(Reader: Night Writer Vision) Response to RetiredIT Regarding “Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 29, 2021”


Reader Post | By Night Writer Vision

(Reader: RetiredIT) Response to “Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 29, 2021”

Facts! Facts? Facts! Conjecture, opinion, intel, news? News! Hearsay! Rumor… What we think we know? According to this particular source or that particular source… At any day this was supposed to happen or this will happen or maybe this will happen or maybe not this will not happen but because something such happened it didn’t happen…

What am I getting at? So whether it is 777 books or 66 books in the Bible or a thousand books from the Bible or old manuscripts lost in some monastery in Tibet for thousands of years and uncovered by accidental opening of a wall… Or according to Q drops, Intel from various supposed sources “in the know”…

EVERYTHING you read on this site including my post right here, one must actually take with a grain of salt perhaps a hefty sprinkle of garlic and maybe some shots of some very strong drink on the side!

We have all been waiting for an event or this supposed event or an event of such magnitude of change to really change the world as we know it or perhaps it won’t but we don’t know that and nobody does- it’s all conjecture… Yes it could all happen at any moment or maybe not; perhaps aliens are here to orchestrate the change or maybe they’re not. Are militaries united around the world to destroy an evil cabal?  Are tunnels filled with screaming helpless children being rescued around the world and then flooded or destroyed by bombs and man-made earthquakes? 

According to many many sources of supposed Intel and veracity of supposed eyewitness accounts, this indeed is occurring… However the actual evidence and recorded observations of TV cameras (I did view one particular video of a supposed tunnel of military proportions and size and scale driving through it like driving a truck through it video going in one hole and coming out the other far end which showed a tunnel but nothing in it except an empty tunnel) or video or some sort has yet to be revealed, as are recorded events of military tribunals of supposed celebrities and high ranking, political individuals of the cabal having been caught and tried and put to death.

Will we eventually see this during the supposed EBS event of continual day long movies of all this occurring? 


Everything keeps getting put off next week next day next two weeks all according to the source and that source it’s going to happen or not happen… you know the routine, you read it here every day…

The truth is nobody really knows.

And that is a real fact- probably the only true fact you’re ever going to read on this site.

We’ve all been waiting for GODOT…

THE RV, the mass, extraterrestrial landing on the White House lawn and other Capitals around the world with undisputed evidence that “They” are here to help and save humanity- the grand disclosure like the late, Arthur C. Clarke’s famous,  “Childhood’s End”- the sky actually filled with magnificent, gigantic extraterrestrial spaceships in full view, floating seamlessly over the landscape everywhere across the Earth.

Indeed, when and where I should say “if” all the above starts occurring, yes indeed the world will be in a much much different place and perhaps we will all be wealthy and healthy for thousands of years.  

And if it happens anytime soon President Trump may actually reclaim the presidency as it definitely seemed like he won. We eagerly await.


But in the meantime enjoy what you read here and don’t forget the garlic!


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