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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 15, 2021

Dear Readers,

The more information you collect these days, the more

isoned DNA rests, which are ejected by our bodies in the two “flu”-seasons per year / automatic bio-internal cleanup-campaigns.

So, either there is another way to inject some additional problems into the human body by perhaps 5G networks or poisons in chemtrails (there are many more possibilities), or the complete virus story is a hoax from the beginning to the end and what they tell us about the bloodcell-type-II-like appearance of this “virus” called covid 19 is only again only a story to justify the mRNA “vaccine”.

The injected so called “vaccine” is not a vaccine of traditional understanding, but a “simple” DNA changing therapy, that causes EVERY cell of the body to produce something called “spike protein”, and because it’s a stranger to the body, it gets collected.

by the humans original garbage service, the white bloodcells type II.


And because EVERY cell of the vaccinated body now produces this spike protein, the human blood cells type II are ALL busy and can not do any other service.

And those busy bloodcells are not anymore useable for any other thing, so they normally would have to be collected by the… yes, white bloodcells. which are all busy.

so after a time the human body looks like the streets of Napoli in Italy: full of garbage. And nobody to collect it.

there will be a point of time, when the maximum is reached and this bio-system will then collapse due to overload of garbage.

the kidneys are under heavy load, the production of white bloodcells reaches maxima, and the blood pumping system in legs and the rest of the body has to work hard under 30% thicker blood than before the vaccination.

no wonder that these vaccinated people suffer from breaking down, having memory and speaking issues (due to not enough blood in the brain), seight issues (not enough blood in the head), strange ear noise, no power to go upstairs, run or walk long distances etc etc.

there are professional football players, freshly vaccinated 2 weeks ago, having a heart attack within a game life on the field.


not one but several.

there are professional runners who can not run anymore after vaccination.

YOU almost probably know all this.

you read all this before.

you are angry.

angry on the government, angry on those stupid people who let themselves vaccinated.

I visited my parents.

both vaccinated.

my sister and her husband.

both vaccinated.


her daughter and her son.

both vaccinated.

their friends.

both vaccinated.

I heard on the german radio:
90% of german teachers are already vaccinated.

2/3 of german people are vaccinated.

I do not know the numbers of other western countries,

but I know the number from India.





yes, I am angry.

angry that I see right now in front of my eyes the unthinkable happening:

the extinction of the white race.

the extinction of wester world as it was.

may be there will be MedBeds in future to cure those people.

maybe the RV starts now.


may be

may be


but If nothing can cure those people…

handle them with care.

do not be angry on them.

yes, they were stupid.

but its not their fault.

the methods used on them are perfect.

They were raised and kept stupid.

and they will die.

sooner or later.

It is a miracle that YOU escaped this system of misleading information.



handle them with care and love.

even if they shout at you.

don’t tell them they will die.

what for?

let them live in peace the rest of their time.

make yourself fit.

there will be an unimaginable lot of work to do when they are gone and while they go.

millions of children without parents will need love and education.

do not worry about not being able to go on holidays or to fly to Hawaii.


focus on the important things.

find those people who think like you in you network, join them, get closer together.

There is only a short time to wait, some few weeks, then we will know, if we were right in our fears.


And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

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