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July 26, 2021

July 26, 2021: The Changing Faces of War

The enemy will never surrender and continue to wage war on the unsuspecting masses who don’t even realize there is a battle raging.

Our voices rise in alarm but fail to break through the glassy-eyed spell of the “others”.

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St. Louis To Require Masks Indoors Again, Regardless of Vaccination Status; State AG To File Lawsuit

St. Louis, Missouri, and St. Louis County will be requiring people ages five and up to wear face masks indoors again starting on Monday.

According to Fox News, officials said Friday that the mandate applies to people regardless of their vaccination status and is being put into place while the delta variant spreads in the area.


However, the struggles ebb and flow like the sea. Chilliwack, British Columbia is making headway at the moment. How do we avoid the forward momentum reversing? The People must stand together and fight back. NO QUARTER!

Romana Didulo is fighting for the People of Canada.

Looks like some Canadian Corporations understood my orders to Cease and Desist.

Otherwise, they pay daily Penalty in the millions of dollars retroactive May 28, 2021, and go to military tribunal for crimes against humanity.

I fully expect ALL businesses and organizations, corporate fake government agencies to follow Save on Foods move across Canada, starting this week.

Otherwise, with the daily financial penalty I have imposed on the businesses and organizations – the We The People will confiscate and own them all 

No more Masks Required to Shop at Save on Foods

The control freaks are still trying to keep the scamdemic going. People have to fight back and refuse to go along with it. There’s no other way.

Medical staff will have to relearn their jobs anyway when the medical reform changes the system entirely. They may be out of a job for awhile anyway.

Dept of Veterans Affairs mandates all medical employees get COVID-19 vaccine

Here’s a forceful, factual open letter concerning the mandates in the UK about the jab. Fighting back.

See the letter here.

Good news. They took my advice. “Stop testing!”

Some Montreal-area COVID-19 testing sites begin to close


Scott Mowry held another exceptional Miracles Intel Conference Call last night at full capacity (5K) and had some good news. He’s been offered another line at 5K capacity so hopefully we can all get onto the next call, whenever that may be. Timing depends on circumstances.

If you wish to listen to the recording, you may do so for one week or until the next call overwrites it.

Replay Number: 712-770-5402
Access code: 767664# / followed by # again

What has become clear is that no one outside the inner circle really knows what is going to happen next, or when. The Earth Alliance and the Q Team play their cards close to their chests and there are no leaks. Often disinformation is put out to elicit a response from the enemy and there are what appear to be “false starts” but I am confident everything is under control because the White Hats know in advance what the dark will do—and therefore, how they will counter. I believe what we are seeing is a lot of Sun Tzu’s “subdue the enemy without fighting”, and using the situation to our best advantage.

It is a war and there will be casualties, but minimal loss of life compared to the scenario that would have unfolded had the dark been allowed to complete their genocidal agenda.

It is sounding like the supply chain interruptions probably will happen, and we’re advised to put away a couple of weeks worth of extra food, water, meds, fuel, cash, pet supplies, etc. If there is loss of power, no stores, gas stations or ATMs will function so we need to be self-sufficient.

The military will be used to keep the peace if necessary. The Founding Fathers of America ensured the People would have the right to bear arms (and ammunition) so they can protect themselves and their families and property. Some folks may need to do that in the odd isolated incident. Maintain situational awareness at all times and if you see something, say something. If you have a constitutional sheriff, notify him of suspicious activity. If you know someone in the military, perhaps they can pass it up the chain of command.

The enemy is using what little tools they have to wreak havoc on Humanity and they are terrified of the day when the election results are published. They plan to take down the Internet to staunch the flow of lethal statistics. We’ll see how that goes.

In the mean time, they are lashing out in fear. Last week there was significant flooding in Northern Arizona. Regardless of the stormy, wet weather, the rally for the Protection of Election Integrity organized by Turning Point Action went on and President Trump dropped some more incendiary truth bombs.

Arizona Gov. Ducey issues emergency declaration due to flash floods in Flagstaff area


July – August IS monsoon season in Arizona so the water isn’t unexpected, but it has been heavy in isolated areas north and south of Phoenix. Phoenix would be a little too obvious for their weather weapons, wouldn’t it?

We have deaths every summer during monsoon season because people underestimate the power of the water coursing through washes and across roads. The devastation has nothing to do with climate change.

Every year roads get washed out—a couple in our neighbourhood last summer in the East Valley. Fast-flowing water crossing the tarmac can easily tear it up when sand underneath is washed away. People need to be sensible and if their area is full of running water, just stay home. Take a rain day. Don’t go to work. If you stay stocked up on food and water you should be able to shelter in place for 24 hours or more until the roads are passable. It’s not a big deal. Power often goes out—just be prepared and check in on your neighbours.

While there was a great deal of brutality on display by police against protestors in London and in France this past weekend, things can change fast. Police walked with protestors in Italy, and now…

French Police Lay Down Shields Join 100,000 Protesters Marching Against Vaccine Passport

It may seem like things are moving slowly, but they are happening. The banksters are going along, kicking and screaming, but going along. Keep a close eye on them. I guess they were given three months to get their poop in a group.

Simon says…

Had a letter from your credit card company recently?

From 15th October credit card companies will move the interest rate away from the standard 17.5% / 22.5 % to Bank Base Rate which will be about 1%.

That’s right…. The Good Guys Financial Reset is here – Not conspiracy Theories – It’s in the mainstream…


Just read what you get when your credit card company writes to you. Only they don’t make a song and dance because it’s not their initiative – and they offer no reason why they are doing it.

As was suggested, Queen Romana [used in the context of a chess board where the Queen protects the King (Trump)] we hear our worst fears have materialized. Nasty stuff down there, folks.

Queen Romana is now on Gab, if that works for you.

The Flood in Germany washed up 600 what from their Tunnels?

Here’s a flood update from Telegram. Considering this, the news will probably not be optimistic and bright even after the sun comes out.

“FLOODS>> recent

_ Tunisia: Deploys troops in the capital, Closes the borders and airports
_London FLOODS increase and hospitals are caught in floods
_Philippine residence remaining evacuation centers after major floodings
_Over 2.8 Million Chinese in Henan Province affected by floods.. Hundreds of thousands still with out electricity and emergency help stranded in their homes.
_Switzerland: Roads Turned Into Rivers, terrible Hailstorm and floods in Wolhusen
_Heavy rains cause severe flooding in Turrialba, Costa Rica
_ Mexico: Overflow causes severe flooding in Zapopan, Jalisco
_ flash flood in Paragonah, Utah
_Operations were halted on the famous Trans-Siberian railway, as a torrential downpour caused a bridge to collapse under the heavy weight of flooding near the village of Nizhnyaya Kuenga
_London streets SUBMERGED after heavy thunderstorms – flash flooding in several parts of the UK capital
_Panama – Thousands of Homes Damaged by Floods in Bocas Del Toro Province
_Western Europe – Storms Cause Floods in Switzerland, Germany and UK
_India – 9 Dead as Floods Hit Karnataka, Hundreds Evacuate Floods in Telangana and Goa


Watch the Water

@auraxchan. /
Flood watch/

Here’s a video documentary of some of the flood damage in Germany. Most had no disaster insurance. Where does one even begin to clean up a mess like this?  12 min.


It’s time to end the bullshit. Wake the hell up, people. Take off your masks, resume your lives, and stop living in fear. Do not get the “vaccination” under any circumstances because it is NOT a vaccine and contains highly questionable and dangerous ingredients, we’re told. Many people have died, we’re told. Keep your body pure and stay out of the health careless system. There is no pandemic and there never was. It was a huge hoax that gullible people bought into out of fear and ignorance and now millions of people realize it and they are filling the streets all over the world to tell these sick control freaks that we’re not going to do this any more.

CDC to Withdraw PCR Test Because it Cannot Distinguish Between Covid and Flu

We still have to come to terms with the 9/11 hoax. Perhaps more people will be in a place to accept it was lied about now that they know how far these psychopaths will go to manipulate the public.

The short video at the link below shows you how we can tell planes did not take out the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

9/11 proof that no planes even hit the twin towers, all footage shown was CGI.

Those currently in a hypnotic state will not be happy about what they wake up to. I think this grumpy toddler suggests how they will feel—before they lose their shit or go catatonic. It’s not going to be fun.

This is bizarre. Watch Jen Psucki’s tongue. Link to Telegram.

Time to go. Signing off with determination and good cheer. We’re doing this and we’re winning. Exciting days ahead, my friends. Truth, truth, and more truth.  ~ BP


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