Vaccination Uproar in France


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 22, 2021


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I will introduce comments from our European correspondent shortly on the vaccination uproar in France, but I am below again distributing an interview with Yakov Kedmi from Israeli intel. Here he predicts about a year and a half ago the complete vaccination lynch mob that has been unleashed on the United State by the most morally bankrupt Administration in the history of the United States. But not only does the present America glorify the values of Sodom and Gomorrah but it encourages it in cahoots with the corrupt leaders of the US military.  

Yakov Kedmi: America Too Liberal, Elites Too Rotten and Society Too Multicultural To Survive!

We now have today the spectacle of the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff saying essentially that the “political” sodomization, feminization, transgenerization of the US military as well as teaching black racism under the Critical Race Theory is accepted by its “apolitical leadership”.  What they are really addressing is the unrest in the military experienced last summer among the colonels when they watched blacks burn down two hundred American cities and they are afraid of revolution.

The colonels in the US Army are educated in the geopolitical power game by their mentor Nicholas Spykman who wrote as follows:

“If the rulers become inefficient, seem unable to deal with riots, or fail to repress civil disturbances, they will lose the support of wide sections of the population. There will be a transfer of allegiance by those who refuse to accept any longer the ideology of the ruling class, and by many who continue to adhere to that ideology but who have lost faith with the government’s capacity to rule and maintain order. WHEN THE TRANSFER OF ALLEGIANCE INCLUDES THE POLICE AND ARMY (as in the French, Russian and German 1933 revolutions), the rulers will have lost both consent and force, the two indispensable factors of government, and conditions will have become favourable for a successful revolution.”

President Trump’s problem was that as the cities were burning down Milley wanted the National Guard to handle it because he was afraid of mutiny among the black troops in his army and the National Guards were mostly white but the riots in the Democratic cities that were burning were desired to destroy the prospects of the reelection of Trump so these Blue State Governors would not call out the National Guards when they were needed letting the cities burn.  So we had a standoff.  Yet the Democrats had to steal the election to win despite all of this. So this problem is now being politically handled by Biden by opening the borders to eight million illegal immigrants over the next four years who will be given citizenship along with the dreamers or about 30 million illegal immigrants already here. This assures the destruction of the Republican Party.

We quote General Mark Milley in today’s news:

“I want you to know, and I want everyone to know, I want America to know, that the US military is an apolitical institution.” Defense Secretary Austin went out of his way to defend Milley. “We fought together, we served a couple of times in the same units,” Austin said. “I’m not guessing at his character-he does not have a political bone in his body.”  

This is a lie. The US Military supports the political indoctrination of critical race theory or hatred of whites (Japheth) by blacks (Canaan) in violation of Biblical law.  This is in complete violation of reality as reflected in the article below. Here is where indoctrination should begin:

Race and Crime in America | Ron Unz – Writings and Perspectives

The US Military has become a political agent of the propagandizing of sodomy, abortion, feminization and trangenderization of its forces also in violation of Biblical law. General MacArthur would never have tolerated this politicization of the US military.  But we do not have a military worthy of its name today in the US.  If Austin and Milley had any character they would resign in protest against the destruction of the US Armed Services but they don’t have any character and the rest of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will not jeopardize their payoffs from their coming board seats and consulting fees in retirement.

Napoleon said that moral is to the material in war as ten is to one. This is why the US military is now a paper tiger to paraphrase Chairman Mao. No man of honor can join it but moral imbeciles like Milley and Austin.

Yakov Kedmi: US Army a Paper Tiger Composed of Low Caste Mercenaries, Not a Serious Force!

From our European correspondent.

Things are starting to fall apart fast in France:

I. Forty percent (40 %) of all medical personnel and para – medical personnel has announced to be leaving their jobs starting the beginning of September. They either do not want to be vaccinated (while they must) or they have had with the sheer incompetence of it all while not getting paid.

Covid-19: “40% du personnel infirmier a donné sa démission” confie Bruno Mégarbane sur RMC

II. The political class is finally starting to turn against Macron. This is highly unusual as the political class in France always acts as one. They all come from the same schools. Left or right or middle, they respect each other and do not turn on each other. But that has changed in the last couple of days. Here is an outstanding example in the person of Nicolas Dupont Aignan (conservative, independent Gaullist) who is the first one to say and declare that “Macron est dangereux”, that Macron is dangerous, thereby breaking with the unwritten rule in French politics that no politician shall never ever seditiously critique the President in public.

“Macron est dangereux.” – Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

III. Hardcore resistance not to get vaccinated is growing in the populace as manifestations continue five days after the announcements of mandatory vaccinations while, most importantly, mainstream press is actually reporting on it. 

Seems the press is going with the people at least partially. 

Here is the Le Parisien of today with reports that usually would hardly be mentioned:

Covid-19 : Toulouse, Strasbourg, Bordeaux… des centaines de manifestants ont encore protesté contre le pass sanitaire

Here we have a report on the unhealthy effect of lockdowns:

As predicted and as expected; these government health officials are as evil as that they are incompetent – the whole population is now falling sick of whatever for of general immunity, starting with the weakest.

Criminal negligence at best.

The Guardian: New Zealand children falling ill in high numbers due to Covid ‘immunity debt’

The next report ties into Dr. David Martin’s exposes in that the coronavirus plague or pandemic was invented out of whole cloth to cover not only the of older people living too long to bankrupt the insurance companies and US Social Security but other macro-economic problems as outlined by BlackRock in the next report:

BlackRock Investment Institute (MACRO AND MARKET PERSPECTIVES AUGUST 2019): Dealing with the next downturn: From unconventional monetary policy to unprecedented policy coordination

New Zealand bans conversations:


David Lifschultz


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