Merkel was Not in Washington


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 16, 2021

Dear Readers,

I have done a little research.

Mrs. Merkel was in the USA and met with Biden.

So much for the undisputed part.

However, I dare to doubt whether this meeting took place in Washington.

I suspect that it was rather near Los Angeles.


But first to the verifiable facts.

Her german government plane with the identification “10+03” named “Kurt Schumacher” flew from Berlin first to Grand Rapids.

Not to Washington!

in Grand Rapids the plane landed at Gerad Ford International Airport

As you can see from the flight path and the flight data on the left, the plane actually landed and did not make a loop in the air.

The link for the first landing is here:


landed at 12:45:54 UTC

and for the departing follow-on flight (to Detroit) here:

took off at UTC: 21:07:16

from Detroit then on to New York

And from New York it went on the next day again to Berlin

So far so good.


First of all: we now know that Merkels plane was not in Washington.

Why not?

If you’re going to travel on your own plane, why not go directly to your destination?

Why first Grand Rapids, then Detroit?

And since Merkel met with Biden in the meantime, presumably the flight from Grand Rapids to Detroit took place without her.

So the fact is:

Merkel MUST have somehow gotten from A to B domestically within the USA.

By car? Rather unlikely in the USA…

So: by plane. If not with her, then most likely with a military plane of the USA.

It is SAID that she met with Biden in the White House in Washington.


However, the White House is EMPTY.

Since January already. I check this randomly every few days.

Here is the webcam with live images.

No security, no lights, no staff, no press. NOTHING.

The only thing there once months ago was a long line of either kids or very short people being escorted out by security. Not a small group, but VERY many.

On that day, rows and rows of buses with their windows covered pulled up in front of the White House and then left loaded.

Grand Rapids, by the way, is a US Air Force base.

So the question arises, which airplanes took off in Grand Rapids during that time window above described and if there was possibly an airplane flying to Los Angeles with perhaps a military background.


The Castle Rock Studio, owner Amazon / Jeff Bezoz, with a complete replica of the White House, in which already several times  fake appearances in front of the “White House” of Joe Biden are rumored to have been filmed there, are located In Los Angeles.

Dear Reader…

I do not have an answer for this.

However,  I’ll stay tuned.

I promise.

And the information presented above so far is already relatively unusual to my mind.

If you know how to find out which planes took off there: please let me know!!


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