvania Avenue shall be surrounded by people that will pray and ask me to intervene, AND I SHALL!”says the Lord!“So what is the foreboding sound?(disturbing music)It is the sound of the enemies of America living in America. Those are your greatest enemies – who call themselves citizens, but they are enemies of the cross, and enemies of the nation. And they shall be dealt with. You want judgement!?”, says the Lord. “Watch. Watch the atheists. Watch. YOU WANT JUDGEMENT!? Then watch those that have risen up against Me and said, ‘Perhaps we shall embrace Baal. Perhaps we shall embrace that religion. Maybe we shall embrace Sharia Law.’ HA! I laugh at you because the spirit of Elijah is in this nation and Jezebel (HRC/Clinton Foundation) shall not stand!”, says the Lord! 

Blow the trumpet! Blow the shofar! (trumpet and shofar blows) For there shall be a combination of the sound of Israel and the sound of the United States of America – a new sound! And I will take the Spanish music and I will take the Latin, and I will put it together, and a new generation will begin to rap and begin to sing with a combination of the sound of Israel, and the sound of America, and the sound of Central America, and the sound of South America.”, says the Lord!Blow it again. The sound of the shofar from Israel and the sound of the trumpet from America. (trumpet and shofar blows in praise) The Lord God of Israel is a jealous God. “I am the Lord your God! I am a jealous God. I WILL NOT allow the idols of baal/baalah! The idols of the Middle East, I shall not allow these idols to be worshipped! This is a time of sobriety – to be sober. Why? Because men have been blinded. There has been poverty – religious poverty, and yet there is a sound.” We pray Lord as you came to this nation centuries ago, give us one more chance! Have mercy upon us! Have mercy upon us! Give us one more chance and we will arise, and we pray this in the name of the Lord God of Israel – Yeshua!

September 5, 2015:

Listen to my words for those who are wanting guidance, those who want to get to that place that God promised.Even in the days of Moses when they were traveling they didn’t have to get new shoes or clothes. They were in a state of renewal where they had no need whatsoever. I believe that that is coming upon us in this day and age. I believe that that is what God wants for His people – to be debt free. How many of you really believe it? This day and this time of Jubilee; God showed me the days of when Moses and the people had no need. And when the time came he had to stop them from giving the offerings because he had so much. That is the kind of thing that I have seen with my eyes. That is the kind of things that I have heard with my ears. That is what God said when He said, ‘Death to debt’. This nation SHALL enter into a period of time where they shall hear those words coming from the holy generation; from the chosen generation; from the royal priesthood. DEATH TO DEBT! (NESARA/GESARA and the QFS will erase all debt and prevent the USA and the world from ever being subject to the evil bankers and their evil usury again. Never a debt slave again!)

The Spirit of God would say, “Today there is a recovery that is happening. If My people who are called by My name humble themselves, pray, turn from their wicked ways I will hear from heaven. I hear not the sound of secular humanists. I hear not the sound of the religious system. Many churches today are being crucified between two thieves: an erroneous false religious system and man made laws, and secular humanism.” This day the Spirit of God says, “For a season they shall have no breath. I shall take the breath away from them, and I will BREATHE into My people! I will BREATHE into My people! I will breathe into their businesses. I’ll breathe into their creations. I’ll breathe into their industry and their artistry. I will BREATHE into My people, and there shall be light that shall come forth.” says the Lord. “I am removing those who have a small structure for they can not excel in the strength of its grounding. However, their grounding is sown shall they be strong. There are many that have built their house on sand”, says the Lord, “they are many that have built their houses on sand, but there are My people, there are those who have built their houses on the Rock. Therefore, the storms have come and they have remained. Therefore, the wind has come and they have remained.” God says today, “You have the power to break the power of debt for there shall surely be a death to debt.” says the Lord. “For it is My will and I speak to you today in this year and this time of Jubilee. It is time to step into it and receive this promise!” SAYS THE LORD!

We are at the beginning stage of a reformation. People laugh at me when I say that. We are at the beginning stage of a recovery. People laugh at me, but I say to you for what purpose? Apostolic Christianity. To recover Apostolic Christianity we need to return to the basics – the foundation of our first century faith. Many Christians today are being defeated in the arena of ideas won’t go into the marketplace because they don’t have the basics worked out in their life. Let us return to the basics of the early church. For God says, “I want to give all these things that My people desire before that great and coming day of the Lord! Before I take My people to Myself, I wish to SWEEP across every nation and present Myself one final time! For when I came the first time they could have received the Kingdom of God – Israel, but they rejected Me. And therefore, there is a return of that Kingdom.”, says the Lord.“This day you sense the presence of My Kingdom, then believe Me, that I can clear the debt, and I can cause you to be free. To once again dance, and to give, and to rejoice in the Lord who made you!” says our God! The Spirit of God has said, “It’s time. I want to receive from the hand of My people the gift, that they have prepared for Me. I want My people to receive from My hand, but I must receive from their hand first, that which they have prepared to give to Me.” Say, ‘I am ready for the blessing that the Lord has prepared for me.’

Somehow the church has skipped the simple in search of the sensational. And when I say ‘sensational’ I’m referring to the dynamics of spiritual revival and renewal. The fire of God. The signs, the wonders, the miracles. These are very important, but for the desire to have this so much we have missed the basic Christian living. No structure can excel the strength of its grounding. It can not excel the strength of its foundation. Without revelation the people perish. Without progressive revelation the people go backwards.



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