Starship Earth: They Said it Would Get Worse… But How Worse?


Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

July 29, 2021

July 29, 2021: They Said It Would Get Worse… But How Worse? [videos]

I don’t think anything would surprise us any more… and then it does. I thought we were scraping the bottom of the barrel for weird, perverse, shocking, unbelievable, painful, criminal, despicable, and evil… and then I woke up this morning.

But let’s begin with something non-threatening.

A crop circle from July 18 in the UK may suggest a Q. I think it is, and I was thinking maybe the Kennedy burial site where Bobby’s grave is off to the side of John’s. Similar?

Simon Parkes tells us Tesco is closing bank accounts.

As part of the realisation among banks that there is no longer to be massive profits made at the expense of people. Tesco in U.K. has announced it’s getting out of banking with the closure of over 200,000 accounts.

By doing this by November 2021 Tesco hope to get out before the interest rates are cut.

Here we go; the brutal truth.

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines and a consultant to Moderna. Admitts under oath to the use of fetal tissue from aborted babies. He also says he’ll gladly go to hell for what he’s done.

Dr. Plotkin Admits Fetal Cells Under Oath & Human DNA Fragments in Vaccines!

We have to consider that just about anyone could be an imposter. Anyone can put anything on the Internet, and you can’t see them. They can pull off some real scams—like these bots in Germany with their propaganda. They’re not even people. The cabal’s digital soldiers. Probably Russia.  ;0)  Link to Telegram.

German Twitter Bot Army call for child-vaccination programm in Germany.

There’s a lot of interesting information surrounding the Romana Didulo channel. My biggest problem was the spelling and grammar. When Q has been so meticulous, it’s a red flag for me. It suggests it’s not their first language and I immediately think—Chyna.

Romana has put out a lot of good and truthful information, and the response has been great, but the ‘Go Fund Me’ for Lytton BC fire victims was perhaps a red flag and I’ve been thinking about it since I learned of it yesterday.

The very large donations at the outset were suspicious. Now that the fund has been shut down after raising $54K, we’ll see if the donors get their money back, as promised. If not, it might suggest another cabal ruse. They are desperate for money because their usual routes for funneling cash have been shut down. Human trafficking, as well, to a great degree.

And if the Queen has been giving false hope and good news to the patriots so they believe the situation in Canada is better than it really is, who pays the price? What if the food supply will be seriously impacted and few prepared for it?

And now…


This fellow shows us some interesting “camps” in British Columbia. What’s up with that? Are they going to throw unvaccinated Canadians in there? Behind the electric fence and barbed wire? Link to Telegram for video taken just west of Vanderhoof. What’s odd though, are the banners: “If you’re reading this you should be wearing a mask.” It sounds like a taunt. “One is one too many”. Propaganda.

So Do WE know for sure this is a work CAMP?
As they are popping up all over.

Is it “rumour” on the video? Are those just summer camps for kids? We’ll need them to stuff the cabal into when they’re rounded up. Then we’ll make it really hot, and they won’t have any air conditioning. It will condition them for the fires of Hades where they’re headed.

Government denies internment camps and asks public to be vigilant over rumours.

What’s the deal with Covid camps in Canada?

And where are Agent A1 and The Real Dark Judge on Telegram?

The Official TRDJ Channel, [19.07.21 12:00]
We hate to do this but our telegram page has to go for some time

No more Telegram from Agent A1 since July 19 and no video from the A1 channel on YouTube in a week. Agent Margaritaville is in jail near Toronto. TRDJ/Royal Mr. Bad News said they got Field McConnell out of jail. So much drama. Following is the Agent A1 most recent video—not about a tornado. Apparently there has been some drama with Agent A1 recently.

The Real Dark Judge is still on Gab as of yesterday.


I would imagine when you do what these people do, you may have to “disappear” for awhile.

We’ve been told we’ll be taken to the brink of death and we don’t know what that means, but we have been advised to stock up on food and supplies for at least two weeks and I hope based on the unexpected and extreme events unfolding in so many countries that everyone will do so and not expect anyone to support them or protect them from what may be coming. Anything could happen.

Other than Charlie Ward, I believe Romana Didulo is the only one saying everything will be fine, it’s all been handled, there will be no food shortages in Canada, she’s taking care of everything, hay is coming in from Oklahoma… It could be true, but we don’t know.

We’d like to believe that everything is under control and the White Hats have the upper hand but with all the death, destruction, assassinations, etc. and the promise of near catastrophic events—what are they going to tell us? They need to keep the peace and for everyone to be calm. And we’re calm. We’re so calm many people are like lemmings right now because they don’t believe there is an existential crisis.


Canada border officers vote to strike, warn of supply chain disruption

Is this what we have to look forward to? If so, let’s get started. The sooner we begin, the sooner it will be over.

The Banks Will Collapse Very Soon – Coming Chaos: No Banks, No Public Facilities, No Food, And Rampaging Gangs of Desperate People

The Gateway Pundit is asking a very good question:

Whatever Happened to the Hard Drives, Computers, and Flash Drives with Voter Data that Was Confiscated by the FBI in Arizona on November 5th?

Whenever the FBI confiscates data and evidence it’s not a good thing. They tend to “lose” it. They prefer to manufacture their own evidence. The demons will even lie to Congress, won’t they Mr. Strzok?

What are the chances? We don’t know how they really died—only what they’re telling us.

Mystery in Cuba: 5 high-ranking generals died in just 10 days

Marjorie Taylor Greene and team have gone to the Washington corrections facility to see for themselves how detainees from the January 6 event are really being treated and it’s not looking good. There’s a standoff. So much drama.  Link to Telegram.

Members of Congress have been locked out of the DC Corretions facility and told they are trespassing.
They sent a letter that they’d be touring today to check on J6 prisoners and conditions of the facility.

There’s also a lot of drama involving the AZ Audit, Karen Fann, Ken Bennett and his on-again/off-again relationship with the committee. I’m thinking “appear weak when you are strong”.  ~ Sun Tzu.


Our mad, mad, world keeps blossoming into the ugliest, nastiest, most vile fruit imaginable. Link to Telegram.

JUST IN – Pelosi orders Capitol Police to arrest staff and visitors who fail to comply with the new mask mandate for vaccinated individuals. Members asked to be reported to SAA in case of failure to comply.

So many countries are contributing to this moronic stuff—over a frickin’ flu. Lock them up!

Italy extends quarantine for Britons until August 30

Anyone entering Italy from the UK will need to show a negative Covid test, self-isolate for five days, and then take another test

Bordering on fisticuffs… check out the antics in the Italian parliament. I’ve never seen anything like this. Link to Telegram for video.

BIZZARE scenes in Italian Parliament – CHAOS as MPs KICK OFF against the country’s “Green Pass” vaccine passport – WATCH
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They’re still holding candlelight or phone light vigils in Roma over the vaccine crap.

As Q said, sooner or later we’re forced to take sides. Those who tried to hang in there and get along to keep their jobs are being edged toward the precipice.

Arizona health care workers protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations

Some would prefer to sit on the fence but are pushed off.

The influential American Postal Workers Union on Wednesday said, at this point, it opposes a coronavirus vaccine mandate from the Biden administration but encouraged workers to voluntarily take the jabs.

Postal workers union bristles at Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate


It’s no wonder people gravitate to on-line communities because our old lives are fractured and strained. Nothing is normal.

I was born in one country(SA), live in another country(UK) but it feels like I belong in Trump’s country with all the info I take in and no one in either of the two other countries believe what iam telling them

Game for some more woo? Check this out. What a crazy movie in a world where the impossible is possible. Link to Telegram.

It might explain why it’s been difficult to peg Elon as a White Hat or Black Hat. He said and did some weird things but didn’t seem like a bad guy.

>Elon Musk was Genetically created off the DNA of Nikola Tesla<
>Trump’s Uncle John G . Trump
Took control of Tesla’s Projects including Looking Glass and free Energy
Outside of Earth’s Atmosphere are smaller Worm Holes> that connect to different parts of the Universe including Mars
>On 30 December, the billionaire and SpaceX chief executive Musk quoted a popular line from the film Young Frankenstein on Twitter. He tweeted: “Destiny, destiny. No escaping that for me.”
>> he was referring to being a genetically modified human being created of Tesla’s DNA

“He’s one of our great geniuses”
Trump says about Elon musk…

>Now you know why Elon used the Name Tesla.
Will start MASS CENSORSHIP and blame Extremism>Patriots world wide for sharing information that threatens the[DS] SURVIVAL and agenda >>the censorship is actually for all the declassified<information dropping ///BLACKING OUT SOCIAL MEDIA>>Truth speakers
The Great Awakening movement
Stay vigilant

Did we learn anything the first go-round? We’ll see.

And in yet another example of “go ahead back up”, the CDC’s latest stunning reversal provides more idiotic “guidance” (not laws) about how to handle the Kung Flu. Link to Telegram.

In another reversal, the CDC is now recommending fully vaccinated people be tested for covid even if they have no symptoms. (
Covid-19: C.D.C. Reverses Testing Advice for Fully Vaccinated
Anyone who has been potentially exposed to the virus should get tested, the C.D.C. now says. Previous guidance recommended testing only for fully vaccinated people who were symptomatic.

Do you think all of this insanity will be confusing to the uninitiated? You bet. Mission accomplished. The uninformed public won’t be able to keep track of it or figure it out for themselves so they will just do whatever they’re told “to be safe”. Then they don’t have to worry.

SkyNews weighs in on the outrageous manipulation of the public in Australia after the Sydney lockdown was extended to August 28. [it’s winter down there so they can blame it all on the usual common cold and flu that erupts that time of year] Link to Telegram.

In A Press Conference on Wednesday Premier Berejiklian Urged NSW Residents Not to Visit Older Relatives Such as Grandparents As “That Could Be Their Death Sentence”.

“This Is Unconscionable and Culpable Alarmism,” Jones Said.

“It Might Sound Dramatic Stuff, But the Leadership Has to Change. There Must Be a New Direction, A New Tone and A New Strategy.”

Isn’t it interesting that the VAERS site was down? Link to Telegram.  Makes it hard for physicians to report and enter their data on the overwhelming number of adverse reactions to the Big Pharma Big Needle as well as for anyone to check with the system for information.

What are these “things” parading as Human? What would “possess” someone to do such a thing? Where are we—hell? This can’t possibly be true.

If we need another distraction, there’s this: Link to Telegram.


JUST IN – Malfunction of newly arrived Russian module tilts International Space Station 45 degrees. NASA is working on a fix, cancels uncrewed Boeing Starliner launch.

I could go on for weeks but have things to do. It sounds almost absurd to say, “Enjoy the show.” You might if you like horror flicks.

There may be military ops in progress in some parts of Australia.

2MN Sydney Residents Must Wear Masks EVERYWHERE! Military Drafted in to Impose

Eight districts of “concern” in Australia’s most populous city, Sydney, have been slammed with stricter lockdown measures as police powers are expanded – and movement rigidly restricted to 5km from homes.

Non-compliance means a $500 fine, up from $200, and cops will have powers to shut down businesses & public spaces in violation of regulations. Police Minister David Eliot said he “detests” that they have to enforce such measures.

He also urged citizens to continue snooping on those who don’t obey rules, claiming tens of thousands are already doing so, as New South Wales recorded 239 cases yesterday – its highest-ever daily count.

Around 300 troops are now on the streets to ensure residents stick to the rules.

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Thanks again to the crew for the shares. Please don’t paste articles in the comments because we have to back up this massive website every night and it’s too big. I’ve already deleted hundreds of old posts to try to reduce the size. Links to articles and websites are much appreciated so we don’t have to expand our resources which would be costly.

We must be nearly there because it just couldn’t get much worse. I’m hearing there are signs that the time we will be plucked from this abyss is close at hand. I hope they’re right.  ~ BP


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