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Reader Post | By Lynde Patriot

I go by Lynde Patriot the first from a Priest at Ft McClellan lifetimes ago. Patriot because that is what I always was in the best sense of the word. I do respect and care about good people everywhere and hate what the Cabal, Deep States, Banksters and CIA has done in the World, often in our name.

First, I get we are at War and War is not fair and rules are different, but it bites that our disclosure hero is a criminal, spying on not just bad guys but everyone and Julian Assange, the last standing Journalist, was imprisoned, tortured, vilified and framed.
I stumbled on this group shortly after the false inauguration of the Cabal in the form of Biden/Harris etal after the total Nov 2020 election theft in all States and Territories. I had been blindly fighting criminal Democrats and Republicans since Congress abolished Public Health in 1993 due to “emerging diseases” such as Lyme Disease purposefully and accidentally released from Plum Island Level 4 US Army Lab.

Lyme entered my life at an Air Show in Menomonee WI in Aug 1974, 4 months before my wedding. 

I had been healthy but was beginning my downward second stage descent at my wedding resulting in antibiotics that counteracted my birth control and I became pregnant on my honeymoon. In January two things happened a power outage and a severe flu I caught. That was the end of a normal life for me. To add to the mix, I had already had bouts of MS but I was strong, healed easily and so I had no diagnosis. Also I was learning to deal with Clinical Depression a gift from my Norwegian ancestors. “Giants in the Earth” by Ole Rolvagg who married my cousin and wrote about the 19th Century Pioneers in IA, MN,SD and ND. He wrote of Kristi Tweet my ancestor living on the plains after being born in the hilly Fjords near Bergen where farmsteads hugged corners so neighbors were close for help and community. Kristi in the downtimes would become frightened of the openness and hide in the large wooden trunk made and carried from Norway until the fear subsided.

Lyme without treatment totally disables within 2 years to the same extent congestive heart failure does but almost nobody dies of Lyme they die from MS, ALS, Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid disease, Schizophrenia, Suicide, Anorexia, ARS, Pneumonia, Flu  or accident, but they die 20 to 40 years earlier than without Lyme.

It took a second Lyme Strain infection in Aug 1988 to knock me down and keep me there. One of the tragedies of the lies about Lyme Disease is the complete propaganda that Lyme is easily detected and cured with a short course of antibiotics and the return of symptoms is something else, mental illness or malingering. Insurance was able not to pay for additional treatments making Health Providers lie or at first not be reimburses and eventually witch hunted out of medicine. Along with Veterans illnesses there became a whole second class of patients. If a doctor gave you steroids for your symptoms without antibiotics it suppressed your over taxed immune system keeping you from dying and you did. Those who could not tolerate antibiotics did not last long. It was the learning time before the release of the original deliberate bioweapon COVID 19. For a disease easily detected and cured they created a vaccine that used the surface protein of the spirochete that caused a chronic crippling autoimmune and cardiac disease in up to 20% of the people who were vaccinated. Much later a insidious mitochondrial disease was detected in some patients. Lyme is a US bioweapon.

It took me 9 years of treatment to join the world again. My family helped raise my two sons both born with Lyme but cured before adolescence. 

The witch hunts then moved to patient groups. A nondrug pain assistance practitioner wormed is way into our support group but instead of his topic, vouched for by a Board Member that heard him speak at a St Paul Union employee meeting previously, he began talking about the merger of US Intelligence with Medicine who were calling the shots. He mocked us at which time I asked him to leave but before he did he took our sign in sheet required for nonprofit status. When I inquired if anyone had picked it up by mistake the 200 members put two and two together and that ended that 7 year old support group. 

The resignation of the previous heads of the group for personal reasons, job transfers mostly I had not built the repoir that would have held the group together made two board members take over even though we were already overtaxed and never thought about doing that work.  The bad guys won biggly that time. 

We worked to help quietly build up another group that took over the support groups in the State. My tenure by bylaws for the Parent Group we were trying to legitimize and grow was only two years in 1999 but finding a replacement proved impossible.

Over time my health deteriorated and elderly family members needed caretakers and our family like everyone’s even though educated and trained suffered from loss of purchasing power and free time from jobs requiring 60 or more salaried hours so in 2007 when my mother was given 6 mos- 2 more years with COPD and I resigned. 

The one most active Board member required valve replacement months afterward and caught MRSA, he barely survived but they never revived the Non-Profit. 

We were grateful for the new group after being told of all the dangers awaiting them, job interference, agents posing as patients trying to lead them astray, bullseye on their doctors, computer attacks including using the organization’s email for nefarious purposes, false information posted on websites purporting to uncover quacks and charlatans. Frivolous lawsuits, paid agitators at support groups. It was hell.

But during my time we fought on in the State and Federal Capitols, the Fed health NGOs the gatekeepers, our Governors, our State Health Department even though our greatest Cabal connected enemy who headed it Dr Michael Osterholm, who like many was straddling Public Health and Bioweapons with Evil intents.

I saw COVID 19 for what it was just months after it dropped worldwide Sep-Oct 2019. I knew about the dangerous legislation that had been passed 1980-2019 so what happened was no surprise but what was a surprise was that even my remaining family did not want to hear that it was happening again only to most people under even less desirable circumstances for patients. 

Did any of you know that the Pandemic guidelines written by a corrupt Harvard professor called for no treatment for anyone over 65 for anything during the Pandemic? Especially followed in NYC were anyone over 65 was hooked up to a heart monitor, ignored, not given daily medications including insulin and not given food or water. They needed deaths so they made them once they figured out the virus had been unengineered by the Earth Alliance and that President Trump had removed the kill switches from the 5G poles as much as he could. Relatives were not there to witness the murders. Nursing homes were never set up for contagious patients they were sent to hospitals. It was more planned deaths.

I tried to raise money to grow the Coalition with little success. I tried to get nearby colleges to send interns to help us regrow. I walked the fairgrounds for the State Fair and Animal Expos held there to talk about Lyme in man and beast. I flyered cars with info. 

Lyme victims who find us need help to get to the meetings they are well enough to attend. 

I talked my nephew already filming games for his High School for cable viewing into filming our meetings so we could use local free cable and reach the homebound  with meetings and speakers on Cable. He was 17 but he suddenly dropped out. His Mom told me he became too upset at what he was learning and decided he could not hear anymore and she agreed nobody should have to see and hear it. He quit when I had an MS attack during our certification of Cable Classes required to use the service. I became extremely pale and weak and sitting up led to nausea and dizziness. He thought I should have some medicine or go to the hospital (where they would do nothing because I was past the age they were treating any MS in our area) and nobody actually had Persistant Lyme ask the CDC, or Dr Osterholm MNHD. I assured him I would recover and I was sorry that it happened that day.  He had to help me to my car for a short drive home, stopping to lie down when the exertion of sitting up was too much.

I did not have time to do Internet sleuthing. I was set in my beliefs and saw so many Churches and relatives lose money to charletons preying on good people so if I ran across this something-for-nothing scheme when being disabled since 24 and my SSD at the exact same level as SSI why would I buy in to an impossible dream?

I don’t resent that you all are reaping benefits from this long shot but I don’t believe you “deserve” them. Getting your money back sure but what background have you in Charities and the people who want to destroy them? Would you give a thought to elderly Lyme victims hounded their whole lives?

I have foreign currency. I have Chinese Cash given to me by a college student just back from a semester in China for an antique stuffed parrot from my grandmother’s estate. I have Canadian cash I bought to spend a weekend in Montreal “when I was better”. That has lost value. I have a handful of Foreign coins given as souvenirs from family and friends traveling abroad. Did this RV scheme benefit the Earth Alliance? Why on earth would any court uphold such a scheme and roll it over onto the new Nation?
During those years I spoke with thousands of people and told them the easiest and best place to get help. I saved my Sister’s life and she helped me when an impossible set of circumstances left me homeless for 4 months despite her dealing with 3 teens with eating disorders, one with OCD, one Asperger’s, one with an interactive growth system then she got Lyme but could not get a diagnoses. Her Marine JAG hubby was treated for Lyme he got at Quantico just after they married. He was excused from extreme training for 12 months afterwards and he got treated just  like Syphilis was at the time and was cured in 6 weeks but it was caught within days. Do you know they reduced the treatment for Syphilis after people kept pointing out the treatment for that Relapsing Fever and a Gingivitis all were the same family of diseased. 

Michael J Fox said while filming Doc Hollywood “I went into the woods and came out with the clap” but he was warned, so when his Lyme triggered Parkinson’s he jumped on something safer to champion.

I am 70. I have what I need. I think I am safe where I am but have a viable out which will work for a survivor, my Lyme cured in 2012, my MS in remission right afterwards but I am 25% of a normal person my age. It took me 2 hrs to cut up a watermelon to share with my neighbors on the 4th. I missed an important Residents meeting on Wed as my GI System works like someone’s who is 99. My doctor said I have to live with being totally exhausted, almost narcoleptic after eating real food and during time for evacuation twice a week if I am lucky. My apartment is orderly but not as clean as I would like. Getting help in may be more trouble than it is worth from experience helping my parents and Auntie who took care of me and my son’s the 10 years I was totally disabled until diagnosis and enough treatment got me my then 50% life I was younger. 

Sons are doing great but are not close. Hard to watch someone you love go through what I did but I won and if the RV Republic happens, I pray it does, and good people are able to do good things once more I will be ecstatically happy.

Note: I only have my phone to type on and the editor is nonexistent, spell check is tainted, my eyes are so so and I have brain damage. (I left out my other Norwegian gift. Believe it or not when I breathe in cold air below 40°F in 12 to 24 hrs my blood starts making tiny clots and extreme pain everywhere plus brain TIAs. Not diagnosed until 2009 I lived 59 years in MN where using cold as an excuse is heresy and subject to great disrespect. I was aware I had a problem but with all the other things who but Dr Crist would pick that one out of my forest of health problems. Anyway, as soon as we get through the immediate danger of population and earth destruction I will one more time do my communication and spelling lessons and let others who have been waiting to be helpful help those suffering in shame and silence. Or in other words correct syntax is not the most important thing right now and using that as a reason for exclusion is not nice or even wise at all.


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