Starship Earth: Circling in a Holding Pattern


Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

July 23, 2021

July 23, 2021: Circling in a Holding Pattern [videos]

What are we waiting for? The Great Awakening? The Military? The Hundredth Monkey? Heaven? Civilization extinction event? A lot of people are wondering. What will it take? How much more has to happen to expose the dark?

It’s Friday, and a rain day with lots on the calendar so this is short. We’ve had thunder, lightning and rain off and on for about 20 hours so far here in the desert and I had to go out and enjoy it at 71 comfy degrees. I collected a whole whack of stuff to share, but time is limited.

Pegasus is going to be BIG.

Florida got another chance to be in the news. Thankfully, no harm to innocents.

Rolling Loud Video Wall Collapses; No Injuries Reported


What is with Ron DeSantis and his vaxxx stance? Did they threaten his family? An entire city? Why is he telling everyone they’re safe?

I’m safe with my control group status. That’s all I know.

Dave did an excellent X22 Report last night, as always, if you’d care to hear his analyses. He’s one of our best.

We’ve heard that some patriots are sick after attending a recent event, and Mr. Pool seems to be warning about it. We know the psychopaths have poisoned our air, water, and food [supply], but this is over and above so take heed and be watchful.

Be careful what your eating!!!!
Your inside a DANGEROUS WAR!
Q) The Storm Rider Official

France is rising up!

Protests in France Have Resulted in The Destruction and Vandalism of Vaccine Sites
The True Defender ! (
Protests in France Have Resulted in The Destruction and Vandalism of Vaccine Sites – The True Defender !
Vaccination clinics in France are being vandalized and destroyed. Protesters have taken to the streets in France to oppose the requirement.
Staff at Montélimar hospital, France, have walked out in protest against the compulsory vaccination of caregivers.

That’s not all. Link to Telegram.


The Republican Guard (the President’s Protection Service) has resigned because they no longer wants to protect Macron . Now they use another protection system but this is huge and it never happened


Martine Wonner nous annonce que la garde républicaine a démissionné car elle ne voulait plus protéger Macron.

Jupiter, je crois que tu vas retourner dans l’espace

And this… video at the Telegram link.

Patriots from all over the world this is big: we have the confirmation that the Police and Gendarmerie (French military brand) don’t want to keep Macron safe anymore


Italy–wow. Check out this video. Link to Telegram.

Protest against Italy’s “green pass” vaccine passport.
We the people will fight back against tyranny.

Furious Italian revolt over Covid vaccine passports – thousands protest on ‘no fear day’

Protests outside Slovakian parliament building against Coronavirus tyranny today.

In the UK they’re talking about the jab and the “placebo”. We told you it’s an experiment. Link to Telegram.

OMG! Do you hear this? As far as UK is concerned if you are jabbed with THE PLACEBO…… are considered fully vaccinated whether you had the placebo or the actual #clotshot What the heck??????? And he’s still calling it a trial coz it is

Whaddya know? The PCR test de-certified. No longer valid. It only took 18 months to get to the truth. Funny how the “conspiracy theories” continue to bear out as true, isn’t it? The conspiracy theorists are actually conspiracy analysts. Link to Telegram.

The FDA announced today that the CDC PCR test for COVID-19 has failed its full review.
Its Emergency Use Authorization has been REVOKED.
It is a Class I recall. The most serious type of recall.
Too many false POSITIVES!
This is the test that started the pandemic.
The test used in all the nursing homes in Washington and New York.
This was the ONLY test in use until May of 2020.

In the Great White Gulag, Queen Romana reports…  Link to Telegram.

Are you aware that Queen Romana of Canada, can deputize 10s of millions of able bodied Canadians to help arrest the remaining PISSOSITOS?
Canada 2.0, Military Applicants link
Telegram (
Canada 2.0 Military Applicants
This page is for #Canadians wishing to join the Canada 2.0 Military. Please do not post your personal information on this page.

Only in Canader, eh? Pity. Everyone needs a Queen Romana.

She also asked…

How many of the 5 largest Canadian Banks were offline today?

RT says Shots were reportedly fired at the funeral for assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moise – US delegation and dignitaries flee to cars, Miami Herald reports. Link to Telegram.


And this is just someone’s gut feeling. No way to validate. Interesting, though. Link to Telegram.

You guys know about the McAfee ‘KillSwitch’ yeah?

A fellow yogini warrior sister

Jeanette Ulbl Yoga shared this with me. These are her personal thoughts on what’s to come. I had the most intense goosebumps as I read it so I’m not sure what that means. I have her blessing to share it here.

Here it is (not for the faint of heart …)

As waters recede, riverbeds reveal:

1) As soon as the water floods are over, the many corpses become visible.

2) Once the floods are over, the DUMBS will become visible.

3) Once the floods are over, the satanic ritual child abuses will come to light.

4) Once the floods are over, we will find the corpses of the non-human beings.

5) As soon as the water floods are over, the release of data from McAfee’s inventory will begin.

6) As soon as the water floods are over, the crypto-currencies will crash.

All I can say is they did tell us ‘It’s going to be BIBLICAL’ 

And now it’s time to do something with this hair because we’re meeting friends for dinner. Big hair weather, you know.

Stay safe and vigilant, everyone. More tomorrow.  ~ BP


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