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I am Sierra. I am an ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Light. There are many Galactic Federation representatives on Earth right now. We came to help humanity ascend to the Fifth Dimension. Beloved Gaia is already well on her way in her Ascension. I will share with you my personal Ascension journey and my thoughts on global events. Welcome. Where We Go One We Go All!

Source: Stargate Newsletter | By Sierra

July 19, 2021

We The People Are Fighting Back

Oh my goodness. Check out the flooding in Germany in this video tweet. Heart breaking.

We the People are fighting back against the [D]eep [S]tate. This retired police officer at a London protest is onto it. Go him!

Here is video footage of the London protesters calling for the arrest of [B]oris [J]ohnson. They are showing the world that they have had ENOUGH.

The people of Greece have had enough too. Scroll down this news story for the video of a huge protest.

Allow the immense power of these people fighting back to seep into your weary Light Warrior heart. 


Relentless Truth with another excellent summary of the Alliance war. Take the time to read. Great stuff.

Keeping people out of work, out of nature, socially distanced and masked when in public had nothing to do with the virus.

They were demoralization tools.

Humans seek fulfillment. When we don’t work and we don’t feel needed or that we’re accomplishing something, depression begins to set in.
When humans aren’t able to leave the confines of their home for days, weeks or even months at a time, depression begins to set in.
When humans aren’t able to bask in the warmth of sunshine for days or weeks at a time, depression begins to set in.
When humans aren’t able to see family or friends for days or weeks at a time, depression begins to set in.
When humans are forced to breathe their own recycled air like a muzzled animal everywhere they go, depression begins to set it.
When humans are kept from getting their normal amount of daily activity for days, weeks or months at a time, depression begins to set in.

The most demoralizing part of wearing masks and social distancing?
No more smiles and no more physical connection.
Studies have shown that a baby who is otherwise taken care of, can die from a lack of human connection.
This was never about a virus.
It was about crushing the collective soul of the entire planet and paving the way for the Great Reset.
A demoralized, divided and dumbed-down nation is ripe for a communist takeover.
THAT is why We The People UNITED and AWAKE is [THEIR] biggest fear.
Billions of people are collectively taking a stand against tyranny and corruption.There is no better time to be alive.

A Light Warrior friend and I discussed what it will be like years from now, when our adult children or grandchildren ask us about our experience of this time. 

I will say to them, ‘It was bloody hard. I was lonely, isolated and felt at times that I would go crazy. But I NEVER considered walking away from the battle, not for a nano second. I knew with every fibre of my being that the truth would finally WIN. And I wanted to be part of the Victory of the most extraordinary war ever fought on this planet’.

Please leave your own thoughts on what you would say in the Comments section!

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


Source: Stargate Newsletter | By Sierra

July 19, 2021

Gratitude: It Works

Here is an excerpt from the latest Arcturian channelling by Marilyn Raffaele – it explains exactly what I shared in my previous post about Light Warriors releasing collective sadness. It is an excellent channelling.

You may find yourself experiencing emotional and/or mental issues that seem to arise out of nowhere. Allow them to flow through and out without resisting or giving them power by claiming them to be personally yours and then trying to “fix” them. Acknowledge them (” Oh you again…”) and allow them to move through and out for they are, never have been, and never could be personally yours.

Sandra Walters also refers to waves of emotion in her latest message.

If you felt exhausted or emotional during the magnetic fluctuations during Monday’s stargate opening, you were not alone. This will be consistent, since magnetic field fluctuations have been strong and constant. This affects our emotional fields, which are based on magnetics. Gaia responded with a few strong Schumann bursts. The charts are fun, but they only document the linear correlations.

I have decided to have a major focus on Gratitude. Yesterday I bought a pretty journal and I will write at least ten things every day for which I am grateful. I will do it for ten weeks. It is already working – by 10am this morning, I had eight things on my list.

Years ago, spiritual teacher Matt Kahn said that you could ascend on 100% gratitude alone. His words have always stayed with me. I know he’s right. Gratitude opens the door to humility, compassion and unconditional love. Gratitude is the exact opposite to self-pity which I find myself experiencing fairly frequently. Self-pity is not pretty, unlike my new journal.

The most important thing I try to remember – and I am extremely blessed to be reminded of this fact through you lovely blog readers – I am not alone. WE are not alone. We Light Warriors have each other, and we have the entire Galactic Federation of Light and all the Ascended Masters cheering us on from Upstairs. Heavens! It’s a massive cheer-leading crew.

I was told once by Spirit that if I could see ALL my guides and teachers crammed into the room with me (at times I think that I am all alone), I would burst out laughing. I am NEVER alone – and neither are you.

Finally, here is a fascinating suggestion from Daniel Scranton’s latest channelling of the Arcturians.

If you close your eyes and you focus on breathing while holding that intention of going higher than you have ever gone before in your frequency, and you do that once a day, you will get better and better and better, and your baseline will shift. Your default setting will be a higher frequency than it once was, and not only will you live a better life, but you will have more tools for helping others to live better lives as well.

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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