(Reader: timjoebob) Who’s in Control?


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Well, good luck with that.

As far as I’m concerned, the Devil (ego) is still in control of planet Psycho as usual. Nothing has changed since ancient times…like super ancient times…since day one.

Tell me, since when, in the history of Psycho planet, has any organization or political entity or any self-absorbed person with letters or acronyms at the end of their names had our best interest at heart? Hmm? Anybody?

Do you think for one second that the controllers, the same ones who hide behind closed doors in secret meetings, are thinking of ways they can make life better for the people?

Right now as I write this the controllers are issuing more mandatory regulations, orders, laws, restrictions, vax mandates, mask mandates, blah blah blah blah blah. This bs will continue until humanity reaches the pressure cooker critical mass explosion in outright bloody hell being spilled, bones broken, lives destroyed en mass…worldwide war in the streets in every country on this sick planet…and all because of ‘order followers’ who take orders from their masters of evil and implement those orders via intimidation, threat of force from the barrel of a gun, arrest and caging of innocent people that have done nothing wrong.

This is straight up in your face Marxist Socialist Communist Fascist Authoritarian Totalitarian Orwellian Globalist NWO filth’riddn Satanic cultist ideological upside-down backwards political and Elitist doctrine.

Welcome to Americhina.
Marxism, alive and well
Socialism, alive and well. .
Communism, alive and well.
Fascism, alive and well.

The death of our freedoms is staggering.


The Constitution might as well be a foreign document as we’re not using it anymore.

They want us dead. Period. End of discussion.

Yet, I’m still seeing and hearing that the Alliance good guys are in control.

Really? Seriously?

Excuse me, could you run that by me again, because everything I’m witnessing is exactly the opposite.

Now, unless I’m living in and experiencing an alternate reality, there’s some seriously messed up info floating around. Duh. Ya think?



Everything you just read is based on the ego’s thought system. Frustration, fear, anger, anxiousness, disappointment, uncertainty, and doubt are all ego traps. Anything that keeps us from being at peace within is a trap.

So, who’s really in control of your life and who’s in control of the world that we’re seeing?

Think about raising your vibes to a higher vibration. It feels good. Make an attempt to raise the vibes.

Let the ego take a backseat for a few hours while you take control of your destiny by pointing yourself in the right direction with a higher vibration. I mean, really, what can you do but just ride the waves of this insane programmed matrix of illusions anyway.

I’ll attempt to forgive the life movie I think I’m seeing and just let it go. If I get all upset and out of sorts over something I have no control over then I’ll just be adding to the negative vibes. So, I’ll continue to seek peace throughout my life in the midst of chaos even though it seems impossible at times to find any semblance of it. Then I realize the ego’s thought system is keeping me from being at peace. So, I switch it to the Holy Spirit’s thought system and it automatically squelches the ego’s fear based system.

So who’s in control? Well, it depends on the choice we make. There are only two choices: the ego or the Holy Spirit.

Which one do you trust?

Until next time,

Love and light to all,



PS: My philosophical and spiritual path is influenced by ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ by Gary R Renard and, also, ACIM (A Course In Miracles) over the past 15 yrs. Before that it was various philosophical and religious belief systems, raised in a Christian household but always questioned the writings of men. How do I know what the truth is?

We each must answer that question in our hearts and minds. For me, the Holy Spirit’s thought system makes the most valid sense. Everyone must march to the beat of their own drummer. Keep going and we’ll get there someday.


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