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Psycho planet Earth is much older than we’re led to believe and has a history of crap so deep it could easily be the #1 contender for the ‘most devious, malicious, evil, corrupt, villainous, vile, insidious, dastardly, and sinister planet’ in this Universe, not to mention the other infinite universes. (Vibrational frequencies are infinite)

The never-ending quest by the ego to suppress, manipulate, hide, deceive, lie, confuse, confound, convolute, and outright abuse the virtual inhabitants (us) is yet, once again, tilting the weird-shitometer to 11 when it only goes to 10.

This seemingly unprecedented freak show on display for the entire Universe to witness, along with the other universes, is just simply business as usual. This is nothing new.

“Oh! Oh! The world is coming to an end!!! It’s all over!!! Wahhh!!! Satanic forces (Darkside) has almost taken full control!!! Wahhh!!!!! Boohoo!!!!”

Really? Seriously? Since when did the Devil (ego) ‘not’ have full and ultimate control over this planet…or even the entire Universe? Hmm?

Not ever! Never! Sorry Earth Alliance, you’re not in control and never will be.

If we, as a collective consciousness, are still seemingly experiencing this reality on this planet in this Universe then we are continuing to give the ego its longevity and prolonging its reign of terror and ‘perception deception’, to coin the phrase from David Icke’s book The Perception Deception.

Nothing has changed since ancient times. If we are the result of a ‘split mind’ that occurred at the very instant of the thought of separation from God, then the Holy Spirit has It’s work cut out for It. The Holy Spirit’s job is to help us realize this con job by the ego and then help us to unravel/undo the ego by forgiving literally everything and everyone. If it has form, it’s false. If it has anything to do with keeping us from being peaceful in our hearts and minds, then it’s not real but an illusion hell-bent on keeping us trapped in hell.


Hell does exist. We’re in it right now. We are literally in hell right now because our minds believe we exist here on this planet in this Universe. And, what could be more enraging than to realize we will have to keep recycling back through via reincarnation until the Holy Spirit can get the message through to our sleeping, stupified minds?

Get out the popcorn and watch the show and when you’re ready to listen to the Holy Spirit and not the ego, you’ll start the journey and task of undoing the ego’s thought system that keeps us all trapped in hell.

So, it might take several more, or even hundreds or thousands of more lifetimes of recycling to finally wake up from the illusion.

It’s ok. Time doesn’t really exist anyway. But, here on planet Psycho it’s just business as usual…eon after eon after eon…birth, decay, death…repeat ad infinitum…over and over and over.

For this split mind (me), I want so badly to wake up from the nightmare that I’ll make an attempt to remember to forgive everyone and everything that seems to exist for that will be my road to salvation. Without the Holy Spirit’s thought system and guidance, escaping the matrix is not possible. This is an enormous pill to swallow. That’s why I said I’ll make an attempt.

Let that sink in if you’re open to it for it is the key. The Holy Spirit is the key answer. The Holy Spirit’s message never waivers. Foregive the illusion you think you are seeing. Forgiveness is the way to peace and peace is the path that leads to awakening in God. We’ve never left God…not ever. We’re still dreaming a nightmare.

Mankind will never know peace until he has peace within through forgiveness. (paraphrased from ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’)


We’re all one. There is nobody else and nothing else.

lyrics: “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” I Am the Walrus (The Beatles) and George Martin, the fifth Beatle.

Not bad for some ’60’s rock band. You may have heard of them. Lol 

Anyway, planet Psycho will be here for as long as we allow it to be.

I’ve got tons more, but not now…maybe later.

Love and light to all,



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